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Edsel Is a Big Squish

This is all about my cat.

Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De carne lumbering animata corpora quaeritis. Summus brains sit​​, morbo vel maleficia? 70 more words


On the Brain Lately #2

Hello, and happy Friday! I have a whole smoosh of randomness to share today.

First, I posted a rant yesterday about weight loss that I’m half proud of, and half feeling a major vulnerability hangover about. 236 more words

Link Love

Where's the book on this? Doesn't matter, they're all wrong anyway.

Dear Annie-

I can’t believe it. I can’t. My wife and I are creating a human. She and I have been tasked with raising this little person, shaping them into someone tolerable, though hopefully amazing and charming and smart and funny and all of the best things. 295 more words


The Best Kind of Adventure

Greetings, blog world!

I’m still not sure what to write about, but I really want to keep posting and not let this blog drift away. Things keep happening that are milestones I want to document for the sake of record-keeping, like how Buttercup is crawling all over the place and how she stood up by herself in her crib last night. 314 more words


What is Bento? And other life saving products.

If you are a mom you might have heard of the term “Suicide hour”. Its a real thing, and most times it lasts much longer then just one hour. 461 more words


Squish, Super Amoeba, by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

You might not have realized that there is a whole world within our world – the world of the Amoeba, one-celled organisms that go to school, trade lunches and even read comic books during class.   186 more words

Graphic Novels