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Good Morning Tuesday!

Just today and tomorrow in school and then I’m off for winter vacation!! Makes it easier to get through the day with that in mind. Also helps to have spoken with an administrator in school about the ongoing problems I am having with the head teacher I work with. 111 more words


Let Sleeping Squirrels Lie

That’s assorted punctuation, not swearing. Unless you want it to be swearing. In which case, you pick you’re own swear word.

Over the Hedge: Quality interactive profanity since 1995

Comic Commentary

It's a killer

I never thought I’d miss the squirrels, but I do.

They may be back eventually, but for now, I think there’s a big red X on our yard and they’re all staying away. 446 more words

Animal Antics

must be nuts

I mentioned yesterday that I was up early enough on Friday to take a photo of the overnight snow before the sun came up and melted it. 206 more words

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