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I am the Squatter Downstairs, and these are my adventures.

If you are reading this, you have some how come across my blog. How this came to be is unimportant, but I am glad you are here! 54 more words


simply colorful everything

simply colorful everything. simply all night long.

What will the weekend be like, i wonder,  going into it alone and willing with a working spirit. i guess i feel better working than anything else anymore, which may be different than i once was. 321 more words

‘The Cambridge Squatter’ (‘Era o Hotel Cambridge’): Film Review | San Sebastian 2016

The Cambridge Squatter does a really difficult factor: It takes what essentially is a neighborhood interest story and elevates it into something universal and urgently up to date. 801 more words



No one will be shocked to hear the Winnebago’s still not ready, right? Truthfully, we’ve almost forgotten about Coachese. It seems like we’ve been in Florida forever. 551 more words


The Gypsy Intent

Between the Abstract and the Practical lives Literature.

On the abstract side of the tracks, you’ll find Romance.

As a Romance writer I try to be a gypsy claiming citizenship to neither but claiming home to both. 36 more words


South African White Squatter Camps


A British film crew visited some of South Africa’s poor working class Afrikaners living in the countries many illegal White Squatter Camps.
Donate at www.safrpsa.org