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Going Home Again: A New Bookstore and Old Memories

Sometimes I joke that I was raised by a library and two sailboats.

That’s not actually true.

I was raised by a library (Tredyffrin* Library to be exact) a couple of sailboats, … 687 more words

Because I Said So

Cult Cartoon Essentials: Invader Zim

Nickelodeon’s Invader Zim was created by Jhonen Vasquez and was his first venture into cartoons after working on his comics Squee! and Johnny The Homicidal Maniac… 142 more words


In Case You Haven't Seen It: 'The Man in the High Castle' Season 2 Teaser

Okay, who binged watch ‘The Man in the High Castle’ when that hit Amazon late last year? While I’ve always known Philip K. Dick’s name, I’ve never developed a tremendous background in his work, so I came into the much anticipated period drama (best word?) mostly blind as to what I should expect. 148 more words


A Comedian to Watch: Jon Richardson

My latest Amazon UK splurge came in the mail last week, and it was Jon Richarson’s second stand-up special Nidiot. I stumbled onto Richardson’s work when I was watching old YouTube episodes of the UK television series,  331 more words

If You Haven't Seen It Yet: La La Land (Trailer)

I stumbled onto this a few days ago, and it seems no matter how hard I want to talk myself out of it, I really want to see this darn movie. 71 more words

Musicans You Probably Aren't Listening To... But Should Be: Delta Goodrem

I wish I could lie and say that I started listening to Delta Goodrem’s music on my own. Unfortunately, as my brain typically seems to work, I go through phases. 440 more words


Is There Anything Joss Whedon Can't Do?" A Much Ado About Nothing Rewatch

After loosing touch with William Shakespeare after my years as a college English major (I’ve read Hamlet far too many times to count). I’ve recently been reopening communication with the Bard’s classic works, thanks to some of the incredibly interesting film and stage versions popping up around the world. 414 more words