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AlwaysOn – Monitoring and Alerting

–by Ginger Keys

AlwaysOn Availability Groups is a great new feature of SQL 2012 and 2014. This feature is a combination of database mirroring and failover clustering, and it provides a strong level of high availability and disaster recovery; however there is no straightforward monitoring/alerting processes to go along with this new functionality. 1,492 more words

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Query to determine what stored procedures relate to what table

Foreign keys are usually a good indicator of which tables connect to each other however you may be working in an environment that does not always follow best practices. 460 more words

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SQLSat403 - Recap

The doors close, lights turn off, and cars begin to pull out of the parking lot. Another SQL Saturday event has come and gone, but this time it was different. 910 more words

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SQL SERVER - Are Power Options Slowing You Down? - Notes from the Field #095

: This is a 95th episode of Notes from the Fields series. When it is about tuning SQL Server, we always look at the configuration of the SQL Server. 385 more words

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Install SQL Server 2014 Step by Step

I was just recently assigned to a project where we need to migrate large database servers from SQL server 2008 R2 – 32 bit to SQL server 2014 – 64 bit… 263 more words


Infrastructure error while connecting to a SQL server

I faced this error few times on different scenarios. For ex: one user cannot connect to SQL server using SSMS or Application cannot connect to SQL server. 199 more words

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Creating Clustered, Nonclustered Indexes on a Temp Table

One of the best features of temp tables is that an index can be applied to them.

To clarify temp tables start with #, exist within the tempdb and are accessible within child batches (nested triggers, procedure, exec calls) of the query. 390 more words

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