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Korean Seafood Waffle

This is my Korean seafood pancake, but in waffle form! I show you how to make it in the original method, and if you have a waffle iron or a waffle maker at home. 766 more words


50% is failing isn't it?

It’s no surprise to me that the world’s richest eight share yhebsame wealth as the poorest fifty percent in the world. Maybe it’s the capitalism or the socialism that isn’t going so well for some countries. 122 more words


Oh the Horror

Most people would cringe when I tell them some of my favorite movies. Why? Well, because they are horror movies and definitely not for the squeamish. 146 more words



Why? Were they chosen? Did they have a feeling? Did the attacker know what he was doing? Did he know the pain that would be caused by him? 413 more words


The Best Salt and Pepper Squid

I am not the type of person that is easily addicted to things. I’ve tried smoking cigarettes and they just didn’t take. I can function without coffee in the morning, and although I may have been irresponsible with my vodka consumption in my 20’s, I’ve never had issues with going dry every now and again. 364 more words


Squid / Kanava / Koonthal Peera

Squid / Calamari is a seafood item which is very tasty  and delicious. Squid roast is usually prepared with this. Here it is prepared with coconut as a side dish for rice. 143 more words

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