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The Wales Statue of Sri Chinmoy

World Harmony Peace Statue from Sri Chinmoy in Waterfront Park, Cardiff Bay, United Kingdom. Designed by Kaivalya Torpy. Unveiled 11 March 2012 to mark the 25th anniversary of the Peace Run.

Sri Chinmoy

to change the world


I wanted to change the world, all of it

where was I to start? perhaps my town

that seemed too large, maybe my street? 74 more words


Paint It Black!

The Poetry of Sri Chinmoy… and Mick Jagger? Plus other topics.

My Krishna is not black,
He is pure gold.
He Himself is woven
Into the universal Beauty, Light and Splendour.

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Sri Chinmoy Disciple Experience

Sarama - The Hound of Intuition

Tribute to Sarama Minoli

Sarama was one of Sri Chinmoy’s earliest disciples. She joined Sri Chinmoy Centre (then called AUM Centre) in 1967, and chronicled the early years of Sri Chinmoy’s mission with her peerless photographic skills. 953 more words

Sri Chinmoy Disciple Experience

Sri Chinmoy - In Search of a Perfect Disciple

In this fascinating story from the bhakti yoga tradition, Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) sheds light on the master/disciple relationship.

Source: Sri Chinmoy Library

He has nobody but me… 1,203 more words
Sri Chinmoy Disciple Experience

Report on 6-day race in Ontario

On June 4th, 2016, Race Reporter Jeff Rowthorn was at the Canadian Military College in Kingston, ON, for the Sri Chinmoy 6 Hour Race. The race takes place on a 1.1km loop that is flat and scenic. 17 more words

Sri Chinmoy

New photo discoveries of Sri Cinmoy

I am currently browsing through my old black and white negatives and color slides and digitalize them. So if you want to see photos you have never seen before, check out… 9 more words

Sri Chinmoy