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A Color Box. Lost in Translation

It was that time again.

The Chief Engineer had rebuilt the technical room from scratch. Each piece of heavy equipment had a new place, each pipe and wire was reborn in a new incarnation (German… 713 more words

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On this post, a brief explanation about SQL INSERT (INSERT INTO), DELETE and UPDATE statements and the example queries will be shared.

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How Streak built a graph database on Cloud Spanner to wrangle billions of emails

Streak makes a CRM add-on for Gmail, and recently adopted Cloud Spanner to take advantage of its scalability and SQL capabilities to implement a graph data model. 30 more words


Cursors in SQL server

Cursors in SQL server

In this article we will learn following topics:

  • What is cursor?
  • Implicit cursor.
  • Explicit cursor.


Cursor is a temporary memory that is allocated by database server at the time of data manipulation operations are performing by the user on table. 276 more words

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How to Aggregate an Archive Log's Deltas into a Snapshot with SQL

A customer of my popular SQL training (which you should book!) has recently challenged me to optimise a hierarchical query that merges an archive log’s deltas in order to obtain a snapshot of some record at a given point in time. 1,766 more words