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Let’s take their land
Make it ours
We’ll win the war and
Make new laws.
In a hundred years or so they’ll be
Crying for us to make them free… 21 more words

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Adverse Possession (squatter’s rights) – Viable strategy or a thing of the past?

Adverse possession is a proceeding by which a property owner loses his/her claim of ownership of a portion of their property to a neighbouring land owner who has established a possessory claim in a court of law. 1,031 more words

“Do all our thoughts have squatter’s rights?
And can we overthrow them?
Yes, always yes.”

Claire Haugh

Holland Expat - Learn Something New Every Day I

Information keeps coming from every direction and, although not all of it is eventful, it is always interesting. Here are a few recent tidbits.

  • Our friends from church were asking about our experience with the international school (Watch for postings on this topic after the new year.) One particular issue they have with the Dutch public school system is that only sick days are allowed.
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Adverse Possession: Protect, Preserve and Shelter NOW.

“Let’s advance humanity by not having so many people without houses and so many houses without people.” — Tony Delgardo Chico California


THE RETURN TRIP - Episode 201

THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 201

…“Let Mommy finish her story”…

Celeste M. uses an analogy to explain, “Uncle Braden was supposed to check in from time to time, but he got busy with our… 418 more words


A Wing And A Prayer - A Swallow's Tale.

You may recall a couple of month’s back, my mentioning a visit from Mr and Mrs Swallow? Well, I’m sorry to say but there have been a series of unfortunate events that have occurred over the past weeks and it is my duty, as author of The Rioja Diaries, to report these somewhat tragic happenings back to you. 1,224 more words