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squinting from the past

A squint seems like a funny name for a window. Apart from describing a medical condition, we use it now, mostly to suggest someone looking with their eyes partly shut, often against the sun; it’s a very common Australian characteristic. 542 more words

#SmallTales: Squint

Her: I forgot my freaking sunglasses. I won’t even be able to enjoy the match without squinting the entire time. I told Cal I didn’t need to go out. 72 more words


The Hunt for Higgs' Bos'n: IV, for #smalltales

She took a seat but wouldn’t take any whiskey. I poured her measure in my glass and held it no more loosely than she held the pistol. 75 more words


Squint - (#SmallTales)

“So,” he said, squinting again as he peered closer. “These Ten Commandments.”

“Yes?” said Moses, shifting his weight uneasily from one foot to the other. “What about them?” 77 more words


Daily Health Tips: Crossed Eyes

Q: Good evening, Doctor. Is there any cure for strabismus in Nigeria?

A: Strabismus (also called crossed eyes or squint) is a condition in which the eyes are not aligned when looking at an object. 258 more words


Another celebration.
Gathering of kin.
All greetings said and done.
Happy Chinese New Year to all!
Yesterday was Wednesday, Ash Wednesday to be exact. Me and Hanye went to Church early morning then Bugis->Chinatown. 140 more words

PICS: Squinting Makes Guys Sexier

People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Hemsworth, joked that what makes him sexy is squinting his eyes at the right time! Apparently, a lot of celebs squint on the red carpet because of the flashing lights… but it does make the men look sexier… do you agree?? 65 more words