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Interview Question of the Week #016 - How to Take Database Offline

Here is the question, I received in the recent conference where I was presenting on Database Technology.

Question: What does it mean by Taking Database Offline and How to do it? 101 more words

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SQL SERVER – Create Login with SID – Way to Synchronize Logins on Secondary Server

How many times you had a problem where you have deployed a high availability solution, but the application is not able to use database and getting login failed for user after failover? 282 more words

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SQLAuthority News - Presenting 3 Technology Session at GIDS 2015

Great Indian Developer Summit is my favorite technology event and I have been extremely happy to present technology sessions here for over 5 years. Just like every year, this year, I will be presenting three technology session on SQL Server 2014.  692 more words

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SQL SERVER - Walking the Table Hierarchy in Microsoft SQL Server Database - Notes from the Field #076

: This is a 76th episode of Notes from the Field series. Hierarchy is one of the most important concepts in SQL Server but there are not clear tutorial for it.  916 more words

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SQL SERVER - Script - Removing Multiple Databases from Log Shipping

Have you ever come across a situation where you have large number of databases in log shipping and you have to remove all of them? If you use SQL Server Management Studio, it would take a long time because you have to Right Click on each database, go to properties, choose Transaction Log Shipping tab, choose remove for secondary, uncheck the box and then hit OK. 395 more words

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SQL SERVER - Is XP_CMDSHELL Enabled on the Server?

I am not a big fan of using command line utilities in general. But from time to time I do explore and play around with command line tools that make my life easier. 325 more words

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