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How does Query Store capture cross database queries?

When I was writing my post  Capture the most expensive queries across your SQL Server using Query Store a question crossed my mind:

Query Store is a configuration that is enabled per database, and the plans and stats for queries executed in that database are stored in the database itself. 861 more words

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How to Avoid Excessive Sorts in Window Functions

Usually, this blog is 100% pro window functions and advocates using them at any occasion. But like any tool, window functions come at a price and we must carefully evaluate if that’s a price we’re willing to pay. 3,378 more words


Capture the most expensive queries across your SQL Server using Query Store

I’m a big fan of using queries based on the dynamic management view sys.dm_exec_query_stats to capture the most resource hungry queries across a SQL instance. 670 more words

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I love the STATISTICS IO and STATISTICS TIME commands. They are such a powerful and easy way to be able to measure improvements when performance tuning ( 775 more words

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Simple Use of TVD$XTAT

Today, I used the TVD$XTAT tool from Christian Antognini to demonstrate to a developer the real reason that their queries were running slow. 534 more words

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10 Cool SQL Optimisations That do not Depend on the Cost Model

Cost Based Optimisation is the de-facto standard way to optimise SQL queries in most modern databases. It is the reason why it is really really hard to implement a complex, hand-written algorithm in a… 8,543 more words