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Strange Days 20th Anniversary: 1995-2015


Another of the spate of mid-90’s sci-fi / cyberpunk flicks (Hackers, Johnny Mnemonic, The Net, Strange Days, Virtuosity, etc), notable for it’s ‘borrowing’ of William Gibson’s sim-stim concept, the acronym SQUID (superconducting quantum interference detectors), prop design work by Syd Mead, quality casting, cool props and unusual POV camera work. 300 more words


Squid Ink

One of my best and most unique experiences in Thailand was my time spent kayaking and catching my own food round Koh Hong, a tiny island off the mainland. 535 more words

Felted Wool Squid USB Flash Drive

A few nice USB Security  images I found:
Felted Wool Squid USB Flash Drive

Image by Scott Beale
See the blog post for more info: 29 more words

SplatNet now live

SplatNet is now live and enables players to get even more Splatoon content. The website allows players to check their Splatoon data. This includes seeing what friends are playing, your rank, equipment info and current stages, all from your internet browser. 68 more words


Japanese "Squid" vs "Octopus" Sushi Splatfest Dialogue Translation

Someone emailed me the following:

If you don’t mind, can you translate this? I want to know exactly what they’re saying, seeing how it’s Kura Sushi and all, and they don’t seem to have any issues with eating squid and octopus.

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Happy Cephalopod Awareness Day

After coming across Cephalopod Day’s mention on my holidays calendar, I just had to get out my CD copy of “Abbey Road” by The Beatles, in order to hear “Octopus’s Garden”.  437 more words

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