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Squinting Starward

It is absurd to say that,
when encountering a darkened room,
one must endure.
Withstanding the shadows
is a task for the nocturnal –
those who bellow questions into the night. 40 more words


When my Daughter suddenly Squinted!

A Sunday evening of October 2013, we saw-off our friends at the Railway Station and returned home. While my husband went for a game of badminton, I planned to prepare dinner and so switched on the TV for my three and half years old daughter. 446 more words


Boris: a reindeer of dubious distinction

If you’ve visited us in the last couple of years and met Boris up in the hill enclosure, there’s every possibility that he was the reindeer that left the strongest impression on you. 474 more words


Granny is in the dog box...again

Hello All.

I have picked a photo taken on a nice warm day.
Hoping it would make me feel warmer.
It hasn’t.

Jasmine started bouncing around at her normal walking time. 293 more words


Summer Time Problems!

This Dachshund having to squint from the sunshine is too cute!

(Courtesy of Pretty52 blog)

Other Interests

blind-Luck vs look-between-the-lashes-Luck

Some people think that life is all about blind-luck, but the thought of not being able to control anything is way too spooky for me. I’m not a fan of thinking you can control everything through hard-work and sheer willpower either – because well, you’re definitely not getting anything if you don’t work for it, sure; but working for something is not a complete guarantee that you will get it, you’re not god! 507 more words

Bad Situation