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top 15 sql server interview questions with answers

Q. What is sub query and its properties?
A. A sub-query is a query which can be nested inside a main query like Select, Update, Insert or Delete statements. 802 more words


Find Currently Executing Jobs Running Longer Than 30 Day Average

–By Lori Brown   @SQLSupahStah

I needed to update some of our long running job monitoring code to improve it from the version that we have right now. 476 more words

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TSQL to find Databases, corresponding elastic pool names and DB edition - Azure

-- TSQL to find Databases, corresponding elastic pool names and DB edition

       @@SERVERNAME as ,
       d.name as DatabaseName,
       sys.databases d inner join sys.database_service_objectives dso on d.database_id = dso.database_id
WHERE d.Name <> 'master'
       d.name, dso.elastic_pool_name
… 46 more words

A new kind of adventure - Podcast

Today me and my colleague Alexander (@arcticdba) created our first podcast. We do not, as of today, have a name for it – but we have two great personalities and some really interesting content. 49 more words


Trouble Shooting for Error 7311 and Error 7412


We have an ETL job which failed recently, an alert was sent to us:

SQL Server Job System: ‘XXX-XXXXX’ completed on \\SQL001

JOB RUN:            ‘XXX-XXXXX’ was run on 1/1/2017 at 0:00:00 PM… 228 more words

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SQL Server Error - Incorrect time syntax in time string used with WAITFOR.

This is a simple one but it doesn’t stick until you write/read about it.  Note, I use WAITFOR DELAY to pause/sleep the session between batches or T-SQL commands. 122 more words

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Why Use Red Gate’s SQL Multi Script?

Someone once told me at the shop that we have plenty of software utilities laying around that could be very useful that no one is utilizing. 946 more words

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