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A lot has happened in the past few months!

New baby, new puppy, and now a new home!

(Like my obnoxious Instagram art? I texted this to Hulk and I think he threw up in his mouth a little.) … 276 more words

Day In The Life

He's got me in a daze...or a haze

I feel as though I can be honest on my blog, especially since no one reads it at this moment. I have feelings for a friend of mine, and he does not feel the same way. 197 more words



So imagine that you have a Pillsbury brownie. But you’re not eating it because you have a stomach ache (or cramps in my case). But then— 96 more words

Book Status Update

Le Weekend

i can’t believe it’s Monday already. That’s what happens when you actually have plans over the weekend, I suppose. It was still a blast, and I will most likely be paying for it for the next few days *cough* allthebeer. 223 more words

Day In The Life

What is going on?

I find myself yet again starting to like another human.

No I’m not talking to them really. It’s more of a appreciating from afar.

At times I start to just wonder off into my own little world and just wonder what he likes and does and so on and so forth. 102 more words