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'Sects Thursday 09/14/2017

*That’s what it sounds like when you pull a big balloon through a small opening, right? Fump! First it squeeks… then it fumps! And, yes, squeak is misspelled on purpose to sell the… 22 more words

Comic Strip


My annoying new

Habit is to squeak “thats such

A good deal” high pitched.

retrofitting Squeak Morphic for the web

Last time, we explored a way to improve SqueakJS UI responsiveness by replacing Squeak Morphic entirely, with morphic.js. Now let’s look at a technique that reuses all the Squeak Morphic code we already have. 500 more words


[NEW VIDEO] Carry this secret thing in your pocket, and screw with people all day, every day

Endless funny prank possibilities…  Make virtually *anything* appear to squeak, squawk, or squeal when you touch, poke, or squeeze it!

As shown in the video, you can “D.I.Y.” to make your own “secret thing,” but if you want to save some time, money, and hassle, here is the link to buy what you’ll need, already pre-made ( 12 more words

That Fantastic Sound!

Some advice for everyone… keep a can of WD40 or some kind of machine oil in your home.

But if you don’t have anything at the time and need to take care of something immediately, you can improvise. 162 more words


Comic 62 | Pickle News

Hey Mr Katsu, ever notice how the news stories are just like a jar of pickles? Current news stories seem “sweet & sour” and world leaders are getting us into some some big “pickles”(circumstances.) Hope they sort it all out peacefully!


Nerf Dog: Tire Squeak Aero Review

Let one thing be known, Carle knows his toys.  He’s grown from a stuffed animal loving pup to a young adult with an affinity for toy destruction.   194 more words