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Repost: AroAceIndonesia FB Page "Aromanticism"

Perempuan berumur di atas 30 tahun dan masih betah sendiri itu sering dipandang tidak wajar oleh masyarakat umum, terutama di Asia. Apalagi kalo sampai terucap bahwa perempuan itu tidak ingin menikah, pasti banyak yang langsung berpikir negatif atau mencoba memberi saran dan solusi untuk keluar dari pikiran itu. 685 more words


Wednesday's Eats and Squish Embarks on an Employment Adventure

Tons of updates today!

Wednesday was a super fun class. Depending on your definition of “fun”. It was box jump day!

The Strength portion was 8×3 box jumps. 639 more words

Day In The Life

Buddy Up

Yesterday both Hulk and I went to CrossFit! I went to the 6am class and he attended the 6:30pm, but it was sort of like we worked out together. 342 more words

Day In The Life

Tiger vs Tiger Salamander

So, I’ve got a very pressing question, the sudden.

Would you rather be a tiger…

…or a tiger slamander…

An odd question, I’m sure you’ll agree. 437 more words

The Punchy Lands

Back to the Food

Wednesday means it’s time for What IĀ Ate Wednesday. Who’s ready for some crappy iPhone photos of half-eaten food with captions? I know I am! 359 more words

Day In The Life


Baby John just figured out how to wrestle!

He already knew how to be wrestled. He’s pretty good at that. You make growling noises and strike an aggressive (tickle-monster) pose, and he screams, runs, turns around, then runs toward you (because he kind of likes the tickle monster). 140 more words

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