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Squirrel Girl Kicks Butts, Eats Nuts in Dice Masters

The next WizkidsMarvel Dice Masters set is Civil War and as with each release the set’s promotional card has been revealed, Squirrel Girls: Kick Butts, Eat Nuts… 88 more words


Marvel Round-Up: Comics Released 4/27/16

We try to stay up on what’s going on at Marvel, but we can’t always dig deep into every issue. The solution? Our weekly round-up of titles coming out of Marvel Comics. 3,404 more words

Drew Baumgartner

If It WAUGHs Like a Duck #11: Darned to Heck!

Welcome to If It WAUGHs Like a Duck, the series where we examine both the original volume of Marvel’s Howard the Duck, and the newest series now in its second volume (6th volume overall; I know, confusing) – a pair of issues at a  time. 1,953 more words


Individulization Featuring New Avengers 3 & 4

DISCLAIMER: This is a series written by Al Ewing. All characters are owned by Marvel Comics. Thoughts are all mine.

Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Al Ewing… 962 more words

Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics Reviews 4/27

Hey! I felt well enough to pick up my comics, and even read a few today! Today the Marvel stuff goes up, and tomorrow I’ll start on the DC and Image stuff. 1,401 more words


Individualization featuring New Avengers 1&2

Disclaimer: This is a comic series. Story belong Al Ewing, characters to Marvel Comics and opinions to me.

Thoughts by: Christopher Johnson

Story by: Al Ewing… 778 more words

Marvel Comics

Marvel Collector Corps: Women of Power

I just got confirmation and tracking for my “Civil War” box.  Shortly there after, Marvel announced that the next box’s theme is “Woman of Power”.   79 more words