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Why you shouldn't run sp_updatestats after you rebuild your indexes

Don’t run sp_updatestats after rebuilding your indexes. The sp_updatestats will use the default sample and you could end up with less accurate stats post sp_updatestats than you had after your index rebuild. 246 more words

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Tips to Improve SQL Performance

An experienced business analyst and former Cleveland resident, Abhishek Dutta has served with a number of financial companies, including Emigrant Bancorp and Freddie Mac, during his 10-year career. 248 more words

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Improve SQL Network Performance

Need to improve your SQL Network Performance?

  • Disable LLMNR – Clients and Server (Click enable)
  • Adapter settings adjustment to match registry entry- RSS (below)
    • Disable all but Flow Control and RSS settings – match registry entries for RSS…
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Interview Question of the Week #021 - Difference Between Index Seek and Index Scan (Table Scan)

Question: What is the difference between Index Seek and Index Scan?

Answer: Index Scan retrieves all the rows from the table. Index Seek retrieves selective rows from the table. 244 more words

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SQL SERVER - Introduction to Database Engine Tuning Advisor (a.k.a. DTA)

While talking to one of the attendees after my session at GIDS, I realized that I don’t have much information available on my blog about the usage of one of the fantastic performance tuning tool called Database Engine Tuning Advisor. 402 more words

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SQL SERVER - Using "High Performance" Power Plan for SQL Server

A lot of times, I have seen DBA’s and administrators have their own startup tasks that they perform when rebuilding or bringing a new server online. 377 more words

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Impact of sp_ prefix on stored procedure performance

Naming conventions are integral part of a quality code but sometimes we need to pay additional care while deciding on the naming patterns. There are two type of programmers, one who prefix everything and the other who don’t. 411 more words