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Letters of Wisdom by B. Sanjiva Rao

While writing one book, one comes across a thousand others. This is one of the books only peripherally related to J Krishnamurti. B Sanjiva Rao  was employed in the Indian Education Service and was married to Padma, who shared his world view of working for others rather than oneself. 238 more words


The Limits of Mental Knowledge and the Process of Knowing, Part 2: The Unknowable

“Not this, not that” proclaim the Rishis of old when they tried to describe the Absolute Brahman, beyond the reach of the mind and the senses.  450 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Limits of Mental Knowledge and the Process of Knowing, Part 1: Can the Ultimate Reality Be Known?

The second part of the Kena Upanishad contains 5 verses that explore the possibilities of “knowing”, the process of knowing, and the limitations of the process of knowing.  407 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Worlds and Liberation from the Worlds

We reside in the material world and perceive things from that perspective.  The essential characteristic of this world, or of any other, is not, however, its material existence, but rather its relationship to the status of consciousness which we inhabit.  518 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Mortal Life and the Pursuit of Immortality, Part 2

Spiritual practitioners through the ages have recognized that the world of dualities within which we live and act is not the entire existence, and the process of birth, growth, decline and death does not encompass the entire universal process.  415 more words

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SRI AUROBINDO – Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo



THE MOTHER – Collected Works of the Mother… 139 more words

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Mortal Life and the Pursuit of Immortality, Part 1

The fundamental experience and existential question faced by every human being is that we are mortal and we are born, live and struggle through our lives, and then we die.  447 more words

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