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When my husband, then boyfriend, and I first moved in together, we wanted to get a pet because that’s what couples did to show they were committed. 1,890 more words

Regular-type Talk

February 17, 2015

Crunchy snow footsteps
Sound dif’rent when it’s this cold
Snow squeaks underfoot

It makes the same sound
Unpacking shipping boxes
Rubbing styrofoam


Doggy Drive By

Something that really entertains the Peters family is annoying the general public. Most recent, all dog owners around us.

It all started because Peters Pooch No.2 has a habit of when she has toys to rip them apart just a few days after getting them, and after shredding on of her newest toys to pieces that did contain a squeaky thing (for lack of a better word), and for some unbeknown reason, Pongy put it in his pocket. 277 more words

Old friends, new friends, blessings indeed...

As I groomed dear Benji today, I thought about what a gift my career is to me. If what I offer to my small part of the world is appreciated, then I am even more fortunate. 576 more words

Life And Pets

a few random Q& A's about me

1. What is one thing you would like to accomplish before your next birthday?

My birthday is in may so I might not have anything accomplished for me. 551 more words