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Configuration Manager SQL Server Backup guidelines

As previously documented, using native SQL Server backup for ConfigMgr recovery has been supported since CM 2012 Sp1 and later.

SQL backups are the preferred technique for backing up the ConfigMgr for a number of reasons. 1,343 more words


T-SQL += started in 2008?!

A few days ago, The Impatient DBA wrote that in Microsoft SQL Server 2008, MS added an old C operator: +=.  Simply put, add a value to a variable.   252 more words

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Step-by-Step: Installing SQL Server Management Studio 2008 Express after Visual Studio 2010

One of the first things I always do after installing Visual Studio is to install SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Visual Studio 2010 installs SQL Server 2008 Express on your machine but doesn’t include SSMS. 710 more words


A nice script for clearing the SharePoint Timer Cache

One of the first things I learned when troubleshooting SharePoint was to reset the SharePoint Timer Service Cache.

The basics of it are:

  1. Stop the SPtimerV4 service on a box…
  2. 27 more words

use special principal dbo: Error 15405

This is happening because the user ‘sarin’ is the actual owner of the database “dbemployee” – as such, they can only have db_owner, and cannot be assigned any further database roles. 83 more words

Hidden Gems in SQL Server Management Studio: Registered Servers

As a SQL Server Database Administrator you tend to spend more time in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) than you do with your family. It’s surprising just how many peers I speak to though that are not using components of SSMS that I think of as routine – or are not using them to their full potential. 2,864 more words

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Error handling in sql server . Try / catch

Things can go wrong in sql operation. So how we handle Errors in sql server.

We can detect errors in two ways

  1. Try/catch
  2. @@ERROR

@@ERROR… 106 more words

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