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Candy review: Squish!

A few months ago, my mother brought me a package of gummies from a new candy store: Squish. At first I was a little bit skeptic as most gummies are made out of gelatin and are therefore not vegan. 216 more words


A Whole Bunch Of Random - Yoga, Coffee, and Standing Around

I meant to do a post on Wednesday. But then I forgot. Then I wrote a post for Thursday, but Squish came home from preschool with a fever and that didn’t go up. 217 more words

Day In The Life

Can't Sleep, Too Excited: Holiday Edition!

Yesterday’s post was a bit on the downer side. Let’s perk things up, shall we?

I know I should “respect the bird” and hold off until at least November 27th for this, but …. 319 more words


Another One In the Books

This weekend, like most of America, we celebrated Halloween over here.

Gramma made the kids’ costumes, as she is a professional costume designer and has all the sweet hookups to obtain authentic gear. 411 more words


The Brew Day Weekend

So, I’m doing exactly what I hate to do, and that’s staying up late to blog. But I’m finding that sometimes you gotta find that time to squeeze into a day, and staying up a few minutes once in a while for a worth cause never hurt anyone. 323 more words

Day In The Life

A Bad Example Day

Yesterday was quite the “bad example” day. I started out by doing Week 1 Day 2 of the “Champion” Spitfire Athlete workout. I don’t remember the details, but there were a lot of squats. 235 more words



Squish squish squish, the sound sends a shiver down her spine as goosebumps begin to manifest along her arms. Her legs tremble more and more with each passing moment until they’re ready to give away. 239 more words