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SDSS DR 7: Query linking the RunQA table

Query to get the seeing from the RunQA table:

 m.dr7objid, s.ra,s.dec,s.z,
 r.seeing_r into mydb.MyTable_116 from mydb.MyTable_97 as m,SpecObj as s, PhotoObj as p, RunQA as r
 WHERE m.dr7objid = p.objID AND p.fieldID = r.fieldID AND m.dr7objid = s.bestobjid

SQL Server: Linked Servers

SQL Server Linked Servers feature allows you to query data from other databases (even non SQL Server databases) from within SQL Server.

While I believe large data transfer jobs are best handled using an ETL solution like SSIS, sometimes all you want is a just a couple hundred rows of data from another database and setting up an ETL jobs might be overkill. 357 more words

MS SQL Server

SQL query to determine SQL version

If you want to determine what version of SQL is being used on a server simply launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio  on the server and run the following query:- 77 more words

Scom 2012

SSDB - Part 14. ETL - Implementing ETL with SQL Objects (VIEWS)

Working with ETL Objects

It has long been a best practice to build software using multiple layers of abstraction. By creating an abstraction layer, the underlying objects are always used indirectly. 220 more words

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