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SQL developer (Location: Hyderabad)

We are looking for SQL Developer for an immediate need. The applicants should have good experience in SQL Performance tuning.

Job Description:

  • Design, develop, test, tune, and implement relational databases and procedural database code using Microsoft SQL Server.
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SQL Developer Dropping Connections - Solved

I work fast, most often across several database at once, multitasking across projects. Recently with one client I noticed SQL Developer dropping connections, repeatedly, but only on certain database connections. 252 more words

SQL Developer

Resetting the SQL Developer layout.

While working with SQL Developer, if the Connections Navigator disappears or if you cannot dock the Log window in its original place, perform the following steps to fix the problem: 24 more words


scheduled job on procedure with DATE parameters

To set up a scheduled job in an oracle database is really simple. Oracle SQL Developer helps a lot to do so. It has a nice configuration wizard that creates all the needed function calls to DBMS_SCHEDULER for you. 561 more words


Know Your Font: update on SQL Developer oddity

A while back I posted a note about an oddity I ran into using SQL Developer on Windows (see here for details). As I couldn’t leave the issue alone I eventually found the root cause with a little help from my friends (fellow developers): It’s the font “DialogInput” SQL Developer uses by default. 1,334 more words

SQL Developer

How to install a (portable) Oracle SQL Developer in Windows

Setting up Oracle SQL Developer on any machine may require less than 5 minutes provided you have access to high speed internet along with administrative rights of your machine. 251 more words


Running SQL scripts with default parameters

Here is a technique I use all the time. It’s not something I developed, I found it on the internet somewhere. But it’s not well known, so I thought I’d share it here. 552 more words