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T-SQL Tuesday #101 - Some Great SQL Server Tools

This month for T-SQL Tuesday #101 Jens Vestergaard asks us to blog about the essential tools in our SQL Toolbelt.


I’d just completed by post on  321 more words

SQL Performance

Đầu năm nói chuyện Đết đy (phần 1)

Chó chó chó, cuối cùng thì Chó cũng đã đến và thay Gà đi sau 1 năm mà ở đâu cũng thấy mở cái video về Gà con Chipu :3… 1,671 more words


Read your SQL trace files from SSMS using Transact-SQL

As a DBA/developer, you probably face a scenario where you need to trace your SQL Server for various reasons. This blog digs directly into how to read the trace (*.trc) file after you capture the required data. 178 more words


How does Query Store capture cross database queries?

When I was writing my post  Capture the most expensive queries across your SQL Server using Query Store a question crossed my mind:

Query Store is a configuration that is enabled per database, and the plans and stats for queries executed in that database are stored in the database itself. 861 more words

SQL Performance

How to Avoid Excessive Sorts in Window Functions

Usually, this blog is 100% pro window functions and advocates using them at any occasion. But like any tool, window functions come at a price and we must carefully evaluate if that’s a price we’re willing to pay. 3,378 more words


Capture the most expensive queries across your SQL Server using Query Store

I’m a big fan of using queries based on the dynamic management view sys.dm_exec_query_stats to capture the most resource hungry queries across a SQL instance. 670 more words

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