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Big Tin Shed

This building we work in is essentially a big tin shed. A shipping container on steroids.  There are no windows, just corrugated steel the colour of an exsanguinated corpse.  334 more words

Rereading Evernost, Outlining

Having finished my chapbook (!) I have this intoxicating feeling I could finish my entire Evernostian project–although it will likely take me years! And the process of creating this skinny little chapbook makes it so much more real to me. 477 more words


I'm glad you can get PB and Jam in space - one less reason not to go!

Sacrifices have to be made on the International Space Station, and one of them is having to have your PB&J sandwiches on a tortilla. Oy!

10 more words

An afternoon otter

We had only a soupçon of science today, but there will be more tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this baby otter and its friend the Bengal cat: 17 more words


Book Review Tuesday (4/18/17)-Forget Me Not

Hey everyone! I hope you had a happy Easter/Passover/whatever it is you celebrate, and a happy Spring as well! I finished this book fairly recently (something else happened on that same day, which I’ll tell you about later), and I loved it! 215 more words

Book Review Tuesday