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8 things you should know about London

Escalators: on the right!

This is really important to take into account when you travel to London. Last week it was my first time there and of course I had heard of the custom, but I had never thought they would take it that seriously. 1,306 more words


Gifts from a squirrel!

This is a perfect payoff from the squirrels eating my bird feed!



I’ve entered the annual Ohh Dear greeting card competition, who are looking for new designers to create cards which fit with their brand.  Ohh Dear stock cards in Paperchase, Urban Outfitters and John Lewis so to win would be unbelievable, however they normally get thousands of entries so it’s a bit of a pipe dream! 36 more words

The long way home

My feet take the long way home through damp woods
Trees dripping with moss reach down, brush my cheek
Crystal flowing streams keep me company… 51 more words

Spiritual Formation



Welcome, come inside out of the cold and rain. I have and varioustea. I can make got chocolate. There are baked apples just Our of the oven. 401 more words


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SquirrelHangingThis is a post by Betty Louise from a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't resist the squirrel or Kato.     KatoNest  

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A couple of days ago I found the Bennington Memorial Oak Grove. The place was full of squirrels. Well, duh. Oaks. Acorns. Squirrels.

One squirrel sat there and stared at me for the longest time as I was taking pictures of other things. 62 more words

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