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TSQL Query to List Tables in a Database with Row Counts

In a previous post I talked about how to find highly populated tables in a database. I’m going to expand on that in this post to show how to catalog a database into data-holding tables and supporting details tables. 492 more words


Half SQL: semi-opaque tables reduce developer effort

Your relational data design could steal a trick from NoSQL: database representation of your application objects doesn’t need to be broken down to primitive values. Some opacity of relational data is beneficial. 559 more words


Week 1: JavaScript, jQuery, and some SQL

Week one of coding bootcamp is officially over. *Takes deep breath.* Just 11 more weeks to go!

This week was hectic to say the least. Between the insane amount of time spent commuting, and the 12~ hours a day I spent on campus, there was barely any time left to breathe. 424 more words


What is Covering Index?

  • What is Covering Index?
  • A covering index is also a composite index i.e., it indexes more than one column in its base table.

70-768 Developing SQL Data Models Certification Exam

Microsoft has been expanding out the certification offerings around Microsoft Azure. The Developing SQL Data Models (70-768) exam fits right along with this as it measures expertise around SQL Server and Azure SQL Databases. 614 more words


Execute SSRS Subscription Programatically

This code does not filter by folder path, so if you have more than one report on the server with the same report name, one report will be chosen arbitrarily and only one subscription will be executed. 83 more words