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Fangirl Friday: Ethan Embry

Fluff piece alert… So I stumbled on Ethan Embry‘s work in the most random way possible. Does anyone out there in the ether remember… 468 more words

Squee Of The Week

For logophiles the highlight of the year has to be the announcement by the Oxford English Dictionary of its latest batch of new words to enter the fusty old tome. 178 more words


Word of the day

Squee – to squeal in delight or excitement; a cry of delight or excitement.


Waiting On That Oscar: Burn Gorman

When I tuned into the Russell T. Davis, Doctor Who spin-off, Torchwood, I initially went for John Barrowman (who I’ve fangirled over since his stage days). 371 more words

Teen Movies Through the Years: Come September (1961)

I spent far too many years of university studying teen movies, and teen culture. Perhaps, this explains the pop culture heavy focus in my writing during the lean post-graduation years. 681 more words

If You're Not Watching... You Should Be: Con Man

I have been disgustingly behind the 8 ball on Con Man. I’ve been aware of the plans since the little web series was first proposed by actors… 475 more words