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The dreaded mystery screech. 

It finally happened again. The dreaded Symba mystery screech. Legend has it that it only occurs on hot days at 50mph. Happened three times yesterday. Goes away as soon as you stop. 44 more words

The Existential Erotica: Longing

It’s difficult to write to you because I want to ease you into it. My place is not a happy place, generally but it can be quite thrilling. 545 more words


The Wolf, date 2

I met him at a “members-only” club, downtown.
He was a member (fancy).

We ordered strong drinks and some snacks and talked for hours.

Then, I drove him home, since we were right around the corner.   186 more words


Threshold, or to carve a line across the city

Arrival. Out of Charles de Gaulle customs and squeezed through a plastic tunnel escalator across a circular atrium. There is so much space so close to around you, but you cannot feel it through the plastic. 333 more words

Christmas Eve

Bright color packages
nestled beneath Christmas tree
child’s delightful squeal



Magnets on my teeth
Jam my jaws airtight.
No squeals can break the seal.
I detest this plight.


Just that.

All that,
Head on your shoulder,
Hands around your waist,
Legs around your waist.
I miss all that.
I miss having you tickle me, 58 more words