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Nationals games 3+4: The Rocky Style Montage

Hi folks,

As mentioned last time, this is going to be the blog post equivalent of flurry…er… with melee expert as well (it’ll probably be 4 posts in the end) for this week, and Mike has specifically requested it be posted IMMEDIATELY… he must be having a slow day. 970 more words


Eviction: The squatter's ‘nightmare’

The terrace of houses has white paint peeling from the outer walls and broken furniture in the front yards. It is only the plastic sheeting across the ground floor windows that gives away that number 36 is a squat. 300 more words



No one takes my schedules seriously. No one listens to what I have to say and no one takes matters into their own hands. Sometimes it’s chaotic trying to get presentable in the mornings in this small house. 591 more words

My Dribbles

Squatters in Vacant Homes

You may have recently heard the story of the family in Idaho who had a renter move into their home they were selling and wasn’t renting from them.   602 more words

Selling Your House

Fair warning

Remember when I talked about Meg and Mike? I’m going to talk about them again. Just for a minute. Just venting a little. Because if I don’t, I’m going to get the shotgun and the claymore out of the closet and head over to Meg’s workplace to find out just how many pieces of a human being you can take off before they finally expire. 1,231 more words


This squatter writes

Have you ever read about “squatter’s rights”?

For awhile, I used to dibs a seat, or a spot on the couch by yelling “squatter’s rights!”. And from what I’ve learned by using Google, the actual definition is rather similar. 236 more words

A Review of The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory by Stacy Wakefield

In The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory Stacy Wakefield takes us inside the New York City squatting scene in the mid-90s. Beginning in the summer of 1995, the novel tells the story of Sid, a young woman trying to break into (no pun intended) an insular squatting community and figure out her place within it. 498 more words