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SQL Server, Modulo, floats

SQL server % (modulo, not mod) operator doesn’t like floats (with reason).

You should get rid of the floats as they will give inaccurate results. 47 more words


New Management Packs for SQL

Complementing the previous post about the new Management Packs updated after the release of Windows and System 2016 ( https://msincic.wordpress.com/2016/10/25/new-system-center-operations-manager-2016-management-packs/ ), Update follows.

The Preview of the new Management Pack for SQL has been released today from the 2008 to 2016 release. 371 more words

System Center

Sql Server : Concatenate VARBINARY or Concatenate BINARY values

Quick one today:

A few days ago, there was a need to UPDATE a column in production environment to correct some values, as they were in incorrect status. 121 more words


Common Table Expressions: no nesting, but consecutively usage - via Stack Overflow

Common table expressions are awesome. They work in at least Oracle and SQL Server.

You cannot nest them, but you can use them consecutively. Thanks… 33 more words


High Level Steps for Sql Server Cluster Installation

Quick one today:

Surprisingly, we’ve been doing a lot of Sql Server Cluster installations in the last few weeks/months. This is a handy chart, helpful to showcase the steps at a VERY¬†high level. 186 more words


Find fragmentation and if the table/index is partitioned

select DB_NAME(a.database_id), OBJECT_NAME(a.object_id), i.name ,i.index_id,index_type_desc,index_level, case when p.partition_number <> 1 Then ‘1’ else ‘0’ end isPartitioned,
from sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats (DB_ID(),object_id(‘NameOfTable’),NULL,NULL,’LIMITED’) a
join sys.indexes i on a.object_id=i.object_id and a.index_id=i.index_id… 51 more words

Sql Server SQL XML DML: How to INSERT a new node or update value in non-existing node.

Quick one today:

Continuing the series of posts on XML DML, today, we’ll look at updating/replacing value in an non-existing node (or INSERTing a new node into an existing element). 419 more words