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SQL Cursors

I see SQL cursor as a loop on the table. It is highly inefficient, and can result in infinite loops if not used properly. I highly recommend trying other alternatives (like Common table Expressions – CTE’s) if it is possible. 59 more words

How to monitor your instances and SQL Server databases

Monitor instances and SQL Server database provides information needed to diagnose and resolve SQL Server performance, as well as optimize SQL Server. Optimal performance is not easy to set up and configure, since there is usually an exchange between multiple software and hardware factors, also it depends on your environment, business requirements and company policies. 150 more words

Database Backup

Management Data Warehouse

Management Data Warehouse is a very powerful tool for monitoring the SQL Server (CPU, Memory, Disk) on the server, database, and query level.

Configure the Management Data warehouse: 465 more words

SQL Administration

Options for SQL Performance Monitoring

Here are the default tools for monitoring SQL Server Performance:

  • SQL Server Profiler
  • sp_trace_create and related system stored procedures
  • Management Data Warehouse (best to install on a separate monitoring server)
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SQL Administration

Conhecendo um pouco de performance

Fala Galera, boa noite.

Tudo bem? Faz tempo neh!? Hoje não colocarei o desafio de T-SQL (não ainda..rs). Hoje vim pra divulgar um assunto que também estava ficando um pouco desatualizado ,mas, como algumas pessoas não conseguiram comparecer e algumas não ficaram sabendo, estou divulgando aqui no blog. 99 more words

SQL Performance

How to Detect Slow Queries with jOOQ

Just now, we implemented a nice little feature in jOOQ’s code generator:

It detects whenever the jOOQ code generator runs a slow query to reverse engineer schema meta information. 860 more words


How to Optimize SQL Select Statements

The value of a website can be placed on the SQL Server performance. If the SQL Server isn’t able to produce results in a reasonable amount of time, the website visitors lose patience and move on to another domain. 416 more words

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