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A Pair of Argyles

These quilts were a few years in the making since they were done totally as leader/enders while I worked on other projects.  First I started with a bundle of batiks that I got from my friend Anita. 376 more words

Chunky Monkey Breakfast Squares

Making this recipe was a late night (chocolate-craving-induced) decision, so the name for these cocoa, chocolate chip, oat and banana squares is definitely goofy. But don’t let the name fool you!  341 more words


Math Problem of the Week #19

A square is inscribed inside of a circle with radius 4. If the perimeter of the square is P, what is P^2 ?

Weekly Math Problems

my hellish version

my hellish version by CT

14th January 2017

Media: Mixed


Sunday sketch #29

More on the theme of overlapping octagons.

The colour combinations with designs like these are almost endless, and provide the perfect opportunity for creating… 54 more words

Sunday Sketch

Squares; sustainable spaces.

I have recently updated a project I worked on at university related to tackling the growing issue of wasted materials and aims to promote building sustainably. 197 more words