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SQL Server 2008 R2: Adding SSRS to already existing SQL Cluster Installation

This issue occurred somewhere in 2013 on a SQL server 2008 R2 hosted on Windows server 2008 R2.

In normal circumstances addition of any service SSAS ,SSRS or DB engine is not allowed on existing installation and addition of these would need a named Instance installation. 159 more words


Resetting SQL Server Account Passwords

Recently ran into an issue where I needed to reset the SQL sa account password. The problem is, no one had administrative access to the SQL instance. 136 more words


Sql Server : Verify if backup is valid

Quick one today:

In production environments, its a common practice to perform full VERIFICATION of backup files, as part of backup it self. Following script shows verification of backup file: 48 more words


How to terminate sqlcmd immediately after execution completed? - Stack Overflow

The subtle difference between -q and -Q: the latter will exit after executing the command (regardless of the SQL server version; I think this was introduced in SQL Server 2005 or 2000). 196 more words


Sql Server : How to enable or disable Sql Agent Jobs using T-SQL

Quick one today:

Occasionally, during deployments, we need disable some Sql Agent jobs as we are making pertinent changes. If it is just one or two, may be doing it manually is okay ( 118 more words


T-SQL useful functions

Its been quite a while we have been working on SQL Server and and we know with every new release Microsoft comes up with improvised system function. 529 more words

T-SQL Code Snippets

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Text in SQL Server (2008+)

Here’s a simple example on how to encrypt (and decrypt) values in SQL Server:

--How to Encrypt and Decrypt Text in SQL Server (2008+)
--Example by Clint Huijbers…
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