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Dog Toy Joy

Dog Toy Joy!

Charlie squeezed the dog toy and it squealed a long and loud squeal which not only surprised Charlie but delighted him

Penny the Golden Doodle remembers when SHE was the center of attention.


Database connectivity in Squeak and Pharo

(This gives additional meaning to the Smalltalk topic of persistence.)

Yesterday I decided to try out the database connectivity in Pharo.  I had been told that Pharo is the “way forward” for people who had been doing “serious” work with Squeak (non-eToys, non-exploratory learning), and I had read that all the latest SQLite3 connectors and Postgres connectors had been maintained only for Pharo — though they had started in Squeak, often, their Squeak compatibility was no longer maintained after making the jump. 345 more words


Bubble & Squeak

Bubble and squeak is a Christmas leftovers classic and quite possibly even better than the actual Christmas dinner, in my opinion. I know that statement may cause outrage across the UK but that is just how much I love this dish. 220 more words

Bubble and Squeak Risotto

When I first started on my journey back to wellness, one of the instigating factors was the discovery of Great British Chefs. I remember seeing this delicious recipe for scallops (you KNOW how I love… 589 more words



It slowly got quiet.

Okay, so I think I’ve made a mistake with the point of this joke.
As such, I’ve changed the quote on the last panel. 96 more words



Then along came squeak. When starfish was one we discovered we were pregnant again, this came as a huge shock. Sadly it was not meant to be and we lost our baby after only a few weeks of pregnancy. 635 more words