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SQL Server Database Recovery Process Internals – database STARTUP Command

A database recovery process is an essential requirement for database systems, It can be a tedious job and the process of recovery varies on a lot of scenarios. 168 more words


When the Boss is away........

So today the boss is on holiday and I have been working on some concept ideas that I need input from my boss and the client. 65 more words


ADO.Net rounding the DateTime parameter

I have been trying to debug a bug that was causing the records being returned out of the date window. It took me some time to realize that ADO.Net was rounding the C# DateTime and that was causing the invalid records to be returned. 306 more words

Getting the next value of the primary key from MSSQL table


SELECT IDENT_CURRENT(‘<Table Name>‘)+IDENT_INCR(‘<Table Name>‘);

SELECT MAX(<primary key column name>) FROM <Table Name>;

This won’t work if the database is empty, because it returns NULL. 70 more words


Little Gotchas

A large part of most DBA/DBD’s daily job is writing & maintaining stored-procedures.  In SQL Server or other RDBMSs, stored-procs (“SP’s”, “procs”, however you like to abbreviate), serve as one of the building-blocks of your overlaying applications and day-to-day operations, including maintenance and automation. 684 more words


Querying SQL's Distribution Database

When trying to query what tables are being replicated most people know about the is_replicated flag in sys.tables, however, fewer know that there is a lot more information available about replication in the… 85 more words


What I Learnt This Week - SQL

This week I dove into the world of SQL Databases with the help of online resource Treehouse. I’ve been a paid subscriber of Treehouse on and off, since 2013 and I’ve largely dabbled in their range of FED courses (HTML, CSS and JS) to date. 777 more words