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PL/SQL 구조 (Structure of PL/SQL Block)

Oracle PL/SQL 은 어떻게 구성되는지 알아보겠습니다.

Structure of PL/SQL



     FOR i IN 1..500 LOOP

          INSERT INTO customer (ssn, name)
          VALUES (100 + i, 'Thom');

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Slow connection initialization to Oracle

The problem was appeared after i switched from Oracle SQL Developer to Toad. The initial connections were very very terrible.

After connecting to database, there were no more slowness in executions. 396 more words

Oracle Client

How to Create an Execution Plan–SQL Tuning

Autotrace in SQL Developer

This is a step up over the SQL*Plus version. It displays the stats for every step of the plan. So for each operation you can see metrics such as: 43 more words


Connect to PDB using SQL Developer

You may face problem while connect to PDB using SQL Developer using PDB SID name

If you use SERVICE NAME than connect will be success, … 94 more words

Oracle Database Admin

오라클 SQL Developer 한글깨짐문제 (영문판)

오라클 SQL Developer 는 OS언어에 맞춰서 해당언어로 실행되게 되어있습니다.

한글판 Windows 10으로 업그레이드후 한글깨짐 현상이 발생할수있는데요.

해결책으로 영문판으로 돌려서 사용하는 방법을 선택하였습니다.

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Displaying the alert log with SQL Developer

Today I want to share a technique that you can use to display the Alert Log of an Oracle instance, from inside SQLplus or SQL Developer, even if you don’t have DBA privileges. 1,002 more words