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Python - handy global command with a real life example

You have a local variable you want to use outside of your function. Say, this variable is called v. Declare “global v” before v. Now you can use v object anywhere you want. 279 more words


Week 12, Capstone Finished

I know I’ve slacked the last couple of weeks on my two posts a week, but it was capstone time! Any time spent on my computer was time spent working on that. 897 more words

The Hearst Foundation


  • Journalism Awards Program

Journalism Awards Program

Project Summary

To take their national journalism awards competition online instead of having to do everything by mail…

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Convert date using varchar in ms sql

Here we converting date into different date formats, example as below…

select getdate() -- Result >> 2019-12-12 00:09:13.437

select convert(varchar,getdate(),100) -- Result >> Dec 12 2019 12:09AM
select convert(varchar,getdate(),101) -- Result >> 12/12/2019
select convert(varchar,getdate(),102) -- Result >> 2019.12.12
select convert(varchar,getdate(),103) -- Result >> 12/12/2019

select convert(varchar,getdate(),104) -- Result >> 12.12.2019
select convert(varchar,getdate(),105) -- Result >> 12-12-2019
select convert(varchar,getdate(),106) -- Result >> 12 Dec 2019
select convert(varchar,getdate(),107) -- Result >> Dec 12, 2019

select convert(varchar,getdate(),108) -- Result >> 00:09:13
select convert(varchar,getdate(),109) -- Result >> Dec 12 2019 12:09:13:437AM
select convert(varchar,getdate(),110) -- Result >> 12-12-2019

select convert(varchar,getdate(),111) -- Result >> 2019/12/12
select CONVERT(VARCHAR,GETDATE(),112) -- Result >> 20191212
select convert(varchar,getdate(),113) -- Result >> 12 Dec 2019 00:09:13:437
select convert(varchar,getdate(),114) -- Result >> 00:09:13:437

Different methods to identify the SQL Server version number

Different methods to identify the SQL Server version number


In this article, I am going to show different methods to identify the SQL Server version number and its edition. 1,022 more words

Why did my Microsoft SQL Transaction log grow so big and how do I shrink it and reclaim the space?


Working primarily on support for Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems I often see tickets logged where the SQL transaction log has grown uncontrollably and is filling (or almost filling) the drive where its located. 1,505 more words


SQL Tip: FOR XML (Create a comma separated list of values)

This was originally posted to my internal (to Microsoft) blog on October 7, 2013 as part of a series I called ‘SQL Tips’ for coworkers and an email distribution list people could sign up to. 2,373 more words