Control IO Resource using SQLserver 2014 Resource Governor

Resource Governor introduced by Microsoft in sqlserver 2008 enterprise edition to control memory and CPU resources usage by specifying limits on consumption by incoming request.  For more information, please read on msdn( 585 more words


Why Sql server Database Data file shrink is not a good practice?

Often in DBA world you hear shrink data files and log files. Data file shrink is not a good approach and leads heavy index fragmentation. 354 more words


How to rebuild or Restore corrupted master database?

There are some times master database needs to rebuild due to corrupt or some other issues. In real world every day your backup jobs will be running and do backups for your application databases along with system databases.. 76 more words


Table Variable

Table variables  will store in temp db only. when the tempdb space is
full then it will create on memory.
It is not always true that table variable will create in memory. 26 more words


Get Trigger Value As Executed Command Line Arguments

As per my previous post about activating xp_cmdshell for executing command line application in SQLServer there is some additional needs other than just executing, we need to get triggered value such as new value or updated or deleted as argument in command line that we want to execute. 107 more words

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