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Weekly Photo Challenge - Reward

I was chasing this little fella all over the place and begging him to hold still just for a few nice pictures. Eventually, he did me the favour and this was my reward picture :) 37 more words




Life is a gift.

If you are active and creative rewards follow.

For me the best reward of my life always was and is my family.

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Squirrel Traps in Toronto ON

Squirrels are often a problem that a lot of home owners are facing. They have…

Ottawa ON and Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can definitely get on everyone’s nerves. They can be quite annoying…


Squirrels. These delightful creatures are inhabitants of Nottingham’s Arboretum


"How comedic are squirrels?"

“How comedic are squirrels?  We don’t have squirrels in Australia.  The first time I saw a squirrel was at a meeting at Disney.”  -Liam Hemsworth…

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The Gentle Giant of Simpson College- Cort Singleton


Meet Cort Singleton. Simpson’s gentle giant who stands 8’5″`.

Simpson is reaching new heights in effort to increase diversity in student population.

Cort, however, deals with daily struggles that us normal student’s don’t normally have to face such as fitting in dorm beds and hitting the shower head. 169 more words

Simpson College