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That Fantastic Sound!

Some advice for everyone… keep a can of WD40 or some kind of machine oil in your home.

But if you don’t have anything at the time and need to take care of something immediately, you can improvise. 162 more words


Comic 62 | Pickle News

Hey Mr Katsu, ever notice how the news stories are just like a jar of pickles? Current news stories seem “sweet & sour” and world leaders are getting us into some some big “pickles”(circumstances.) Hope they sort it all out peacefully!


Nerf Dog: Tire Squeak Aero Review

Let one thing be known, Carle knows his toys.  He’s grown from a stuffed animal loving pup to a young adult with an affinity for toy destruction.   194 more words

Squeak - Filtering Items In Lists

Chances are – if you see a list in Squeak – it can be filtered.

For example any list you see in Browser.

Every instance of PluggableListMorphPlus in Squeak is capable of showing just a subset of items containing characters you type. 356 more words


Squeak of same feather, fly together - The Titanium Squeak meets the FRN Squeak by JD

Not long after the original Squeak SC154PBK came out I got one. I carried and used it for a few months and enjoyed its performance. The blade was thin enough at the edge to cut well, the steel (Böehler N690Co) held its edge and was easy to resharpen. 406 more words


march 17

squeak of chair

as he laces running shoes

spring music

Morning Ku

Squeak - How to change the Launcher Icon in Ubuntu 16.04

Comment=When this file, squeak.desktop , is put into ~/.local/share/applications , then the icon selected in the Icon= line will appear in the Ubuntu Unity Launcher (task bar) when you run the squeak.sh in the Exec= line. 48 more words