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[Video] SQL Injection Step by Step

Read the papers to understand better this attack. Enjoy. D3x3.

Web Hacking

WebApp Hacking

A lot of talk has come around about the importance of web app hacking and exploiting of such apps. Here’s a repo of some of the more important – or let’s say – more frequently looked up information. 140 more words


[English]Understanding the cause and the effect of SQL Injection

The years pass and web masters are more and more, many of them unable to create a really secure website. The purpose of this tutorial is to inform anyone who has a site to be very careful to create this. 4,747 more words

Web Hacking

[Italian] Understanding the cause and effect of SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

* Simple SQL Injection Paper *
* Understanding the cause and effect of SQLI Vulnerabilities *
* *
* Written by: D3x3 *
* * 4,842 more words

Web Hacking

CTF -Challenge - SQL Injection

Recently I played Sharif CTF Challenge and it was quite an easy one. “Login in if you can” is a web application challenge of 50 points. 100 more words


MySQL UDF Exploitation


In the real world, while I was pentesting a financial institute I came across a scenario where they had an internal intranet and it was using MySQL 5.7 64-bit as the backend database technology. 2,039 more words