SQL Server Inventory

As a DBA you must maintain a proper Inventory of your Database Servers and it should be updated frequently with every changes in the databases. Maintaining SQL Server Database inventory will help every DBA to know the present state of different database servers, their health, resource utilization, plan for migration/upgrade and growth. 1,719 more words


Lazy Loading vs. Eager Loading

Download complete project : LazyLoadingEagerLoading.zip

The Entity Framework offers several different ways to load the entities that are related to your target entity. For example, when you query for Employee, there are different ways that the related Employee Addresses will be loaded into the Object State Manager.

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Sql loguje informacje debugowe (np w procedurach)

PRINT 'Procedure was here'

-- (...)

PRINT 'description: ' + @description

PRINT 'Trigger was fired'

Dzieki temu odpalając np INSERT mogę zobaczyć informacje debug z Triggera, który się odpalił.


Pivot SQL Server 2008

Kalau ada yang mau transpose hasil query, misalkan hasil querynya: 140 more words

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Speed Up Stored Procedures with Table Valued Parameters

I suggested that one way to speed up your application was to reduce the trips you make to your database, specifically by avoiding calling a stored procedure multiple times.

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Row counts of certain tables using sys.partitions

INNER JOIN SYS.tables T ON D.DSNAME = OBJECT_NAME(T.object_id) AND T.schema_id = SCHEMA_ID()
INNER JOIN SYS.partitions P ON T.object_id = P.object_id AND P.index_id = 1…
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Review 'Free Database Manager '

Aplikasi database manager sangat membantu para pengembang aplikasi dalam membangun sistem khususnya di level database. Dengan aplikasi ini para pengembang dapat dengan mudah melakukan operasi-operasi atau perintah-perintah yang bekerja di level database berbasis GUI (Graphical User Interface). 271 more words

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