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Happy Happy Joy Joy

Okay, so the second procedure sucked! No, really it was more painful than the first procedure and that was pretty bad! Found out that the infection did not go¬†away, and I’m on a stronger round of antibiotics!!! 1,032 more words

Creativity-Digital Work

Damien, a baby kangaroo

I suppose this is a juvenile of the big red kangaroo, but Aussies can weigh in here. At any rate, it’s adorable:


Stepping into the Music Archive: Billie Piper

I came to Billie Piper’s music backwards after initially discovering her work when I first started watching¬†Doctor Who. Piper initially broke out (at age 15) in 1998 with her debut single, “Because We Want To,” which went straight to the top of the charts, peaking at number 1. 453 more words

Launch Photos! Plus Four Blogs & a Giveaway Make A Post

Tuesday’s launch for Cloudbound was amazing – thanks so much to Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square and to everyone who came from far and wide! And especially to the gracious, wonderful, and funny Chuck Wendig, who is almost certainly not made of spiders. 467 more words

Because I Said So

Fangirl Friday: Ethan Embry

Fluff piece alert… So I stumbled on Ethan Embry‘s work in the most random way possible. Does anyone out there in the ether remember… 468 more words

Squee Of The Week

For logophiles the highlight of the year has to be the announcement by the Oxford English Dictionary of its latest batch of new words to enter the fusty old tome. 178 more words