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Using Power of Web to Query Databases / Sources With Skyvia

Web technologies are moving at a pace that we can hardly keep up in pace. More and more of investments are going on in the space of web that even database developers like me find it interesting. 861 more words

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SQL Tip #13 – Padding a number with leading Zeros

Following SQL can be used in order to format a number with leading zeros.

The trick is to use STR function with REPLACE.

Character representation of a number can be achieved using… 47 more words


SQL SERVER - Identify Disk Latency on SQL Server Box Using PowerShell

Couple of week back, I was playing around with using Powershell for some simple activities. The fall out of that was the ability to search the… 462 more words

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SQL Tip #12 – Get File Extension, File Name and Folder path

This is not a common database scenario where database developer will have to parse a file path and extract file name and it’s extension. Most of the time it will be done in the application level. 69 more words


SQL SERVER - CREATE TABLE Failed Because Column 'C1024' in Table 'myTable' Exceeds the Maximum of 1024 Columns

Sometimes the best way to learn is by taking some of the capabilities to the extreme. This blog post is one of those explorations which I would like to share. 491 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #021 - Difference Between Index Seek and Index Scan (Table Scan)

Question: What is the difference between Index Seek and Index Scan?

Answer: Index Scan retrieves all the rows from the table. Index Seek retrieves selective rows from the table. 244 more words

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