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A Squirrelly-Jolly Monday …

Good Monday morning friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to head back to the salt mines!  Do any of you actually work in salt mines?  1,072 more words


A Slightly Gross Gratitude Check

Recently I have been thinking about some things that people can do that animals can’t. It started when my mom and I were telling the rest of my family about what we had learned at a horse club meeting we had gone to earlier. 566 more words


Sweet indulgences.

My boss was at a meeting this morning, so it provided the perfect opportunity to meander a little more than usual, like I do on weekends.  458 more words

We Cannot Control The Movements of Kamikaze Squirrels

Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong?  You seem to have worked hard all day and accomplished precious little.  Despite the best made plans, your efforts are thwarted and your hard work is sabotaged even by the most unlikely of candidates.  1,904 more words

Squirrels stashed 50 pounds of pine cones under car's hood, Michigan man says

GAYLORD, Mich. – When your car starts making strange noises, it could be something common, like a loose wire or belt.

Or, it could be that squirrels are… 147 more words


Guest Observations from California

After my post about the squirrels last week, my friend Matt Hickner began telling me about his own wildlife experiences at his relatively new home in Bakersfield, California. 366 more words

Mammal Sightings

squirreled away.

squirrels stash 50 pounds of pine cones under car hood in northern michigan

A pair of Michigan residents couldn’t believe their eyes when they opened the hood of a car to reveal more than 50 pounds of pine cones that had been stored by an unknown culprit, presumably one with four legs and a bushy tail. 309 more words