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Park Here

Recently I had a meandering afternoon with a friend that reminded me of some of my favorite days in Paris—not particular memories or people, but collectively, as I spent many a nice day meeting up with a companion and taking a long walk with pauses in between to sit or lie in a park. 955 more words

New York

My Natural Friends

May 22, 2016

Sometimes we get so busy that we overlook the small, somewhat insignificant things that are present in our everyday life. These are things that we often ignore, but if we took the time to notice them, they generally uplift your spirit and make your day much better. 333 more words


A Voice of Colorado No. 122:

Instead of reality television I have reality, as seen through the lenses of a remote wildlife camera (critter cam).

With improving weather I decided to leave the camera out overnight to see if whatever it is that goes “bump” in the night could be photographed. 39 more words


Dining devils

Green devils dividing nefarious nuts among themselves.

To jump or just look? Hmmm

I am wondering what the world this squirrel was thinking about when it ran up this electrical post and started causing a racket. I had noticed movement, but when I heard the noise I grabbed the camera to get a picture of what this silly rodent was doing. 240 more words

Life In The Dakotas