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I'll just squint

My eye lid is twitching.

I can remember when I thought an eye lid twitch was the symptom of a serious illness. It probably is if your eye lid twitches constantly, but a few random twitches are just annoying. 61 more words


Why you should wear sunglasses?

The sunglasses are not only fashion accessory, they provide protection for your eyes from sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and protect eyes from dust and wind. To find out why is important to wear sunglasses year-round, read the next text. 388 more words

Skin & Beauty

With a Squint & a Tout

Victory is sometimes only seen with a squint.

A puppy-like cock of the head, a tentative lean forward, a curious poke of it with a stick. 103 more words


Hello Doyenne,

How are you all. I’m sure you all are queening greatly and slaying onn the Slayounce kind of life. today for i would be talking on organization. 265 more words

Day Twenty-Two

Today, J went to her first birthday party. This is a big deal as it shows she is being accepted by children in her class. It is heart warming to know that some people can see beyond her disability and can accept her for who she is. 165 more words

Day Eighteen

Today, I went to the doctor after putting off the invitable; my OGTT. I am certain of what the results will show and had a little cry with the nurse about it. 78 more words

The sun does indeed shine
Sometimes tucked behind a cloud
Some days, brighter than others
Look beyond the clouds,
Squint if you must
But find your sunshine
Be your sunshine