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Getting started with SQL

I often get accosted by friends and colleagues who are struggling to understand the Structured Query Language popularly known as SQL and they look at me with horror when I say it is the easiest language to learn and code. 676 more words

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How to Change SQL Developer Default Language ?

To change SQL Developer Language in English Language need to do following think.

Find the path of oracle installation of SQL developer

EX:  C:\app\Client\product\12.1.0\client_1\sqldeveloper\ide\bin\ide.conf

Add/Change following Statement

AddVMOption -Duser.language=en


SQL parse time issue - use "minified hinted outlines"

problem description

Recently I encountered a simple looking query that returned a very small result set, but used to take more than 5 seconds time to execute. 1,945 more words


오라클 PL/SQL Boolean을 DBMS로 출력하기

ORACLE SQL DEVELOPER를 통해 여러가지 테스트하다보면
Boolean 값이 어떤상태인지 디버그 하고 싶은 때가 있습니다.

이때, Boolean을 그냥 DBMS_OUTPUT 시키면 에러가 나는데요. 다음과 같은 방법으로 TRUE, FALSE 상태를 출력할 수 있습니다. 56 more words


PL/SQL 구조 (Structure of PL/SQL Block)

Oracle PL/SQL 은 어떻게 구성되는지 알아보겠습니다.

Structure of PL/SQL



     FOR i IN 1..500 LOOP

          INSERT INTO customer (ssn, name)
          VALUES (100 + i, 'Thom');

… 58 more words

Slow connection initialization to Oracle

The problem was appeared after i switched from Oracle SQL Developer to Toad. The initial connections were very very terrible.

After connecting to database, there were no more slowness in executions. 396 more words

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