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Execute Statement or Run Script?

Run Statement will give you a list of all the results in a sortable table. It will also only run the statement under the cursor (or highlighted). 69 more words



Just been tearing my hair out on some unexpected SQL behaviour in SQL Developer.
Eventually I managed to get to the root cause of the problem as illustrated below. 149 more words


Generate Database Data Dictionary Using Oracle SQL Developer

Data dictionary is a handy reference for SQL developer and programmer to know where to find out data. Thanks to Oracle SQL Developer, we can generate data dictionary from a database schema painlessly. 56 more words


SQL Developer 3 and Timestamp Conversion

I shouldn’t be using an old version of SQL Developer like v3 ( anyway but… cut a long story short … I am.
I’ve also got v4 which doesn’t display the same problem… 519 more words


Is there a way to configure the directory SQL Developer uses to save SQL scripts?

When you go to save your sql file you can change where the save defaults to. Change it in Tools>Preferences>Database>Worksheet Parameters. You can browse to a new location under “Select default path to look for scripts” 62 more words


Optimizing working environment. Part I, GUI

Working with database performance troubleshooting means dealing with challenging and exciting problems. But it also means doing certain things over and over. And over. Like typing the same query or clicking the same button zillion times a day.  1,227 more words