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SQL-Developer: Create External Tool dialog - Macros ("variables")

You can use the folloeing commands in “Arguments” and “Run Directory” sections of the “Create External Tool” dialog:

Macro Meaning

How to Install Oracle 11g and Create Database and Configure with Sql Developer Tool

Download Oracle 11g from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database-technologies/express-edition/downloads/index.html

Install the Oracle 11g i am installing in D Driver to prevent from any data lose

Then Set up your Login Password for Oracle 11g… 238 more words


Execute Statement or Run Script?

Run Statement will give you a list of all the results in a sortable table. It will also only run the statement under the cursor (or highlighted). 69 more words



Just been tearing my hair out on some unexpected SQL behaviour in SQL Developer.
Eventually I managed to get to the root cause of the problem as illustrated below. 149 more words


Automatic DB links, take II

Database links allow clean solutions for many problems, which slowly began to recognize in oracle community. For example, oracle 12c features PDB instances communicating via database links. 496 more words

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Generate Database Data Dictionary Using Oracle SQL Developer

Data dictionary is a handy reference for SQL developer and programmer to know where to find out data. Thanks to Oracle SQL Developer, we can generate data dictionary from a database schema painlessly. 56 more words