Adding Application Name to Invoke-SqlCmd2

In a previous post, I expressed some frustration over Invoke-SqlCmd not setting an Application Name for its ODBC connection, leaving us with the generic .NET SqlClient Library when looking at active sessions in… 498 more words


Find Currently Executing Jobs Running Longer Than 30 Day Average

–By Lori Brown   @SQLSupahStah

I needed to update some of our long running job monitoring code to improve it from the version that we have right now. 476 more words

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Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2016

I am installed Microsoft SQL Server 2016 in my system and try to open SQL Server Management studio 2016, surprise the management studio is not installed by default with SQL Server 2016.I have googled it and found the answer is Microsoft Split the SQL server and Management studio. 30 more words


#0398 – SQL Server – SSIS – Performing a DISTINCT using the SORT transformation

Developing SSIS packages is quite easy – it’s mostly drag and drop and some minor configuration. Choosing the right transformations and components and making them work optimally is a task that is heavily dependent upon the use case at hand. 675 more words


Ordenar datos NULL con SQL

Este es un dato o Tips que recurrentemente surge cuando en las tablas datos definidos como NULL. Un valor NULL corresponde a un valor NO DEFINIDO o bien NO ASIGNADO, lo que no necesariamente corresponde a un dato con valor cero (0) ni tampoco al de cadena vacía (”) ya que éstos si son valores conocidos, Entonces, si NULL es un valor indefinido ¿Como podríamos ordenar ascendente o descendentemente algo que no sabemos que es? 186 more words



–By Lori Brown   @SQLSupahStah

After installing Service Pack 1 for SQL 2016, I ran across USE HINT and thought I would put out what I could find to document it. 649 more words

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SQL Server uptime / Tiempo de actividad

There is a small sql command to know SQLServer Uptime, open your SSMS, open a new Query Window and paste this, press F5 and watch: 104 more words