Shorting pada Select Query SqlServer


Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan sharing bagaimana caranya melakukan shorting pada saat select query menggunakan SQL Server. Bagi anda yang sedang melakukan select query pada sebuah tabel Sql Server, tentunya akan merasa kesusahan apabila datanya tidak tertata rapi atau tidak urut. 149 more words


I Finally Get Cross Apply!

For years I’ve looked at various queries online in sample code, diagnostic queries using DMVs, and the like and seen CROSS APPLY in the FROM… 625 more words


AlwaysOn 2016 – Direct Seeding

–By Ginger Keys

SQL Server 2016 provides some awesome new enhancements and features, especially in Enterprise Edition.  One of the new features relating to AlwaysOn is Direct Seeding. 836 more words

SQL Server

Database fails to generate a Checkpoint

This seems to be one of the many strange errors within SQL Server that you may encounter. You might’ve lately restored this DB from the server where Replication flag would have been enabled – That’s the closest of the scenarios which happened in my case. 361 more words


#0406 - SQL Server - Remember that spaces and blank strings are the same

It was recently brought to my attention that a particular script was passing spaces when it should not. Here’s an example:

DECLARE @spaceCharacter NVARCHAR(1) = N' ';
DECLARE @blankCharacter NVARCHAR(1) = N'';

--Confirm that we are looking at different values
--The ASCII codes are different! 218 more words

Scripting pull subscriptions and jobs

I’ve created some simple scripts for creating subscriptions and their pull jobs on single or multiple subscribers. It makes life much easier to use scripts, especially if you’re bringing in multiple servers and / or the subscribers are running SQL Server Web edition as they don’t get created automatically via the GUI; which can be confusing. 202 more words