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Uptember minus 2: Blog Tour, Event News, Excess Energy

Two days to go! I am preparing all sorts of surprises and spreading them around the internets for you. Below you’ll find the first half of the Blog Tour, more Event News, and a personal high that I’m still staring at. 758 more words


Uptember minus 7

Seven days and we rock Uptember my friends.

I’ve acquired even more items for the Uptember online launch raffle and giveaway shenanigans – including books from… 180 more words



Tomorrow (Sunday), I move, y’all!

I’m super excited, but I should probably go to sleep.


New Orleans

How Can There Only Be Four Weeks To Go? All the gifs!

Four weeks until September 1. I… am not ready. no not at all. I mean, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone. And for people to finally be holding my book in their hands… And all the travel.   82 more words


My Kitten Is Psychotic

Meet my kitten, Snickers. She is psychotic.

I’m not just saying that because I think it’s cute. She’s completely psycho. The first day we brought her home, she tried to eat a yarn ball that cost me $100. 202 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Letters from Camp: Paperback Book Day, "Squee"

Let’s be honest here people… If you are a reader (and of course that is a big assumption on my part, but if you are following my blog I gotta believe you have some kind of like/passion/love for the written word) any time you walk into a bookstore, it is almost as if you are a 14-year old fangirl/boy! 99 more words



If you enjoy Runner’s World, you may have seen this:


If you enjoy following runners on Twitter, you may have seen this:

Long read but worth while.

83 more words