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Oracle SQL: Order by list of values

The objective of this post is to explain how to perform the ordering of a table in Oracle SQL, using a list of values. 625 more words


Mircosoft SQL Developer Under Business Intelligence Development Studio

Business Intelligence Development is a studio under Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. It comprises of additional project types, which are specified to the SQL Server Business Intelligence. 792 more words

Custom Formatting in SQLDev 4.2

Formatting is one of the software development features that always steers controversy. To put it bluntly, everybody wants to format the code their own way. In previous SQL Dev versions the answer to that challenge was having elaborate tree-table widget spiced with several dozens of various options. 910 more words

SQL Developer

SQL Developer : Add Custom SQL Query as Template.

Daily for SQL plan reading and analysis, using below command quite often from SQL Developer Tool.

explain plan for statement_id = '';
select * from gv$sql where sql_text like '%%';
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Install SQL Developer on Ubuntu 16.04 or Elementary OS Loki

Install jdk


Download the necessary jdk for your flavor of linux 32 or 64 bit.  You can use alien to convert the rpm to a deb installer or just download the .tar.gz file and follow the steps below. 519 more words

Elementary OS

That Time the Parens "Almost" Got Me

As a developer, there are days when you pat yourself on the back for the cool, innovative code you wrote, and smile at how clever you are. 454 more words


Reshaping Parse Trees


Parsing and internal parse structures — trees — are not something that development tools readily expose. It is assumed that most users are comfortable with numerous features that depend on parsing, such as formatting, code block collapsing/expanding, code advisors and so on, but aren’t really interested learning the formal code structure. 616 more words

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