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Rising Wages

Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan, in their article concerning the farming crisis in California, provide an interesting insight into US history and our economy. There is currently a decreased demand for farm laboring in California, an exact reversal of the Bracero Program of World War II enacted to supply the US with a supply of Mexican workers Рmost American men were fighting, so labor shortages led to more female workers and programs like the Bracero Program to bring in immigrant labor. 81 more words


Take a Breath

Sometimes a person feels overwhelmed and stressed, and struggles to keep up with life. Their life may be a mess, but they still try to help others and act as if their life couldn’t get any better. 185 more words


Work to Achieve Greatness

Humans are peculiar creatures. We want what we don’t have. Once we get it, we don’t want it anymore. For example, many people supported the idea of Trump building a wall so legal American citizens would be able to fill up those jobs and reduce the percentage of unemployment. 170 more words


Offshore Fishing Trip-March 2017

As we head offshore another beautiful March morning our target species was Grouper, Snapper, Porgy and other reef fish. Our boat ride takes us about an hour and a half to reach the first destination so that gives us time to speak with other and cover questions for my clients. 274 more words


Impatience, Presidents, and Squid

I was going to write about flowers this week, but I think my frustration is mostly due to impatience¬†so I’ll withhold final opinions for a bit longer to try and be fair. 602 more words

Crazy or Normal?

Spending time with friends is the most effective stress-relieving method. Walking from store to store in Bella Terra, I glance at each of their faces, and realize how lucky I am. 414 more words



Zine-making is a creative skill to attain that attracts public opinion to political, social and economic problems worldwide. Zines are created to portray one’s opinions about an issue in an easy and safe way. 83 more words