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scheduled job on procedure with DATE parameters

To set up a scheduled job in an oracle database is really simple. Oracle SQL Developer also helps a lot to do so. It has a nice configuration wizard that creates all the needed function calls to DBMS_SCHEDULER for you. 493 more words


Know Your Font: update on SQL Developer oddity

A while back I posted a note about an oddity I ran into using SQL Developer on Windows (see here for details). As I couldn’t leave the issue alone I eventually found the root cause with a little help from my friends (fellow developers): It’s the font “DialogInput” SQL Developer uses by default. 1,334 more words

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Running SQL scripts with default parameters

Here is a technique I use all the time. It’s not something I developed, I found it on the internet somewhere. But it’s not well known, so I thought I’d share it here. 552 more words


Oracle Data Miner (ODM 4.1) New Features

With the release of SQL Developer 4.1 we also get a number of new features with Oracle Data Miner (ODMr). These include:

  • Data Source node can now include data sources that contain JSON data, generating JSON schema and has a JSON viewer…
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Oracle Data Miner

SQL-Developer: Create External Tool dialog - Macros ("variables")

You can use the folloeing commands in “Arguments” and “Run Directory” sections of the “Create External Tool” dialog:

Macro Meaning