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The Squint Reflex

It is no secret that people with myopia tend to squint a lot when they are without correction. This is especially true for those with low myopia, as it helps to make things clear. 118 more words

Going Without Glasses

Open Your Eyes

Some people think a certain thing is seen as a whole, which isn’t a bad thing. But, if you really squint and if you disembodied the aspects of beauty one by spectacular one, you will find  22 more words

Take A Step Back And See How Far You've Come

I took a video of Miss K a couple of days ago that left me balancing tears. It hit me just how far we’ve come. From prolonged labour that led to a C-section, to spending extra days in hospital trying to lower Bilirubin levels; to very long nights of colic, to dealing with a high need baby; to the squint caused by light seeping through the phototherapy eye mask, to a bad case of heat rash; to not quite recovering from sleep regression, to solid food challenges. 276 more words


Inktober - 09

This morning’s Inktober drawing from back in Moscow. Two people with squinty eyes. Today’s drawing will be made & uploaded this evening!