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Sql Server : Using ESCAPE clause with LIKE clause in T-SQL

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LIKE is a popular clause in T-SQL. It has many nuances to filter/query the exact row that you want. One of them is the ESCAPE clause. 193 more words


Sql Server : Change database name using T-SQL

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Occasionally, we’ll need to change database names either in lab or test environments. Like many repeated operations, this is a lot easier to perform this operation using T-SQL than UI. 90 more words


Sql Server : Create & Drop Synonyms

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In a previous post, we saw the power and beauty of synonyms. In this article, we’ll cover some T-SQL aspects of synonyms. 77 more words


Sql Server: A Short Primer on Synonyms

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Synonyms are an integral part of Sql Server for many years. They are quite handy in many cases. Today we’ll look at how to create, remove and manage them. 276 more words


Interesting: SQL Server FileStream and FileTable

Some links for my research (when writing this a few years back, I had not done a lot of SQL Server BLOB work for a while, so I missed a lot of interesting progress). 131 more words


Jasper reports SSLv3 error whilst connecting to SQL Server


  • JasperĀ  Server reports 6.3.0 running on Windows Server 2016 64bit
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 OR 2014

Error when running any JS report which talks to the SQL Server via JDBC: 76 more words