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I Can Only Imagine

Interviewing my mom has allowed me to dig deeper in my family history, and to realize things about my mom I haven’t noticed before. I was able to learn more about relatives I haven’t been able to see, or those who I only see every couple of years. 157 more words



Recently, there has been a war going on. A war I am not a part of. A war I am being misrespresented in on both sides. 242 more words


Calamari and chorizo with aïoli

So many people have memories of overcooked, over-chewy calamari, a bit like rubber. But fresh or good quality frozen squid, cooked either very quickly or very slowly, is melt in the mouth tender. 281 more words


The Stubby Squid, a weird little sea creature.

When the scientists of the E/V Nautilus were exploring of the coast of California they found the most peculiar animal, the Stubby Squid.  At first the scientists didn’t know what it was.  31 more words

Current Events

Seafood Carbonara | Japanese Masago Pasta

I show you how to make seafood carbonara. This is a Japanese masago pasta recipe that uses a mix of shrimp, squid and vibrant masago roe. 722 more words


REVIEW: No Ordinary Dinner

Like many others, I was a bit hesitant about dining at Piquant. Not just because of its location, price point, or reputation, but also because I was afraid of being able to keep up with level of the service. 619 more words

King Prawns & Squid with Smoked Tomato Sauce

Perhaps before we all eat too much for Christmas and the holiday season we should try a few lighter meals, like this one. Squid is a wonderful type of seafood that is slowly becoming more popular. 410 more words

Chef Kevin Ashton