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I think I’ve found an (admittedly obscure) bug with PL/SQL and/or SQL.

Have a look and see if you also think this is odd – or have I missed the totally obvious? 1,490 more words


Paging a Query

Paging a Query

In the past few months I had several occasions to use the “rownum” pseudo-column to page a query result set. As we know, a query returns a result set, which the application gets and processes. 1,432 more words


SQL hoa lá cành

Có những “trùm cuối” trong sách bài tập SQL kiểu này, mình phải tự mò thêm chút SQL ngoài select * from… mới xử lý được. 137 more words

How to Quickly Enumerate Indexes in Oracle 11gR2

Do you want to know real quick what kind of indexes there are on any given table in your Oracle schema? Nothing simpler than that. Just run the following query: 175 more words


Dynamics CRM SQL database in suspect mode


One of my customers installed a trial (enterprise) version of SQL and on that trial version he installed a Dynamics CRM 2015 On premises. When the trial version of SQL expired, the standard SQL version was bought and installed. 547 more words


SQL SERVER - Why Should You Not to Use Old Style JOIN?

If you want to JOIN two tables you can do it in two ways. One using ANSI compliant INNER JOIN and another with old style join… 296 more words

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