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#1028 - Wrapping Paper

I did indeed buy bright pink wrapping paper for my niece’s birthday presents. So bright. So pink.

Sketch A Day

The Book Smugglers, First Contact Anthology Announcement

Forgive me, but I must squee. And run around in circles, and drop-kick Care Bears to the moon and ride off on my robo-pegacorn into a forever made of rainbows… 145 more words

Liddle Kiddle!!!

I promise, this is literally the very last time I will ever this strongly break my self-imposed rule about posting regarding my toy collecting habit.  (Because when the doll I ordered arrives (probably tomorrow or Tuesday) I’m going to prematurely start my toy collecting photo blog.   1,001 more words

How Not To Keep A Secret - part 2

Because no, I am not capable of keeping such a massive thing secret, especially from my roommate who has seen us go to not one, but two different blood tests, plus various doctor’s appointments, and who must be wondering why I’m currently on a five-day weekend whereas I was fretting not so long ago about my failing my internship. 659 more words


Um... guys?

Paul Cornell just commented on my blog.

(see previous post.)


Doctor Who

Heard It Through the Grapevine - squee post ^^

This drama! Seriously. I just about died laughing. That ending of ep 4 was… freaking HILARIOUS!!! That was possibly one of the worst formal meetings of parents-in-laws ever. 293 more words


This moment is for all the things you make me feel, Richard Armitage.

You are infinitely better than sorrow and despite what one might think, even more intoxicating than beer.

Five years plus, and still you bring a goofy smile to my face every time I see your picture on my screen. 207 more words

Richard Armitage