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[Penetration Testing] SQLi PREG_REPLACE SUID

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Author: Brennan Turner @BLTSEC

Mission: Investigate the system with an IP address of and determine if any vulnerabilities exist. 1,796 more words

SQL Injections – Part 2

As you already familiar with the subject SQL injections from the previous article part 1, we will quickly dive into exploitation with SQLi. Login to your  354 more words


SQL Injections – Part 1

Though there are many vulnerabilities, SQL injection (SQLi) has it’s own significance. This is the most prevalent and most dangerous of web application vulnerabilities. Having this SQLi vulnerability in the application, an attacker may cause severe damage such as bypassing logins, retrieving sensitive information, modifying, deleting data. 623 more words


SQL Injections and Countermeasures

These days, all we hear about hacktivists took down so and so websites and retrieved thousands of user’s data. One of the techniques to get unauthorized access to database is by performing SQL injection. 1,308 more words


Everything You Need to Know About SQL Injection Attacks & Types, SQLi Code Example, Variations, Vulnerabilities & More

Learn how SQLi Attacks work, SQL injection example, Variations of SQL Injections – In-Band SQL Injection, Blind SQL Injection, Out-of-Band SQL Injection, SQL Injection Basics, Data exfiltration.

Rasputin Hacker Uses SQLi to Hack 60 Universities and Government Agencies

25 March 2017

SQL injection is one of the oldest, most used and best understood attack vectors. The solution (input sanitizing) is also well understood, but still lots of systems vulnerable to SQL injection are operated on the internet. 209 more words


MySQL Blind Injection in Insert and Update Statements

I’m not going to explain or write about blind injection in general. There are enough resources on the internet where you can learn. You can check my previous… 250 more words

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