#0363 - SQL Server - T-SQL Script to generate week date ranges from any given day

Recently, I was asked to help out in implementing a requirement for a reporting application. The application was designed to report weekly consumption trends from the day the report is run, and we therefore had to generate a lookup with week long date ranges from any given day. 466 more words


'properties' option is greyed out for ssrs instance when you right-click in ssms

To adjust some of the properties of a SQL Server Reporting Services instance , for example, how long the execution logs are retained, or whether or not you display meaningful error messages to the user, you have to do the following: 89 more words


Character Limit for SQL Agent Operators

SQL Server allows you to create Operators in the SQL Server Agent. Operators are aliases for people or groups that can receive electronic notification when jobs have completed or alerts have been raised. 504 more words


SQL Server 2016 Hybrid Cloud data replication

SQL Server 2016 TP3 now supports transactional replication between SQL Server on-premise and Azure SQL DB:

Also a frequently asked question, should I put my database into a VM in Azure or just use Azure SQL ? 11 more words

HADR Virtual Chapter Involvement

I am always looking for ways to get involved within the PASS community. One such way that has become available is the opportunity to get to work with two stellar individuals, one of whom was part of why I became involved within the SQL Community. 258 more words

SQLServerPedia Syndication

#0362 - SQL Server - Change Detection in Microsoft SQL Server - Limitations of T-SQL: BINARY_CHECKSUM and CHECKSUM

Identification of changes made to the data in a system is an important aspect of data storage design and data cleanup/quality improvement activities. For most enterprise systems, the need to implement change detection is driven by some sort of auditing requirements. 512 more words