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Check out the New Squeak Website

A lot of work has gone into the new Squeak.org website.  Go check it out!

Nice work to everyone that worked on it, it’s beautiful and well organized! 40 more words


Chalk and Cheese

Crumbled stone

hard moan

arched groan

line left briefly

kneeling poem

crumbled stink

hard to drink

ever dam

et bell am

sleeping doom

eaten soon


Definition #243 Tiny Bugs

Today a silverfish

shimmied in my coffee filter;

black on white,

all too clear.

Next a gnat swam up my coffee,

backstroked to the edge. 28 more words


Toronto ON Getting Rid of Mice

Squeak, squeak. Uh oh, sounds like youve got mice. Your first concern…

Weirdest Squirrel Noise I Heard so Far. What is it trying to sound like?

You can’t actually see the squirrel because it’s a coward. But I know it is one, because we had a stare down for about 5 minutes before I recorded it. 62 more words