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SQL Tip: Changing Database names along with file names (logical and physical)

Sometimes you need to rename a databases.
Although it seems pretty easy to rename it on the surface.
However for long term maintainability it is crucial that the underlying logical files and physical files also reflect the changes. 437 more words


Gotta Love That LIKE

Start: (‘abc%’)

Ever heard of “Osmosis”? You know, the…

process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc.

For the longest time, that was how I thought people learned in SQL Server. 

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Porting from SQLIO to DISKSPD: How to Test Disk Performance for SQL Server


Original post related to SQLIO took from brentozar blog.

diskspd -w100 -t8 -d60 -o32 -r -b8K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
diskspd -w0 -t8 -d60 -o32 -r -b8K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
diskspd -w100 -t8 -d60 -o32 -s -b64K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
diskspd -w0 -t8 -d60 -o32 -s -b64K -Sh -L -c20G C:\test.dat
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CopyDatabaseWizard version error

This morning I found this annoying message in Event Viewer of my machine where I have a SQL Instance:

Activation context generation failed for “c:\program files (x86)\microsoft sql server\120\Tools\Binn\managementstudio\CopyDatabaseWizard.exe”.Error in manifest or policy file “c:\program files (x86)\microsoft sql server\120\Tools\Binn\managementstudio\CopyDatabaseWizard.exe” on line 8. 62 more words


Reading XML data from MSSQL Table

An handy query to read data from table having XML datatype columns.

We will be reading this XML and will be retriving the value which is 342. 233 more words


Cross Database Certificates - Trouble with Triggers

The weather has been awesome here for the last few days.  Sixty plus degree temperatures has made it feel more like May than February.  It isn’t supposed to last much longer, but I have enjoyed it.   532 more words