Events after the summer holidays

Summer holidays are coming, finally. This year I’m really tired, maybe because I’ve spent my energies on learning English, working hard for my own Company, following external school and non-school projects. 338 more words

SQL Server

#0378 - SQL Server - Performance - CASE evaluates all the input result expressions

Recently, I asked to troubleshoot a performance issue with a stored procedure that was being used for reporting purposes. Looking at the execution plan, I realized that while the joins and the filters were as expected, the core bottleneck were sub-queries in the CASE expression.  245 more words


What is UniqueIdentifier in SQL Server

In simple words, the UniqueIdentifier is one of the data types that the SQL Server offers to the developers.

The question is What is does and Where we should use it? 252 more words

SQL Server

#0377 - SQL Server - Msg 206; Operand Type Clash; Return type of a CASE expression follows datatype precedence

When we were working on a particular SSIS package that was extracting data from a legacy SQL Server database. We kept running into meta-data and datatype mismatch issues on a couple of databases.  478 more words


Log File is Too Big!

–by Ginger Keys

Recently I had a client who, after speaking with their software vendor, became overly fearful of their database log files growing too big and taking up all of the disk space on their server. 1,181 more words

SQL Server

WPC 2016 Day 3 – Where partners need to focus in FY17

After 3 late nights tweeting on Australian time, we have the final keynotes of WPC16… (if you want to watch the keynotes yourself then they are available here… 574 more words


#0376 - SQL Server - Msg 2714: There is already an object named '#tableName' in the database.

Recently, I came across the same question a couple of times around usage of temporary tables in one of the forums I participate in. The questions revolved around attempting to create/use temporary tables in the various scenarios within the same batch: 977 more words