Find database Schema Users

I’ve imported and migrated a tremendous amount of databases into SQLServer versions 2012 and above. Finding and identifying old owners as they would be orphans now or users that should not have access can be made easier by running or fully automating an import workflow by adding this script to the process. 375 more words


MSMQ and SQL Server integration

At times we have long running SQL procedures and its not always advisable to have the application waiting on it.Especially if your application needs to perform certain set of tasks based on the result returned from the SQL operation. 881 more words


Akses user SqlServer pada linked server

jika anda pernah mengalami kasus seperti :

maka user yang anda pakai belum diberi grant untuk mengakses linked server ,

untuk mengatasi hal ini, diperlukan hanya 2 langkah saja : 62 more words

Finding Implicit Column Conversions in the Plan Cache

I’m just sharing with you guys a script to find all implicit data type conversions associated with mismatched data types in a specific database.
It’s pretty handy when you are either developing or coding reviewing. 217 more words


Shrinking Database Files – Let’s Not And Say We Did

— by Lori Brown  @SQLSupahStah

I recently ran into someone who swears that shrinking database files on a production server is a good thing and proudly said they did it on all systems they work on.  443 more words

SQL Server

Error en la llamada a procedimiento remoto. [0x800706be]

Este error me salió luego de instalar el SQL SERVER 2014 sobre una máquina donde ya tenía previamente SQL SERVER 2008R2, al abrir el Sql Server Configuration Manager sale este error: 42 more words


Donde están los archivos de datos sql server?

Probablemente hemos creado varias bases de datos SQL SERVER y no sabemos donde están alojados los archivos físicos de cada una de estas. Hay una sentencia sql que nos permite ver todos los detalles:

select * from sys.database_files