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Squirrels are the Cutest creatures 

Clicking squirrels is not a matter of joke.

They are the fastest runners 🏃 and getting them still before camera 🎥 is a matter of chance and patience . 37 more words

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One-Liner Wednesday – Who’s a Happy Girl?

On Sunday morning, Maddie wanted to go for a walk. I was reluctant, because some people haven’t cleared their sidewalks, and I wasn’t in the mood to trudge. 262 more words

One Line Wed

Cardinals and Squirrels on Tuesday

A female Cardinal was in a tree in the backyard today.

While a male Cardinal was on the side fence. He kept shifting position so that his head was blocked by a branch or leaves, and this was the only photo where his head was fully visible. 87 more words


Concrete Dopplegangers

Today I saw a squirrel hanging out with a squirrel statue. I couldn’t get a photo, so I drew it.

One a side note, I was very productive today. 130 more words


Beware Of Squirrel

As you’ve no doubt realized if you dare to even walk out your front door, our country has been turning into a cesspool full of dangerous criminals who have the few innocent citizens that remain in a constant state of fear that they will become the next victim of senseless violence.  777 more words