When was my database last accessed?

There are several ways to get this information but my favourite approach is to use DMV sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats because it’s cheap, no extra tools are required and it’s available from SQL Server 2005. 368 more words

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BIML first steps

BIML stands for Business Intelligence Markup Language. It adds some things on top of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services, now called SQL Data Tools, or BI Development Studio, or even DTS – … 160 more words


Interview with Warwick Rudd

Part of traveling to various events and being a part of the SQL Community means one can meet some pretty awesome professionals. I was fortunate enough to run into Warwick Rudd ( 476 more words

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Blocking text

db.name DBName,
OBJECT_NAME(p.OBJECT_ID) BlockedObjectName,
h1.TEXT AS RequestingText,
h2.TEXT AS BlockingTest,
FROM sys.dm_tran_locks AS tl
INNER JOIN sys.databases db ON db.database_id = tl.resource_database_id… 91 more words


Import data from Oracle to MSSQL 2016

Have you ever try to import Data from Oracle Database to an MS SQLServer 2016?
In this process, do you try to use the Export Import utility from MSSQL Server? 139 more words
Data Migration

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

The next few months will be crazy for me. I will be travelling a lot around Europe, speaking about SQL Server topics.

Here is where you will find me in the upcoming weeks: 270 more words

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