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Integrating Power BI with D365 Finance and Operations

Hi Guys,

Here’s a amount of knowledge that put you a step ahead on technology. Power BI is a interactive reporting tool provided by Microsoft. 20 more words


SSRS ReportServer log file uncontrolled growth

When installing SSRS, there are two databases that get installed (default); ReportServer and ReporServerTempDB.

With SSRS, whether for SCCM or reporting in general, by default the ReportServer database… 177 more words

SQL Server

Calculate Percentiles to Learn About Data Set Skew in SQL

B-Tree indexes are perfect when your data is uniformly distributed. They are not really useful, when you have skewed data. I’ll explain later why this is the case, but let’s first learn how to detect “skew” 1,411 more words


SQL Server: Always on replication cannot connect to the availability group

Always on replication cannot connect to the availability group; SQL Server uses an ‘End Point’ To talk to other SQL Servers Replicas within an Always On Availability Group(AAG). 385 more words

SQL Server

Read Committed Isolation Level, Updates Blocks Reads

Worked on an issue with incomplete or inconsistent records. Wrapped those lines of codes with TransactionScope and Read Committed isolation level, and it did solve the issue. 214 more words


SQL Server: Agent XPs Disabled

Recently, on SQL Server where our SSIS jobs were deployed, while trying to expand SQL Server Agent node, we faced error “Agent XPs Disabled” as shown below: 49 more words

SQL Server

Datamart synchronization


When your live database
becomes big enough and you have millions of records in a lot of
tables, it is quite hard to create on the fly, reliable reports… 1,455 more words