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SQL SERVER - Database Testing and Waitfor Delay - Notes from the Field #099

: This is a 99th episode of Notes from the Field series. In this episode we are going to learn something very simple but effective about database testing. 380 more words

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Simplest way to calculate first and last day of month and week for specific date in MS Sql Server

I have come up with following few lines that illustrate a way to find first and last day(date) for specified date.

And then given same thing for week. 57 more words

SQL SERVER - Why Should You Not to Use Old Style JOIN?

If you want to JOIN two tables you can do it in two ways. One using ANSI compliant INNER JOIN and another with old style join… 296 more words

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SQL SERVER - SSMS Query Command(s) completed successfully without ANY Results - Part 2

What do you do when you encounter something that you didn’t expect? A lot of times such experiences take you to a state of shock or a state of bafflement. 384 more words

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SQL SERVER - Steps to Backup to Windows Azure storage

Moving to a cloud based world is inevitable, it is something we need to learn soon. Ever since SQL Server 2014 has been released, the concept of uploading your backups to Blobs with Windows Azure has been around. 440 more words

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SQL SERVER - Creating a Database Administrator Group Using User-Defined Server Roles

When it comes to security related topics, I always read and learn something new from my friend Vinod. He always comes-up with something interesting and when he was at GIDS event, one of the attendees walked and asked a security question. 1,079 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #039 - What is Included Column Index in SQL Server 2005 and Onwards?

You may find it interesting that not many people still know what is Included Index in SQL Server. I have seen it personally around me and also have seen at… 397 more words

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