Writing a CRUD Application With WPF, Entity Framework and SQL Server

Scenario Environment
  • .NET framework : At minimum version 4.
  • Visual Studio : The VS2015 community edition (the project was first developped using MS Visual Studio C Sharp Express Edition).
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#0409 - SQL Server - Code Blocks - Equivalent of #region...#endregion

I was recently participating in a forum and came across an interesting question. What attracted my attention was that the person was trying to keep their T-SQL code clean and readable (which in itself is a rare sight). 118 more words


SQL Alwayson Preferred Node workaround, Fallback script

We have Always-On configured between Node-1, Node-2 with Auto Failover enabled. Unfortunately one minor functionality was partially impacted when AG is primary on Node-2.

Business is very particular about not changing it to Manual Failover mode. 293 more words


New version of sp_WhoIsActive (v11.20) is available - Deployed on 123 instances in less than 1 minute

Last night, I received Adam Machanic’s (b | t) newsletter “Announcing sp_whoisactive v11.20: Live Query Plans”.

For those who don’t know about it, … 233 more words


User Permissions

Happy Saturday ! This morning I finished up a page on the website I’m creating that allows an administrator to change a user’s settings and access on the website. 221 more words



I joined twitter as @awkwardblkcoder roughly about a week ago – simply for networking purposes and to meet more people who shared similar interests and goals as me. 451 more words


Using Common Table Expression (CTE) - Did you know...

Today I will write just a short blog post to do a quick reminder!

I still hear a lot of people suggesting CTEs because they think it works like a temporary table (you populate the table and then it can be/is reutilized). 145 more words