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Information Measurement with SQL Server, Part 2.2: The Rényi Entropy and Its Kin

By Steve Bolton

…………I kicked off this far-ranging series on using SQL Server to quantify information by discussing two of the earliest and most important measures, the Hartley function and Shannon’s Entropy. 1,719 more words

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SQL Server: The danger of large data types

Databases are platforms that are designed to securely store and retrieve your data. Perhaps that’s why they’re called a data “base”? So if your data is in a base, you’d want to lay it out in some logic way. 1,095 more words

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Moving database files of a database in AlwaysOn Availability Group

Recently, all the SQL server DBAs in and around the world have started with or have been on the “AlwaysOn Bandwagon”. So, eventually, if the technology doesn’t get replaced by a fresh High Availability technology or gets out-dated, we’ll get requests to move the data files into fresh new disks or add new files to a database in an AG (Availability Group). 261 more words

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Rank functions in SQL Server

In these article, let us discuss about the rank functions in SQL server. The ranking functions are the subset of built-in functions in SQL Server. It provides the ability to rank the rank the rows from the result set over the partition. 511 more words


Upload Sage 50 data to SQL Server - Sync with ODBC

This will allow you to sync up your Sage 50 database without having to pay for any connectors or get an SQL linked server working etc.   312 more words


Recover Deleted Data from SQL Table Using Transaction Log and LSNs


At times a user may perform UPDATE operation or DELETE operation in SQL server database without applying the WHERE condition. This is a very common reason for encountering loss of data from SQL Server Tables. 721 more words


IIS Log file Location check Using PowerShell

Hi All,

if you want to check the IIS web site log location, You need to go to server and check the log file location. 90 more words

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