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Asked why I was squinting indoors today, I said, “Fluorescent lights are way harsh, Tai.”

In related news, no one gets me. :/


Leave the tunnel, squint
Movement on a baseball field
Tall church looking on

Word of the day for Thursday, April 9th

I just read a contemporary review of this great book The Lost Beauties of the English Language from 1874. In it, the reviewer complains about today’s word, saying that… 81 more words


another (disconcerting) similarity between myself and Bernard Black

I just found myself updating my Centrelink information the way Bernard Black does his tax—i am tired (though not drunk), so i am squinting and frowning a lot and struggling very much to understand the following language: 140 more words

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PICS: Squinting Makes Guys Sexier

People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Hemsworth, joked that what makes him sexy is squinting his eyes at the right time! Apparently, a lot of celebs squint on the red carpet because of the flashing lights… but it does make the men look sexier… do you agree?? 65 more words