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Ten Essential Traits for DBA Success

There is greatness within you whether you believe it or not. Over the years there are certain skills that have helped me along the way that, in turn, may help you along your journey. 1,094 more words

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Tips & Tricks: shortcut for MS SQL SERVER 2012 or later

<strong>Intellisense list member and complete word (Ctrl + Space, Tab)
Comment and uncomment lines of code ( Ctrl + K & Ctrl + C; Ctrl + K & Ctrl + U) 116 more words


Find the Employee with the 2nd Highest Salary

SELECT EmployeeId, Salary
Select EmployeeId, Salary, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(Order by Salary Desc) as Salary_Order
from Employee
) DT
WHERE DT. Salary_Order = 2 ; 20 more words


SQL Server - Why is my Table-valued function killing performance?

I was recently working on some performance tuning for a client. The client was running SQL Server 2012 in production, and was suffering poor performance on a particularly heavy stored procedure. 1,696 more words


Running maintenance on Azure SQL databases

This article was recently published on dev.getroadmap.com:

To keep your data healthy and topfit, we all know you need to run something called database maintenance on your databases. 1,382 more words

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Index là gì phong cách Pokemon GO

Dạo này trào lưu chơi Pokemon GO lên khá là lớn. Lực lượng 500 anh em tham gia từ già trẻ gái trai, hội phụ nữ, hội phụ lão đến các cháu thiếu niên nhi đồng, thanh niên, trẻ trâu đủ cả. 1,161 more words