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SQL Injection Cheat Sheet

» Generic – Bypass Authentication

The following payloads are generally applied to login forms with a username and password. Correctly performing these attacks will allow you to authenticate to the web application (unless otherwise stated). 1,318 more words

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SQL injection and CFML 101

SQL injections are among the first things you learn about web application security.

It’s such a simple concept that when it’s explained, everyone goes “Oh, yeah, well duh” yet we’ve all written vulnerable code at some point in our lives. 873 more words


Sqlmap - sql injection and blind sql injection exploitation tool - How to use it

Sqlmap is a very useful tool written in python to perform automated attacks such as sql injection and blind sql injection.
The sqlmap options are so many, and they are all available using sqlmap -h or man sqlmap, so in this tutorial we will see how to use it to the best, but not all the commands will be explained as the tool already contains an excellent manual. 1,861 more words

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Pentesting considerations and analysis on the possibility of full pentest automation

The fact that even Optimus Prime and the Autobots needed human help to save Earth is a good hint on how I’ll be ending this post. 1,736 more words

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[Video] SQL Injection Step by Step

Read the papers to understand better this attack. Enjoy. D3x3.

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WebApp Hacking

A lot of talk has come around about the importance of web app hacking and exploiting of such apps. Here’s a repo of some of the more important – or let’s say – more frequently looked up information. 140 more words


[English]Understanding the cause and the effect of SQL Injection

The years pass and web masters are more and more, many of them unable to create a really secure website. The purpose of this tutorial is to inform anyone who has a site to be very careful to create this. 4,768 more words

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