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Troubleshooting SQL Code Using Comments


In my day to day job I create a lot of SQL reports using Oracle SQL Developer. Often I edit the SQL code in… 585 more words


SQL Developer Edition: Be very...very...careful

Article update: We created a new website called MSCloudlicensing to help SPLA and CSP partners understand the different program options and use rights available to them. 460 more words

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 17.4

This is a version I have been waiting: so many important bug fixes! I downloaded it immediatelly the evening it was available and finished one of my projects using it. 139 more words

Data Modeler

Kent Graziano reblogged this on The Data Warrior and commented:

So for your last technical task of the year, as Heli recommends, go get the latest version of Oracle SQL Dev Data Modeler. Looks like a bunch of important fixes (including some "annoying behavior"). Cheers! Kent The Data Warrior

Digging into Logistics: Data Analysis with SQL

By understanding customer priorities you yield profitable insights. When you plan your data analysis around your strategic goals and customer priorities you reduce waste and enhance productivity. 211 more words

Data Analysis

Notable Bookkeeping: SQL Work Portfolio Showcase

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve had a great week!

Notable Bookkeeping can code! We are proficient in SQL, Python and HTML. See our work samples… 44 more words

Notable Bookkeeping

[Seri Oracle 11g] Menjalankan fitur SQL Developer di Oracle 11g (Part 1)

Fitur SQL Developer memungkinkan kita melakukan operasi database secara GUI (Graphical User Interface). Pada Oracle 11g Enterprise, fitur ini sudah tersedia alias built-in.

Oke, langsung saja, untuk menjalankan prosedur awal membuka SQL Developer, (pada windows) buka Start >  Oracle – OraDb11g_home2 > Application Development > SQL Developer. 148 more words


How to speed up your Oracle Data Mining with in-memory and parallel

Have you have found running a workflow in Oracle Data Miner slow or running the scripts in the database slow ?

No. Good, because I haven’t found it slow. 556 more words

Oracle Advanced Analytics