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Interview Question of the Week #046 - How @@DATEFIRST and SET DATEFIRST Are Related?

Question: How @@DATEFIRST and SET DATEFIRST are related?

Answer: The master database’s syslanguages table has a DateFirst column that defines the first day of the week for a particular language. 125 more words

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SQL SERVER - Puzzle with Miliseconds - Win USD 50 Amazon Gift Card

Last contest, which we had ran was in May and it had received amazing responses. I once again reached out to kind team of Embarcadero and they agreed to support the next contest. 264 more words

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SQL SERVER - Adding Datetime and Time Values Using Variables

Datetime datatype stores date and time part. If you have only date value, You can add time part to a datetime variable using direct literal value and + operator. 146 more words

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SQL SERVER - Finding If Date is LastDay of the Month

As I said many times before SQL Server does not stop amazing me continuously. It does not matter how many questions and issues I have come across so far there are always new things to learn. 205 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #036 - What is the difference between @@DATEFIRST and SET DATEFIRST?

Question: What is the difference between @@DATEFIRST and SET DATEFIRST with respect to SQL Server?

Answer: SQL Server with US English as default language, SQL Server sets DATEFIRST to 7 (Sunday) by default. 110 more words

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SQL SERVER - Puzzle - Inside Working of Datatype smalldatetime

In the recent past, I have been bringing few puzzles around using date and time functions. All these have brought some awesome feedbacks and you all have been sharing some awesome answers. 302 more words

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SQL SERVER - Puzzle with Year Function

A couple of weeks back, I ran a contest with MONTH () function and had close to 300 of you answer the puzzle. It was a great brain teaser and we had an awesome response from you. 241 more words

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