TFS Install with SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn

If you’re curious about the steps to install TFS with SQL Server AlwaysOn I will be going through them and it’s really very easy.  This blog post assumes the availability group and listener is already up and running. 642 more words

Windows Server

#0391 - SQL Server - SSIS - OLE DB Destination - Table Fast Load - Performance - Table Lock option

Developing SSIS packages is quite easy – it’s mostly drag and drop and some minor configuration, which is a really boon for someone who is new to SSIS. 1,205 more words


Indexes in SQL Server

Index is one of the SQL Server object. Mainly indexes are used to improve the performance of the  queries.Indexes are created on any tables or views. 54 more words


List of Databases on an Instance of SQL Server

To find how many databases in SQL Server.

There are ways to identify databases in any version SQL Server.

Solution 1:

Using SQL Server Management Studio. 96 more words


Sql server 2012 / Event ID 36888. Schannel Error - The following fatal alert was generated: 20. The internal error state is 960

Recently we have updated windows server and sql server 2012 at planned downtime. All of a sudden, our systems are flooded with db connection errors. 376 more words


Replicate() function in SQL Server

Replicate() function is one of special function in SQL Server.

When you insert maximum number of characters to name per one column is very difficult. 109 more words


Installing SQL Server 2016 Language Reference Help from disk

A couple of years ago I blogged about Installing the SQL Server 2014 Language Reference Help from disk.

With SQL Server 2016 things changed significantly: we have the new Help Viewer 2.2, which is shipped with the Management Studio setup kit. 703 more words

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