Check progress of DBCC ShrinkFile

You needed to know where the DBCC Shrink operation is currently at or if it’s even doing anything so that you can cancel if it doesn’t look like it will finish in time. 72 more words

Leadership and the Data Professional

Many traits make up data professionals and the many who find themselves in leadership roles. The traits being shared in this blog post are ones that have helped me on my journey not just in a leadership role, but from a data professional perspective as well. 674 more words

SQLServerPedia Syndication

Day 1: Make db with NHibernate


I need to make a database for my startup project. I with my friends decided to use NHibernate. In game was NHibernate and EntityFramework. The choise fell on NHibernate because its be more modify friendly than Entity and always is time to learn something new. 89 more words


#0373 - SQL Server - Interview Questions - Parameters required for server-side paging mechanisms

For a mid-level SQL developer profile, this is one of my favourite interview questions if their current projects involve some sort of paging mechanism while displaying results on a grid. 332 more words


#0372 - SQL Server -SSIS - VSTA, Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Core’

We use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for all of our data movement and upgrades. Recently, when running a particular SSIS package, one of our new servers threw a strange error: 367 more words