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The Middle Square Method (Generating Random Sequences VIII)

Von Neumann proposed the middle square method of generating pseudo-random numbers in 1949, in a paper published a bit later. The method is simple: you take a seed, say 4 digits long, you square it, and extract the middle 4 digits, which become the next seed. 272 more words


Black Friday is the perfect day to buy everything—except a Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, when are thy branches cheapest?

For many in the US, Black Friday isn’t just a day to score shopping deals; it’s also the official start to the Christmas season. 370 more words

Bitcoin's new high

Bitcoin soared to a new record high on Monday, having broken through the $8,000 mark for the first time on the weekend.

The crypto-currency has risen by almost 50% in just over a week, driven up by an announcement from Square, a payments firm, that it had started allowing customers to buy and sell bitcoins on its Cash app.