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Hashing within the Azure Data landscape

The research

I’ve did a small research about what’s the best option is for hashing (e.g. determining deltas or hashing concatenated natural keys). Up until now, the algorithm used for hashing is MD5. 512 more words

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An error occurred while setting up a binding for the column

Hello Guys!

I just wanted to do this quick blog post to give you a tip about a recent problem that I had in a SSIS Project. 228 more words


Use MSDB to Get Database Backup Size and Total Time For Each

— by Lori Brown

We recently started using a third party software to do our in-house SQL backups so that the backup files are stored in a redundant and safe place. 378 more words

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Performance difference - IsNull() in where clause Vs others in SQL Server

In one of my SQL Server database development I came across a situation to use IsNull() in where clause. I tried to understand how it is good in performance with other approaches. 413 more words

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SQL Server on Linux!? – Meet SQL Server 2017

Over the last decade, DATA is the NEW OIL. While the increasing amount of digitization has led to data exploding exponentially, several other factors have also contributed. 330 more words