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Deal 270: Smartbat Squeak

Something was off kilter. The things in front of me were a different shape every time I looked, and this was making my head hurt. I tried a different angle, but that just made it worse. 497 more words


Whispers Of The Wind

It’s a windy night tonight or it has been for a few nights now, its howls and screams in the gap between houses, like a ghost in pain it sounds like, can’t go about the house without first thinking your hearing someone scream! 256 more words


New video channel for Felt.Buzz on Videscape

Felt.Buzz videos can now be found at Videscape.com, a site that provides an alternative to YouTube, and one that benefits the creators of content. 214 more words

A story about a cat

Hiyo Gang!

i hope you guys like stories, and cats! here’s a true story about my very own cat Bubbles, or as I call him: Bubs. 317 more words

Easter, and multiple miffys

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it is easter already! It’s been a big few weeks, but I will go into more details later on, as it is way too much for one post! 448 more words


This squeaking frog sounds like a kids toy

This adorable round frog is letting everyone around him know that he’s upset — by squeaking! The Namaqua rain frog is a species of frog that can be found on sandy shores or dry shrubland in South Africa and Zimbabwe. 71 more words