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What is the origin of the phrase "thinking outside of the box"?

There is a famous puzzle. 9 dots arranged in a square, like this

Your job is to connect all of the dots using only 4 straight lines without lifting your hand off the paper, crossing each dot only once. 49 more words

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Square One

It’s funny how you can graduate from a top university knowing three languages and still be lying on the sofa in your parents house on a thursday night writing a blog about how you want a job approximately 8 months later. 408 more words


Let's Play Super Mario RPG (Part 14)

Chris runs through a playthrough of one of his favorite childhood games: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars! He’ll be jumping, punching and hammering his way through the game from start to finish, and trying to take out an optional boss or two in the process. 37 more words

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