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Is Square Enix Feminist?

(Originally posted on PAVE Magazine on 29th February 2016)

Video games have had an ever increasing bond with personal politics over the last few years. Around half of all gamers are now female and with help from Nintendo’s DS and Wii consoles, the age range has also grown exponentially and with the amount of people now actively experiencing the world’s fastest growing entertainment medium it’s about time our AAA blockbuster games represent more than just the white men with crew cuts or kids mascots. 1,565 more words


Final Fantasy II: Final Stats, Thoughts, and Trivia

Is Final Fantasy II the worst Final Fantasy game? Not in my mind, not in terms of the one I enjoyed the least. FFII is a JRPG with decent gameplay, but it feels very dated and bland in certain aspects. 949 more words

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Final Fantasy II Part Six: Hellraisers

May 19, 2015: You can go back to Deist and tell the dragoon widow about Ricard. “Ricard’s gone, too, then…” She cried into her hands. “He was a… a noble dragoon. 1,211 more words

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Final Fantasy II Part Five: Last of the Dragoons

May 16, 2015: Now, we have to shlep our butts back to Fynn… again. Ugh, this is starting to remind me of the constant backtracking in Tales of the Abyss. 876 more words

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Gamescom 2017: What To Expect

Gamescom may not be considered as big as E3, especially when it comes to video game announcements, but this year there has been very little in the way of rumours. 552 more words


On... The State of JRPG's in 2017

There is power in great storytelling. Novels, films and theatre, are built around the complex weaving of great narrative. When we think of narrative in video games, audience and critics consider ‘story’ with different perspectives. 911 more words