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Squirrel Removal Ottawa, ON

Does This Sound Like YouThere is a homeowner who has trouble with squirrels….

What is that?!

I heard a Squirrel chattering away at something.  When I looked outside I realized he was having an argument with my husband!  Look how intent he was about the whole thing!


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Description From Photographer if Any:

Gray squirrel eats a pine cone

By Andre_Villeneuve

Source: 500px.com


Animal depredations

I was reading today in It’s Not Work, It’s Gardening’s blog about issues with wildlife. It reminded me of the issues we have with our yard. 169 more words

Oh Nuts!

So I went to Five Guys which they have peanuts…I grabbed a little container and put it on my front lawn for my little squirrel friend. 82 more words

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