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Day 43 of #100heroesNvillians

I’ve never played Final Fantasy. Hmmm… actually that’s not really true. I did give it a go on my cousin’s psp. Can’t remember which version though. 33 more words

Line Art

REVIEW PLAY ARTS KAI Squall Leonhart :Dissidia Final Fantasy

REVIEW PLAY ARTS KAI Squall Leonhart :Dissidia Final Fantasy


Hi long time no see, I am very very busy with my graphic jobs. T^T… 180 more words


Final Fantasy Friday: Final Fantasy Tarot - VIII Strength

<–VII The Chariot                                                                                IX The Hermit–>

This is my current Final Fantasy Friday post where I’ll be discussing which characters I think exemplify each card of the Major Arcana.  373 more words
Video Games

[FF8] Unfaithful

It’s a struggle to get out of the bed, unwinding his limbs from the nearly octopus-like grip that Seifer has on him. Zell wriggles, which only succeeds in making Seifer tighten his hold, muttering into the back of his neck. 372 more words


[FF8] Dreams

There’s a talking duck with a vile temper and a magical staff. Next to him is a talking dog with a goofy laugh and a big shield. 460 more words