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SSRS Dashboarding: a 'webdesign-look'

Couple of weeks ago, I shared my SSRS dashboard with the community on LinkedIn:

Koos van Strien asked for the source (RDL) and restyled the dashboard with his ‘webdesign-look’. 32 more words

SQL Server 2012

Sql Server : ShrinkDatabase Options

Though rarely, we do need to run shrink commands in our lab database environments. The easiest way is to run the SHRINKDATABASE command is : 344 more words


Pause SQL Server service before restarting

Did you know that by pausing the SQL Server service before restarting the instance we allow end users to continue their work uninterrupted and we also stop any new connections to the instance? 156 more words

SQL Server 2008 R2

Sql Server : How to introduce wait between running T-Sql statements (WAITFOR DELAY)

Quick one today:

Occassionally, we need to introduce forced wait or delays when running some T-Sql statements. There is an easy way to accomplish it. 111 more words


Sql Server : Disk subsystem stress test tools : SQLIOSim

Today, we’ll discuss about an interesting tool we use regularly in our lab & production environment when we configure a new system. After a machine is built, with all the hardware including storage and before installing Sql Server software, we run this toll to measure the performance of the IO drives for the expected growth of the database system.  723 more words


Sql Server : How to reseed identity column

Quick one today:

Every once in a while there comes a need to reseed identity values for some tables in our QA environment. This script has come in handy every time. 38 more words


Sql Server : GRANT or Assign permissions on table, procedure, function, type, etc to user accounts

Sql Server allows assigning or GRANTing different applicable permissions to different objects. Since there are so many nuances, sometimes it gets confusing. So this cheat sheet helps reduce the confusion and always come in handy when assigning permissions to securables. 586 more words