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The Squirrel and I

The squirrel comes,

looking for treats

and good things to eat.

He and I,

can compatibly,

look at each other.

He doesn’t bother me

and I let him be. 26 more words

Humpity Day: Did you think I wouldn’t notice?… Again


Let’s just state this upfront.

This is not a good photo. In fact, it’s a no good, very bad photo. I’m not tall. And I was standing on a very narrow step on my tippy-toes, shoulders hunched, arms raised, sun shining on the smartphone to get this shot. 166 more words



American Goldfinch

I thought I’d pay tribute to the past weekend’s snow which is still with us, along with ice and freezing temperatures. It was a busy weekend, but a relatively quiet break from swimming, hiking and my weekly chore which involves going up and down the basement stairs swapping dirty cages for clean ones. 332 more words


The determined squirrel.

We had four inches of snow the other day! We’ve had a lot of rain, but not much snow up until now, so it was a very pretty change of pace. 50 more words


DIY Squirrel Feeder

Here’s the finished product. A plastic orange juice bottle bolted to a plastic to-go container lid, with some holes drilled in strategic places. Picture hanging wire looped at the top for a hanger. 13 more words


Why Can't Humans Hibernate & Other Things I Need Answers To.

It’s January. I don’t know any self-respecting person who actually likes the month of January. It’s a pure let down. Christmas is gone, New Year’s resolutions are already broken by the first week of January and it’s probably cold and raining. 373 more words