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3rd Round of D&D Alignments

Ha! I did get those three reviews in before doing another D&D catchup post. I’m technically overdue for one of these on my catchup schedule (on the calendar and everything), but I was sick, so I wasn’t doing anything more than finishing up those books that just got reviewed. 907 more words


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews - 1/13/18

It’s that time of year again! I’ve got another cold! If I were a better adult, I’d figure out what might be the root cause of the cold and make better preparations to stop it. 3,380 more words


Comic Reviews 1/10/18

Mister Miracle #6

Scott and Barda have a lovely conversation about renovating their condo, with Barda wanting to shrink existing rooms to make space for a couple more, and Scott worried about losing space for all of his and Barda’s stuff. 411 more words


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #25 (2017) - Hidden Claws

I have read all the comics were Squirrel Girl has been and I can’t remember the weird claws! But I bet Ryan is not kidding us and it’s actually one of the “powers” of Doreen. 35 more words


Hench-Sized Comic Book Reviews - 12/16/17

Happy Star Wars weekend, everybody! Have you seen The Last Jedi yet? That seems to be the big how-do-you-do around here. I saw it a couple nights ago and enjoyed it, though I have plenty of reservations and nitpicks. 2,522 more words


One Man /// Riot #8: Inescapable Squirrel Girl, Misplaced Sympathy and more!

– by Daryll Benjamin –

Hi Readers, old and new! I haven’t delved into a TV/Entertainment round-up in a minute but because of recent news and drops over the past couple of weeks, I felt it was time to vent a little. 1,151 more words


Comic Reviews 12/13/17

Mister Miracle #5

Scott and Barda spend their last day together in LA before his scheduled execution by Orion on New Genesis. The two visit the Walk of Fame, and Jack Kirby’s star specifically (unfortunately, not real :( ); make love, visit Oberon’s grave, go to Scott’s favorite deli, the carnival, the beach, and get stuck in lots of traffic. 998 more words