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SQL Query to check when databases were backedup

This query can be used to analyze how the databases are backed up!

-- Recent Backup Information 
SELECT  top 100 physical_device_name,
                backup_size/1024.0 AS BackupSizeKB
FROM msdb.dbo.backupset b
JOIN msdb.dbo.backupmediafamily m ON b.media_set_id = m.media_set_id
--where database_name = 'your BName'
ORDER BY backup_finish_date DESC

Thiết kế CSDL và Denormalizing để tối ưu hiệu năng (Phần 3)

Trong phần này mình sẽ trình bày chi tiết về các kĩ thuật denormalize. Hiện tại thì tại công ty mình làm cũng đang áp dụng 1 trong những cách này tuy nhiên thì mình thấy hơi lạm dụng quá đà.  1,672 more words


SQL Server 2016 - RTM on June 1st

Microsoft announced the general availability date for the next version of SQL Server:

SQL Server 2016 RTM

You can read more on the new capabilities of this version as well as download the free e-book from Microsoft site over here.

SQL Server

SQL Server: Parameter name: source (System.Core) Error when evaluate policies


We have SQL Server version 2014 running over Virtual environment. In addition, we are using registered  server to manage multiple SQL server instances.

The issue came when we are trying to evaluate policies the below error appear. 187 more words

SQL Server

"System.OutOfMemoryException" exception when you execute a query in SQL Server Management Studio

When you use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to run an SQL query that returns a large amount of data, you receive an error message that resembles the following: 224 more words


Executing large sql script within SQL Server

Sometimes it can be happen you have a very large sql script file to execute on your db and the the SQL Managemet Studio cannot handle it, giving you some RAM/memory error. 84 more words


SQL Server – Row Level Security in SQL 2016 – Part 2

Hi friends, in my previous post we have learnt how to implement Row Level Security feature in our database. You can find the link of Part1 here: 300 more words

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