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I work in an environment, where I go to work on Monday and don’t finish for up to 14 days… crazy I know… So, by about day 7, the bored and slight madness has settled in, especially if the weekend is not eventful.  311 more words

Little Grebe

One of the biggest surprises for me when starting nocmig recording was to learn that Little Grebes produce two night flight calls that are completely different to the familiar daytime song. 197 more words


Circus Records’ SUB-Human Releases ‘Squeal’

Hot on the tail of February’s rip-roaring weapon ‘Neck Snap,’ SUB-Human returns to Circus Records once again with another rager to test your subwoofers, in the form of the blinding ‘ 71 more words


Stupid Morton Salt

A few months ago I went on a road trip that took me past Salt Lake City.  Interstate 80 cruises through the mountains in northern Utah and scoots around the Great Salt Lake. 490 more words


The Last Jedi Reactions - No Spoilers

The following are my reactions to The Last Jedi, which I saw last night, in no particular order with no spoilers and absolutely no context. 351 more words


Little Dude is testing out his voice.  It’s adorable.

Up until now, it’s been various forms of ‘ng’ and ‘guh’ sounds, but recently (just yesterday, in fact), he’s started squealing. 87 more words


A Revenge Screw

The fan’s aura is rusty, flakes from a decaying screw sprinkled its frame as I turned it on. The fan wails during thunderstorms, thunder muffled through spinning blades, no fear of lightning vibrations for the deaf, hell, it’s a God song they ought to sing. 88 more words