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ADD, Squirrels, and Focus

I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which usually is fine for me. I like the way my mind can make leaps and jumps from one branch of thoughts to another, rather like a squirrel. 152 more words



In February we all start those world winter games known as the Olympics. At this time of year, they are winter ones. Gymnastics is usually shown in the Summer Olympics.  21 more words

Winter squirrels

It’s been pretty cold in much of America’s north and east, which gives us even more reason to feed the wildlife. Since my mallard hen has abandoned me—at least for the winter—I am left with a scurry of squirrels (yes, that’s the correct term for a group of these rodents). 65 more words


Squirrels: My Writing Muse

Whenever I am blocked in my writing, I watch squirrels. I see them bouncing from tree to tree or chasing each other. At other times, one squirrel will dig up a nut that another had just buried. 353 more words

When a Mess is a Nest

[Reprint from November 2010]

Winter winds have blown nearly all the remaining leaves to the ground. They lie tossed and trampled on the ground like post-holiday parade confetti. 609 more words


Baby squirrels at home

At Chaitraban, when all our efforts of reuniting the orphaned squirrel babies with their mom didn’t work, we started to pack them for their journey to their new home in the city. 733 more words