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Getting More Data Than You Bargained For With NOLOCK

Generally, when somebody posts a query using the NOLOCK hint, there are a variety of warnings about dirty reads, phantom reads and double-reading (due to page splits). 537 more words


SQL to CSV tool - Export properly formatted CSV from an SQL query

SQLtoCSV produces well formatted CSV documents from SQL queries, even where the data results contain line breaks, speech marks, quotes and commas.

Latest Release:¬†https://github.com/deeja/SQLtoCSV/releases/latest…

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SQL Server 2016 Sees Daylight in Public Preview Release

Microsoft on Wednesday released a public preview of SQL Server 2016.

The preview can be downloaded from this Microsoft Evaluation Center page. In its announcement… 77 more words


How to setup a timely backup of SQL database

Creating a timely backup is not a complex task. Backups is one of the step of good project implementations to avoid unexpected damage. Backups are the best option for small organizations where they have local server. 397 more words


Full Text Search in SQL Server

As we all know, we create clustered and non clustered index on columns to make the search efficient because those indexes are organized in B-Tree structure. 305 more words


SQL SERVER - Using 20 Logical Processors Based on SQL Server Licensing

It is second to human nature to utilize every bit of juice for what we pay. You buy something and you would like to get the best out of it right? 532 more words

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