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SQL SERVER - Steps to Generate Windows Cluster Log?

Every now and then I sit next to DBA to learn some of their tricks. One of this recent learning is what I plan to share here. 509 more words

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SQL SERVER - Knowing the Source Application Using APP_NAME() Function

APP_NAME() function in SQL Server returns the application name of the current session in which it is called.

When you execute the following code

SELECT APP_NAME() AS application_name… 121 more words

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SQL SERVER - Getting started and creating JSON using SQL Server 2016

With SQL Server 2016 CTP out, I know many have started to play around with it and exploring some of the new capabilities. One of the new capabilities that has caught my attention is the introduction of JSON support. 476 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #026 - 64 Bit Vs 32 Bit Confusion

I often see people getting lost between 64 bit and 32 bit operating systems and application conversation. There are plenty of individuals still today, not sure what is the difference between them as well what runs on what platform. 102 more words

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SQL Server - 2016 - New Feature: Dynamic Data Masking

As most of you know that latest update from Microsoft about SQL Server 2016 was released of CTP2.1 version. There is a long list of new features getting introduced in SQL Server 2016. 560 more words

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SQL SERVER - Tips working with Files inside SQL Server

When two SQL enthusiasts meet, often the conversation drifts to questioning each others understanding and implementation. Now, when two DBA’s meet it is always a great to see how the conversation goes because each carry a ton of baggage which can sometimes contradict too. 639 more words

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