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Snow Snakes and Surreptitious Squirrels

Nefarious creatures have taken up residence at the Meadow. There is an unwritten code around here that forbids slithery supple serpentine species from setting up shop … 46 more words



When I was in fifth grade, I tried to make all my valentine cards by hand. No bueno. This was before the color copies (wether it was or not I have no actual idea, but I know for sure that 10 year old Bekah had never heard of one). 96 more words


Bird Patio, Part 2

Greater Roadrunner

Everyone is on guard when this guy enters Samantha’s yard because, yup, he will eat them if he must. He’s fascinating to watch. Here are more birds I saw in Samantha’s yard a couple of weeks ago. 129 more words

Ready to Rumble Bliss

All delivered and ready for the Education Auction on Friday!

Here are the finished pieces that Tim and I donated to Sierra Cascade Logging Conference Lumberjack Dinner and Education Auction… 67 more words


Squirrel Yoga.

Warm up exercises are very important…

~ Dandelion? Which Dandelion? ~ by fotomat

A Ziesel or European ground squirrel turning around from its meal :).

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