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Samadhi Is a Means to an End, Not a Goal

Samadhi is the state of yogic trance which opens the consciousness to the unchanging, unmoving, eternal awareness of the Absolute. Particularly for the traditional yogic path of Knowledge, and the specific practices of Hatha and Raja Yoga, the attainment of the state of Samadhi is looked upon as a goal to be achieved. 253 more words

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Integrating the God-Knowledge and Knowledge of the World

The powers of the mentality can be harnessed, focused and upgraded to support the development of the consciousness in preparation for the spiritual transformation of the consciousness. 561 more words

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How Religion is Evolving [Webinar Replay]

The religions of the world aren’t pieces of a puzzle (with convenient edges and borders) or paths up a mountain to Universal Oneness – they are made of many threads and processes (rooted in language, culture, mythology, consciousness, and more) that create an integral and ever-evolving tapestry. 265 more words


The Need for the Special Methods of Yoga for the Divine Realisation

All forms of concentration practiced at the mental level, whether intellectual, philosophical, aesthetic, emotional, or ethical have their value for preparing the mind for the yet greater forms of concentration that can only occur in a quiet, stable and calm mental space. 210 more words

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The Purifying and Preparatory Benefits of Development of the Mental Nature

In order to bring about the higher light and knowledge in the being, there must be a process of preparing, readying and developing the ability to receive, hold, sustain and promulgate that subtler and higher light. 307 more words

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Concentration and Identification Are Required Steps in the Yoga of Knowledge

The purification of the instruments of knowing are the basis for the development of concentration. Ordinarily, the objects of the senses impinge upon our awareness and we are drawn out towards them in a number of directions. 275 more words

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Purification of the Instrument of Knowing Is the First Step in the Yoga of Knowledge

Knowledge of the external world and life in the world relies on the sense-organs, the nervous system and the brain in order to acquire information and process it, and then the mind organizes this information, categorizes and draws conclusions. 317 more words

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