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24. Spongebob, TV Execs, and Psychopathy.

Fuck TV executives. No really, fuck them, they’re as bad as eighties stockbrokers; driving around in their fancy cars, snorting cocaine, making decisions to fuck everyone else over. 431 more words

SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Fools in April/Neptune's Spatula)

Can I just say that I’ve never really cared for April Fool’s Day?

In general, I’ve never really cared much for pranks. I suppose some of them can be funny, but usually I just think they’re unpleasant. 1,406 more words


SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Valentine's Day/The Paper)

Valentine’s Day is not a holiday I particularly care about. I do care about the days immediately after Valentine’s Day, when all of the chocolate goes on sale, but that’s about it. 758 more words


SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Culture Shock/F.U.N.)

Oh boy, it’s that episode everyone except me loves.

Honestly I’ve been dreading getting to this episode because I know it’s a pretty popular one but I really don’t like it, and my reason for disliking it is weird and personal and kind of embarrassing and it’s not something I like talking about, but I have to talk about it because I have to review the episode and that means I have to say why I don’t like it and – and – 1,227 more words


SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Nature Pants/Opposite Day)

Sigh. I don’t like this episode.

It’s difficult for me come up with anything interesting to say about this episode. I don’t like it, but I don’t hate it enough to go into a passionate rant about it. 1,410 more words


Absorbent and Yellow and Porous is She

I recently came back from Korea (Seoul and Jejudo) and it was dope. I overcame my life-long fear of consuming/touching things with suction cups by eating nakji, which is just a squid some old lady pulls out of a fish tank then hacks into pieces with a cleaver. 378 more words

A-Y, Plan Z !

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PFont myFont; 354 more words

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