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Final Fantasy XV New Short Film Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

f a feature-length CG movie and five episodes of anime weren’t enough to get you excited for the impending launch of Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has even more for you: a beautiful new short film called “Omen.” 139 more words


A Brief Look at Square-Enix's Decision to Re-Release Kingdom Hearts onto the PS4

Let me start out and say that I, the man writing this, will more than likely buy a copy of this re-re-release of the Kingdom Hearts series as updated for the PS4 I just bought not long ago. 514 more words


Final Fantasy XV Receives Online Co-op

For The First Time In Final Fantasy History

Details about Final Fantasy XV’s DLC have finally been revealed. During Paris Games Week, Director Haruyoshi Sawatari… 177 more words


Dragon Quest Builders Review

Developed by: Square Enix Published by: Square Enix Platform(s): PS4, PSVita

Dragon Quest Builders is an open-world(ish) craft-em-up in a similar vein to Minecraft. It may look like a Minecraft rip-off to some, but I disagree. 791 more words

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Sora in World of Final Fantasy as DLC

Square Enix announced today that Sora, star of Kingdom Hearts, will be appearing in the World of Final Fantasy wearing his Dream Drop Distance HD… 42 more words

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It has finally happened. After all these years..the myth WILL BECOME REALITY!! Final Fantasy XV has gone gold!!!

Hallelujah sang the JRPG’s fan a top the mountains!!! 75 more words

HITMAN: Sniper Gets Festive with Spooky Halloween Update

If you haven’t played HITMAN: Sniper on your mobile device in a while, here’s a reason to pick it back up.

Now through November 24, Agent 47 will have access to the deadly crossbow – the Exorcist – a brand new weapon to dispatch his targets with three new abilities to quickly eliminate foes: summoning an unfriendly ghost, vicious impaling and a volley of lethal, barbed arrows. 39 more words

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