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Find The Source: WiFi Triangulation

was playing with his ESP8266. Occasionally he would notice a WiFi access point come up with, what he described as, “a nasty name”. Perhaps curious about the kind of person who would have this sort of access point, or furious about the tarnishing of his formerly pure airspace, he decided to see if he could locate the router in question. 120 more words


Customers with Enterprise Agreement who already have SQL Server Licenses, can use them on Azure Virtual Machines

Now  Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers can bring existing licenses to run SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. Since the launch of Azure Virtual Machines, customers can already run… 98 more words


Connect Microsoft Azure SQL Data Base to Local SQL Server Management Studio


Here i would like to explain how to connect Microsoft Azure SQL Data Base to Local SQL Server Management Studio, It’s very Easy to manage Azure SQL Data Base.Below are the Steps. 100 more words

Many TO Many

1.select u.id,u.name,f.name FriendNames from friends f join friends_has_users fhu on f.id=fhu.users_id join users u on fhu.friends_id = u.id where u.id=2;

2.select u.id,u.name from users u join friends_has_users fhu on u.id=fhu.users_id and fhu.friends_id=1 join friends f on fhu.friends_id = f.id


Best practice to move SQL server table with identity insert from one server to another

Today we wanted to move a table with identity insert from one server (development) to other (production) along with data.

1)Use script to create the new table with Identity… 68 more words

SQL Server

30 Days of Zumo.v2 (Azure Mobile Apps): Day 26: Relationship Advice

No, I’m not going to fix the relationship with your significant other. One of the common questions I get asked is about relationships between tables. The basic advice is easy – don’t do it. 1,706 more words