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#GPPT How to improve Dynamics GP with a little bit of GP Power Tools - Part 3

Continuing with this week’s series on customising the Payables Transaction Entry window using GP Power Tools, today we create the Trigger and test it is working. 1,471 more words


Inner Join

I want to look at the top 10 laps led in a  race, by driver, since 2000.  I can run a simple query in one of my tables to display this info, but this table doesn’t include the track: 126 more words


Add Column To Existing Table

Alter Table (Table Name)
Add (Column Name) data type  varchart(255)

I have a table named RaceResults, and I want to add a LapsCompleted column. Here is how the table currently looks: 46 more words


Simple way to understand transaction isolation levels

I was talking with a friend about how a database works and she asked me to explain transaction isolation levels to her. So let’s try… 362 more words

Sql Server

Experiment with SQL Server and DBFS on Linux

Given that Microsoft now considers Linux a ‘first-class citizen’, SQL Server 2017 offers native support for Linux. It is engineered to be cross-platform, and that’s good news for Linux administrators and open source developers. 235 more words


Metadata; Obtener Llave primaria de una tabla usando tablas del sistema.

Script de procedimiento almacenad0 que permite ingresar el nombre de una tabla y devuelve su respectiva llave primaria, consultando las tablas del sistema sysobjects, sysindexkeys y syscolumns. 45 more words

"SQL Server"

In this day and age, people still write SQL injection vulnerable code

I keep being amazed that new generations of people keep writing SQL injection vulnerable code, so further below is a repeat of  [WayBack] … 687 more words