SQL Server silent install: PowerShell

Not my snippet but very useful if you want to do something a bit more interactive.


SQL Server - Move a Physical Database mdf and ldf files

When you create a database, if you’re not careful, it automatically creates the database in a default location.

If you don’t want that — due to space or company policy issues — you can move the database after it’s been created. 162 more words


FluentNHibernate SchemaUpdate not working on Azure (FIX)

I was trying to update a schema on an Azure database using FluentNHibernate but I was getting an error while trying to alter a table with existing records (while it was working fine adding new tables). 19 more words


Counting the number of rows in a table

Don’t be fooled by the title of this post: while counting the number of rows in a table is a trivial task for you, it is not trivial at all for SQL Server. 245 more words

SQL Server

description table pada sql server

description table pada sql server gmn ya ?


q> gogling

q> buka squirrel sql buat koneksi untuk sql server

q> Jalankan perintah ini

exec sp_columns nama_table…
8 more words

SQL Server 2016 Announced, and it stretches to the Cloud!

Last week during Ignite, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the next version(Till then it was called as SQL vNext) of SQL Server, and its SQL Server 2016… 490 more words


Microsoft SQL Server 2016: First Take

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Monday announced the next major release of the company’s flagship database management system, Microsoft SQL Server 2016. This product has grown into a $5-billion-per-year business for Microsoft, second only to Oracle Database in revenue. 866 more words