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Action Done Without the Motive of Desire

When we act from the human standpoint, we seek a result based on achieving some object of desire, either in the positive sense of gaining something we covet, or in the negative sense of avoiding some kind of pain or suffering. 481 more words

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Cultivating a Spiritual Aspiration, Vision and Interpreting Experience

In the integral Yoga, it is the role of the seeker to expand his seeking for knowledge, not only in the classical sense of the spiritual traditions, the Absolute, but also in terms of the practical understanding of the manifestation that the Divine is unfolding and how to support and act with insight and power in helping to bring it about. 343 more words

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Embracing All Activities of Life as Dedicated Action of Yoga

The integral Yoga does not just give “lip-service” to non-duality; rather it takes up this concept and implements it by refusing to accept a lesser reality, or any kind of “unreality” to the manifested universe. 432 more words

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The measure of who you are

To me the ultimate value of a man is to be measured not by what he says, nor even by what he does but by what he becomes.

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The Rationale For an Integration of the Higher and the Lower Pursuits of Knowledge

We see throughout human history the separation of the human endeavor into two somewhat distinct spheres. There is the seeking of the ultimate Knowledge, the pursuit of the Infinite, the attempt to know the Unknowable. 431 more words

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The Necessity for Opening of the Inmost Soul or Psychic Being

Mental rules or solutions cannot accomplish the conversion of consciousness, inward and outward, that leads to a total transformation of both the inner and the outer life. 565 more words

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Further Considerations For Transitioning to a Spiritualised Life

There have been many strategies for those following a spiritual path to find an accommodation or methodology for relating to the life of the world. Many of them may have relevance as transitional strategies, but eventually the complete spiritualisation of the outer life remains the goal of the integral Yoga, and this step comes about through integration of a fully spiritualised consciousness into all the levels of the being. 451 more words

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