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dangr burgr

in this story, spongebob is making burgers and it is starting to make the customers sick and squidward has to get to the bottom of this very serious issue


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April 23, 2016

First off, let me just say that my allergies are killing me. So don’t be surprised if I don’t upload next Saturday. Hahaha… 350 more words


Squidward's Suicide

I just want to start off by saying if you want an answer at the end, prepare to be disappointed. There just isn’t one.

I was an intern at Nickelodeon Studios for a year in 2005 for my degree in animation. 1,909 more words

Creepy Stories

SpongeBob & Squidward

Recent events (mostly me writing some pretty random blog posts) gave me the idea to get back to what I love and that is gaming, movies and some other stuff I’m not going to mention right now. 296 more words


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