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Materiaal review: Phantom X fullface helm

Helmen in rood, wit en blauw waren nodig voor het Nederlands record. De optie was er om er een aan te schaffen voor een scherpe prijs, dan doe je dat maar. 302 more words


Misinformation: Social Media's Vaccination Pandemic

“Knowledge is power.”

We’ve all heard it…but let’s dissect that quote for a second.

Per Merriam-Webster:
Knowledge = information, understanding, or skill that you get from experience or education… 883 more words

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Back to the Job Board (Day 48)

Well my first job was great while it lasted, but I couldn’t keep up with the production quota they wanted and I never thought staring at a computer screen all day would make me question my sanity but after 4.5 hours the screen would get blurry and I had to take a minute and regroup. 126 more words

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Continuing the Conversation: Pope Francis and the Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church

Reader Agellius shared his insights on our recent article on Pope Francis, and certainly expressed views on religion and the Church that I disagree with, but I couldn’t help but respect the soundness of his stance and the eloquence with which he described it. 754 more words

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People Who Inspire Us: Pope Francis and the Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church

I’ll be the first to tell you that while I went to CCD, had my first communion, and was confirmed, I was about the farthest thing from a religious man 2 years ago. 881 more words

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Greek Debt Crisis: What Does it All Mean?


Over the past months, and especially the last few weeks, Greece has been a hot button issue in the global financial markets. Many have spoken of the ‘Grexit’, or Greece decoupling from the European Central Bank and the Eurozone due to a potential default on its debt. 728 more words

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Square 1 Has Arrived

Hello World,

Thank you for finding us here at Square 1. We are a group of aspiring progressives, brought together by a shared passion for sparking conversations among members of society that will lead to a better world. 256 more words

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