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How to Optimize SQL Select Statements

The value of a website can be placed on the SQL Server performance. If the SQL Server isn’t able to produce results in a reasonable amount of time, the website visitors lose patience and move on to another domain. 416 more words

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SQL SERVER - Save and Send Execution Plan Via Email

Here is an interesting question, I received the other day.

Hi Pinal,

I have a very big graphical execution plan and I want to send it to my friend. 283 more words

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The tale of the Biting TEMP table

This blog post is long overdue. A discipline I need to maintain! For those who pop’ed in every now and then thanks and sorry. If it is any conciliation twitter had befallen the same fate. 965 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #039 - What is Included Column Index in SQL Server 2005 and Onwards?

You may find it interesting that not many people still know what is Included Index in SQL Server. I have seen it personally around me and also have seen at… 397 more words

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SQL SERVER - Script: Finding queries without JOIN Predicates

I have been in developer’s shoes for close to 5+ years before reinventing myself to do things that made me even better in coding. It is a tough challenge these days being a developer. 453 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #028 - Few SQL Best Practices

Just last week, I moderated a SQL Server interview and I heard very interesting conversation.

Question – What are the best practices are you following for SQL Server? 754 more words

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SQL SERVER - Querying Performance Counters from SQL Server

Troubleshooting SQL Server is something almost every single DBA has to go through in their lifespan. It sounds simple and often we are clueless on where to start. 515 more words

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