#0404 - SQL Server - Interview Question - What is logical data integrity?

Recently, I encountered an interesting question in one of the forums:

What is logical data integrity?

The person who posted the question was reading about SQL Server and databases in general, when this term was encountered. 

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#0403 - SQL Server - CAST/CONVERT to string - Pad zeroes or spaces to an integer

Helping the community via forums often leads to some very interesting moments. Recently, I came across quite a common question – as part of a data migration, someone wanted to pad integers with zeroes. 399 more words


Login Failures Bloating SQL Server Log

–By Ginger Keys

After migrating a client’s SQL instances to VMs from physical servers, I noticed the following week that the SQL Server Log files had… 471 more words

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Sql’in Açılımı Nedir?

SQL açılımı Structured Query Language yani Yapılandırılmış Sorgu Dilidir.

SQL Nedir?

Veritabanı ortamında kullanılan bir alt dilidir. Verileri yönetmek ve tasarlamak için kullanılan bir veritabanı yönetim sistemidir. 306 more words


#0402–SQL Server 2016 - KB3207512 fails–Msg 17054 - Unable to shutdown the instance; Operating System Error 21 (The device is not ready)

I recently updated my personal sandbox to use SQL Server 2016. While the installation succeeded, one of the first few problems that I ran into were: 210 more words