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SQL SERVER - Creating a Database Administrator Group Using User-Defined Server Roles

When it comes to security related topics, I always read and learn something new from my friend Vinod. He always comes-up with something interesting and when he was at GIDS event, one of the attendees walked and asked a security question. 1,079 more words

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SQL SERVER - Three Simple Guidelines for System Maintenance - Notes from the Field #098

: This is a 98th episode of Notes from the Field series. Maintenance of the database is a very critical activity and I have always seen DBA taking it very seriously. 780 more words

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Is 'sysadmin' role required for the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent Service Accounts?

Need to know if ‘sysadmin’ role is required for the startup account for SQL Server Service and the SQL Server Agent Service; And if so, what is the reason behind the requirement etc. 281 more words

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SQL SERVER - Security Considerations for Contained Databases

I have written a number of blogs around contained databases in the past which you can search. In today’s blog we will talk about security considerations when working with contained databases. 494 more words

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SQL SERVER - Who Dropped Table or Database?

I used to run a series on Hero’s and Sherlock Holmes is one of my favorite. There is always a need to get to the bottom of the problem statement and whether you are a developer or a DBA, at least once you might have been asked one of the following “Who” question after a disaster. 556 more words

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SQL SERVER - Transparent Data Encryption and Frequently Asked Questions

In the recent past, I have been traveling to Delhi to meet customers and also attend a few conferences which my company has been sponsoring. These travel experiences give me an opportunity to meet folks who read my blog regularly as a face-to-face interaction. 576 more words

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SQL SERVER – SPID is KILLED/ROLLBACK state. What to Do Next?

I always recall my fun days after talking to my friends and blog readers. Recently killed/rollback discussion came back when my close DBA friend called me for help. 455 more words

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