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I really think that you should eat… no put the fan on.

How could you eat a fan.

Why does his face look like that? 553 more words

Senioritis and Donald Trump??

Today in class we discussed an argument from the New York Times that questioned whether or not we should get rid of senior year, or at least make it optional. 221 more words


Early Bird gets less time for school?

Today in class, we read an article from Baron Banner regarding whether or not we should start school at a later time. Many good points were given from the students that also influenced my answer to that question. 289 more words



I was waiting at a boba shop for my order to be finished when I overheard a conversation between a father and son. To put in the simplest terms, the father was trying to explain to the child that some people are just naturally better than others at certain things and that was just how life works. 116 more words


Crispy Polenta Calamari

I love squid but it has to be cooked just right no rubberyness!

I came up with this really easy way to give it a nice crunch and perfect texture. 235 more words


Washington, D.C. (Casa Luca)

RESTAURANT REVIEW : Hidden Gems.  Sometimes I spend hours looking for restaurants to go to.  It’s a hobby, and when you have a hobby you search for the perfect thing to help time go by in life.   1,008 more words