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The Silence of the Mind and the Divine Transformation of the Lower Nature

The object of the silencing of the mind is to detach it from the impulses and promptings of the lower nature and adjust the standpoint to the “divine standpoint”.  254 more words

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The Third Step In the Process of Concentration: The Silencing of the Mind

Sri Aurobindo relates the story of his own practice of Yoga and the technique of rejecting the thoughts as they entered from outside — thereby creating a total silence of the mind.  315 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Second Step in the Process of Concentration

There is a state of awareness, sometimes referred to as ‘the zone’, in which the thought process stops but the innate knowledge and precise awareness continues and acts more perfectly than the halting flow of the rational intellect can accomplish.  320 more words

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The First Step In the Process of Concentration

Sri Aurobindo describes three successive steps or stages in the process of concentration. The first one “…must be always to accustom the discursive mind to a settled unwavering pursuit of a single course of connected thought on a single subject and this it must do undistracted by all lures and alien calls on its attention.” 343 more words

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The Supramental Consciousness and the Process of Concentration

Due to the nature and character of the mental consciousness, which tends to react to various sensory impressions and input and thus jumps around without consistency from one thought or subject to the next, the process of concentration is a necessary one that helps the mind overcome its limitations and prepares the consciousness for the ascent to the next level. 343 more words

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Concentration, Samadhi and the Integral Yoga

As traditionally understood, Samadhi is a state of consciousness that is totally absorbed in the Absolute, devoid of content of “names and forms” and abstracted from the outer world and its forms, forces, powers and events. 562 more words

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Savitri -- Part I

The Mahabharata Story

Savitri was the only child of Madra’s wise and mighty king. Hers is a peculiar tale in ancient subcontinental myth : She won over Yama (Lord Of Death) and her husband’s soul, which Yama was carrying, taking away, while her husband Satyavan’s body lay lifeless in the forest ! 945 more words