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SQL SERVER - Using "High Performance" Power Plan for SQL Server

A lot of times, I have seen DBA’s and administrators have their own startup tasks that they perform when rebuilding or bringing a new server online. 377 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #017 - Performance Comparison of Union vs Union All

Here is what I just learned from email. One of the very prestigious organization asks one of their candidate following questions –

Question: If you have options to use Union or Union All – which one of the option will use keeping performance as a top most requirement for the query. 277 more words

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Getting a File Listing from a Directory in PL/SQL

It’s General Election time here in the UK.
Rather than the traditional two-way fight to form a government, this time around we seem to have a reasonably broad range of choice. 1,430 more words


LibreOffice Base SQL: Query Parameters

Today, I will continue the discussion of SQL queries with queries that involve parameters in queries. The SQL in this post is based on the… 280 more words

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SQL best practices (part 1)

SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to communicate with databases. And we will be looking in to best practices and useful insights on how to use SQL properly. 157 more words

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Composite Index Keys and searching on secondary key values

In my time as a DBA, one of the most frequent misunderstandings I’ve found is how composite keys work within SQL Server, particularly relating to searches on the secondary key columns. 737 more words

Composite Index Keys