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We're all craving something

And those cravings need to be met with some type of resolution. In this case, re-writing a script and ramen.

But not just any ramen –really good one. 394 more words


I had three Quickies this past weekend...

Phew. Tiring stuff.

And by Quickies, I mean, Square Marden‘s critically acclaimed (not really) series appropriately dubbed QUICKIES. They’re basically an extension of our whacky creative brains; More or less a series of random and irrelevant material that stems from the part our personalities that just needed to be made. 161 more words


In Black for a White Wedding!

Spent some time behind the camera this past weekend to film a friend’s wedding. We (Square Marden) don’t work on weddings often but this one was really enjoyable. 277 more words


Affair at the State Fair

Sacramento, location of the state fair. And my appetite.

And I know everything in Texas big, but hey, Sacramento has its moments…

It was my first time ever going to the State Fair and while it had a lot of the immediate look-and-to-dos as other fairs, there was the fact that it was a massive walk-around and that I went with some of my closet friends. 95 more words


Swimming in Pool and Broth.

I can’t help but notice that my blog posts are usually about two things, mostly: Food and Acting. By today’s web-reader standards, I’m hardly a foodie. 272 more words


Ohana means Family, says Stitch. pt. 2 of 2

The next morning started off at Janely’s place where we decided to sleepover. And by sleepover, I mean…

We didn’t hear about Andrew’s misfortune until early Saturday morning, and by then we were in a sleep-haze. 298 more words


Ohana means Family, says Stitch. pt. 1 of 2

And Kababayan, according to Wiki, means:

Kababayan is a Tagalog word that means fellow Filipino, countryman, or townmate. It is used throughout the Philippines and throughout the various Philippine languages.

323 more words