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It was my shoes... honest! 

It’s only when your students are absolutely silent during an assessment that you realise how badly your shoes sound like squeaky farts.

Barefoot for the rest of the lesson, it is.

True Story

Little Miss Piggy

Hey Blogisphere! The guinea pig from my last blog was not sold before I got there, so today I got to get the calico baby that I got to hold and bond with!! 199 more words


What's This?

Slitherwitz wanted a rattle like the rattlesnakes. I couldn’t even find a baby rattle, so I attached a dog squeak toy to his tail instead. He is not so sure he wants to bite his tail to squeak it. 12 more words


Belabour: (v) to argue or elaborate (a subject) in excessive detail.

Being mousy is always considered a negative profile.

Most folks think that the roar of the lion is preferable to the squeak of the mouse. 263 more words

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