SqlPackage a tool to import/export SQL Server and Azure SQL DB

SqlPackage is a command-line utility that you can use for exporting and importing operations in both on-premises SQL Server databases and in cloud databases. SqlPackage supports the following operations: 200 more words

Sql Server

Quick Table Info Export with PowerShell

This week I had a user come to me asking about how fields were defined on a few tables he was using in writing some reports. 335 more words


Moving the msdb, model, and tempdb databases files

All system databases, except the resource database, can be moved to new locations to help balance I/O load.

To move the msdb, model, and tempdb databases, perform the following steps: 145 more words

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Understanding parallelism on SQL Server

Parallelism refers to multiple processors cooperating to execute a single query at the same time.

Parallel execution involves the overhead of synchronizing and monitoring the tasks. 333 more words

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TempDB summary

Tempdb is a special database available as a resource to all users of a SQL Server instance, you use it to hold temporary objects that users, or the database engine, create. 392 more words

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Learn, Evolve and Giving Back - TSQL Tuesday #102

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is brought to us by Riley Major‏ (b | t) and he encourage us to talk about how we are helping by giving back to our community. 729 more words


Loading Large Dataset using datatables with AJAX

OK, so we manage to retrieve records from Active Directory from SQL Server using Linked Server, and the process is now automated as detailed in a  475 more words