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"The house has been trashed:" Woman returns from vacation to find her home ransacked...by a squirrel!

VANCOUVER — A Vancouver homeowner is cleaning up after her house was ransacked Tuesday evening, October 25th. Police found the suspect — but it wasn’t who, or WHAT they expected! 389 more words


Ban the Messy Squirrels!

I was taking a walk one day with my almost 3-year-old granddaughter. Along the way we noticed periodic piles of crushed walnuts on the path. I explained to her that the squirrels had opened the walnuts to get to the nuts inside. 49 more words

One-word Prompt

Let us go for a walk #3

An open and free mind to see what we are not able to see, when we think about anything.
Be quiet! Listen to the wind. The leaves fall down. 70 more words


[AR] Tiffany and critter friends

Art request by @evergreenpink


The squirrel, originally. Wuliff showed me another reference though, so I went with that one.

Based off:


Cheeky little guy

I need my coconut shell cleaned out so I could use it as a prop but I startled him and he took off with it.


First Look Photo: Ever Cute

I know,  I do a lot with squirrels.  They are cute, furry, and everywhere, so they make a perfect subject.  I always seem to catch them in different poses, so here’s another wonderful squirrel pose.