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A-Y, Plan Z !

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Assignment Post

The Third Man May Have Been SpongeBob

I recently watched the highly acclaimed 1949 film, The Third Man, starring Joseph Cotton, Orson Wells, and a beautiful Italian actress named Alida Valli. The film was completely disconcerting, not because of Orson Welles malignant character nor the creepy lighting, but because I could swear that the theme music, played solely on the zither, is also the background music for… 311 more words

Life Is Weird

SpongeBob Reviews: Season 1 (Jellyfishing/Plankton!)

Oh, Jellyfishing.

It’s hard to talk about this episode without also talking about post-movie SpongeBob and the way it’s influenced fandom consensus on this and other pre-movie episodes. 1,933 more words


Squidward Tentafold

During my visit to T 4,

I let my mind soar,

I was boosted on caffeine,

To make my senses keen,

I took out a square sheet of paper, 18 more words


Ode to Squidward

Squidward Tentacles is a relatively important character in the animated show, SpongeBob SquarePants; however, he has always undeservingly been perceived with a negative connotation. It is only necessary to revert this image, and this ode to Squidward will do exactly just that. 113 more words

Harambe Herald

Day 12, No. 12. Squidward Tentacles

HAIRCUT 100: Day 12, No. 12. Squidward Tentacles. Style: Melancholy chic. Grumpy, pretentious, and cynical, Squidward does not suffer fools gladly. He despises his job at the Krusty Krab and his neighbours, Spongebob and Patrick, who are completely oblivious to this animosity. 120 more words

Haircut 100