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Distributed Transactions in Azure SQL Databases–Azure App Service and EF

Are you handing more than one SQL database in Azure for your application ? Most of the times the answer would be YES. In dedicated database multi-tenant systems… 256 more words

Microsoft Azure

Understanding the Different States of SQL Database


There are multiple numbers states of a SQL Database. These states determine the current status or mode of database in SQL server.

At once, the database is only in one state, which may be any one of the following: 730 more words


Store a tag-cloud in MySQL

There was a time when tag-clouds were the thing for website owners to fancy oneself. These clouds are mostly gone, but seen from the perspective of how to implement such a thing, one can learn quite a lot, especially with large amounts of links. 487 more words


DataTable to List

My new job has gotten me involved in a lot more SQL than I’d ever had to in the past. Now this can be interesting, but there’s a whole ton of boilerplate code that goes along with writing SQL, most of which involves converting DataTables to List. 1,958 more words


Dynamic Data Masking with SQL 2016 and Dynamics GP 2016 – 3

When I started this topic I honestly didn’t think it would become a multiple part series, but alas here we are.  This post focuses on some questions that were asked by various users who’ve read the previous posts. 455 more words


Efficiently Transforming JDBC Query Results to JSON

A lot of enterprise data is stored in relational databases and accessed via SQL queries. Many web services are little more than HTTP-based wrappers around such queries. 946 more words

Bông tuyết cô độc

Nghe tin Hà  Nội sắp đón cơn gió lạnh đầu mùa (http://vnexpress.net/tin-tuc/thoi-su/mien-bac-sap-don-khong-khi-lanh-3458332.html) mà lòng tôi lại bồi hồi xao xuyến, những cảm xúc tràn về mãnh liệt khi chứng kiến những khung cảnh đượm buồn của tiết trời đông… 1,085 more words