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The Deliberate Steps of Nature's Advance Toward Human Unity

Nature has developed several levels of human societal aggregates, from the small, local to the nation-state to the imperial unit imposing itself over both of the smaller stages.  415 more words

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The Major Weakness of Empires Built Upon Conquest

When an empire is formed through conquest, there is an inherent bias towards predatory behavior rather than a drive towards unity and mutuality.  While this provides the vital force required to conquer and thereby grow an empire, it has the built-in weakness that eventually, unless it could find a way to transform itself into one that respects, supports and provides equality to all its conquered peoples, it will simply react as a predator to its prey and devour the energy of the conquered people.  282 more words

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Issues of Vital Assimilation in the Development of Larger Societal Aggregates

We can look at the example of the interaction of living beings with one another as a way of approaching the interaction of societal aggregates as they try to grow and unify smaller units.  337 more words

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The Development of Larger and More Complex Unities of Societal Development

At each level of development, a somewhat similar process repeats itself, with larger size units and more complexity involved.   Families gathered into clans, clans into tribes, tribes into villages, etc.  466 more words

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The Developmental Formation of a Societal Aggregate

Sri Aurobindo draws an analogy to the development of an individual life-form when describing the formative stages of a societal unit.  The individual life-form has a physical body, a vital-nervous sheath, and (to whatever extent the form permits it) a mental power, all organized around the psychological unity, which, when it becomes self-aware can be called ego, or when further refined, can be seen as the soul of the being. 224 more words

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Walk like an Aurovilian

We land through a curtain of white fog. I can only imagine what’s behind it: Delhi. The sun. In the airport building one can smell that there is something stinking in the far distance. 2,014 more words

The Central Weakness of Imperial Overreach

There are a number of examples of the impatient attempt to create an empire before a solid foundation of national unity was achieved.  The vital force which led to the first conquests of local groups drove the conqueror to attempt to subjugate ever-larger territories, thereby incorporating peoples and cultures who were heterogeneous to the core group of the first phase.  332 more words

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