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Humpity Day: Did you think I wouldn't notice?...

Dear Squirrel Posse,

Please put the tulip bulbs back that you dug up before the butt-crack of dawn yesterday and left to dehydrate in the hot sun. 139 more words

Elen Grey

Believe it or Not

Not a new edition of the cherished Ripley tome, but links to a couple of articles that, are of interest – though for very different reason. 218 more words

Library Services

Balcony garden update: plants, squirrels and a bad batch of vermicompost

As I’ve wrote in the previous post, the past few weeks have been intense, so even though the balcony garden is right there through the kitchen door, I barely spent any time in there. 422 more words

Is this a bad sign???

Ok, so for the past two days in a row I have come across the unfortunate demise of 2 wild creatures.

On Monday, there was the baby squirrel who obviously did not know that squirrels CAN NOT SWIM!! 54 more words


Tuesday Post: I see them out there measuring...


I just took this click about an hour ago. The fruit is hanging low on that indeterminate tomato plant that is about 9 feet tall at this point. 242 more words

Elen Grey

Bit Of Thievery Going On

Watching me as I was standing at the window watching him with camera in hand. If you look closely you will see some black oil sunflower seeds clutched to his chest. 33 more words

Gibby the spoiled squirrel

Let’s finish up this hot Sunday with a video featuring Gibby the Terribly Spoiled Squirrel, also an Honorary Cat™.

h/t: Diane G.