Speaking at PASS Summit, Seattle 2017

I am honored and super excited to have been selected to speak at the PASS Summit 2017 – the world’s biggest conference in the Microsoft Data Platform. 183 more words

SQL Server 2016

SQL Server: Identify And Defragment Indexes Using DBCC SHOWCONTIG & DBCC INDEXDEFRAG

A good defrag script is worth its weight in gold. This time, I copied this from Microsoft and am shamelessly posting it here because I don’t know when MS will bury it somewhere where it cannot be located anymore! 419 more words

SQL Server

Service Broker Protocol Transport Cannot Listen on Port 4022

Applies To:

Operating System Server 2012, Server 2012 R2 SCCM 2012, 2012R2 SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2014

As part of the morning checks, I generally check SCOM for any errors or look at SCOM for any new alerts. 175 more words

SQL Server

SQL Server T SQL Code Standards



/****** Object:  StoredProcedure .    Script Date: 02/23/2016 11:14:04 ******/





— =============================================

— Author:        <Hari Ere> 493 more words


Hal Apa Saja Yang Perlu di monitor pada SQL Server Anda ? - SQL Server counters -

Setelah SQLServer terinstall diproduction terkadang kita kebingungan apa saja yang perlu kita perhatikan, berikut beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan pada env SQL Server kita : 294 more words

Use MSDB to Get Database Backup Size and Total Time For Each

— by Lori Brown

We recently started using a third party software to do our in-house SQL backups so that the backup files are stored in a redundant and safe place. 378 more words

SQL Server

Mengaktifkan Page Compression pada Semua Tabel

Untuk data yang sangat besar, database bisa memanfaatkan fitur kompresi pada sqlserver untuk diaktifkan, hal itu berguna untuk mengurangi space dan meningkatkan performa (mengurangi IO cost). 343 more words