SQL Server - Running A Script Or SQL On Multiple Instances/Databases With PowerShell - Level 100

Today, I received a really simple request. There was an UPDATE statement that had to be run on quite a few databases in multiple instances.  This was for a vendor software we use and the statement was sent to me by a Helpdesk professional who manages the product. 393 more words

SQL Server

Build a professional snapshot of experience with PowerBI, why not?

Build a professional snapshot of experience with PowerBI, why not, why wouldn’t you use 2 presentation layers, a snapshot and a more detailed document with all the bytes ?


Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Azure, building an Highly Available SQL Server(FCI) with S2D+SOFS & Disaster Recovery(AG) in multiple Datacenters

*1337 Tech alert: Azure, IaaS, IaC, SQL Server, AlwaysOn AG/FCI, Networking, Clustering, VPN Vnet2Vnet, S2D, SOFS, Load Balancers, Health Probes…

Helloooo! Besides SQL Server :) On of my current professional personal… 917 more words


Don't Forget the Network

A few weeks ago I was looking at a query and got tripped up by the network and my own forgetfulness. It was a pretty simple query with a simple-looking execution plan. 437 more words


#0407 - SQL Server - Clearing out the list of servers in SSMS

Today, I will talk about a very common question that I see in the forums. When you  work with a lot of SQL Server instances, the list of servers seen on the login screen in the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) becomes quite long, raising the question: 247 more words


EF query optimisation

We have a view that is very slow when you don’t use a filter on the name field. Everywhere in our stored procedures and (sub)queries we have this applied. 165 more words


Generate T-SQL for restoring multiple databases

Let’s say we are migrating the database server to a new host. After SQL Server has been successfully installed on the new host, we need to migrate the databases. 726 more words