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SQL SERVER - Using Raw Files in SSIS - Notes from the Field #070

: SSIS is very well explored subject, however, there are so many interesting elements when we read, we learn something new. A similar concept has been Creating the SSIS catalog. 788 more words

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SQL SERVER - Database Stuck in “In Recovery” Mode After Restart

Read this blog and I am sure it will bring some instances in your environments. This is one of the common issues I have observed while working with SQL Server from long time now. 920 more words

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SQL SERVER - Security Conversations and Notes with a DBA

One of the great things about working in Pluralsight is that I get to meet a lot of people (trust me on this). I am lost for words when it comes to how my day job helps me in achieving some of the coolest things presentations at a number of conferences. 832 more words

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SQL SERVER - Script to Convert Date to Julian Dates

There are many methods to store date values. One of them is Julian date. It is a seven digit number where first four is the year part and the next three digits are the number of days from Jan 01. 154 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #008 - Is GO T-SQL Statement?

I often get this question in the email – more frequently than I would like to get.

Question: “Is GO a T-SQL statement?”

Answer: “No, GO is not a T-SQL statement, it is a command which is recognized by SSMS or sqlcmd as a signal to send the current batch to SQL Server Engine.” 152 more words

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SQL SERVER - FIX: SQL Server Not Starting - Msg 864, Level 16, State 1- Buffer Pool Extension Feature

Recently I got an email from one of the student who attended my SQL Server 2014 Pluralsight Course from last year, he was trying to use Buffer Pool Extension feature and got into some unique trouble. 747 more words

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SQL SERVER - ReadOnly Databases and Notes Using Snapshots

This seems to be the third week that I am writing about ReadOnly databases, this blog is in continuation of last weeks notes. When I wrote the notes from last week, one of my blog reader said if it is possible to get the ReadOnly error without making the database into a ReadOnly database. 457 more words

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