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The Nature of the Manifestation of Supermind in the Human Being

Eventually the question arises as to how the supermind actually acts when it manifests in the human individual. This requires first at least a general concept of the action of the supermind in its native status, and what changes it undergoes in its action to fit itself into the more limited forms of mind-life-body. 363 more words

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A Divine Self-Expression Through the Divinised Human Nature

The supermind has various poises, depending on which level of the manifestation it is acting upon at the moment. It can take its native poise at the highest levels of Existence-Consciousness-Bliss, and it can take a poise of action through the individual soul in manifestation. 280 more words

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The Intuitive Mind As a Transitional Step Towards the Supramental Transformation of Consciousness

If we examine closely the working of the mental functions, we can identify the reception of impulses by the senses and communication of these impulses to the brain. 549 more words

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First, we need to define what is the Word, as there are so many words floating around today in the Public Space, that it has become a cacophony… 742 more words

Human Development: Instinct, Reason and the Supermind

Instinctive behavior takes place, as it does in the plant and animal development, in the human being as well. There are numerous built-in patterns of reaction that help to define how the human individual will respond to various circumstances or situations. 528 more words

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The Secret Force of Knowledge and Will Operating in Material and Vital Nature

The action of the supramental knowledge and force is embedded in the structure and functioning of Matter, not as a self-aware consciousness, but as an intricately detailed operation of what we call “material energy”. 448 more words

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Supramental Action Is the Hidden Secret of Nature

Whether we look into the macrocosm or the microcosm, we find that the mystery of the universal creation exceeds any capacity of the mental consciousness to understand or comprehend it in its breadth or depth. 546 more words

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