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What is a harvest but a blessing
From the Olympians above clouds
And the titans beneath a star
It is a celebration of the toil of labor… 145 more words

Arugam Bay: Surfing Slum

Sri Lanka is – particularly for its small size – a dazzlingly diverse island in almost every way. The people, the culture and history, and the landscapes all change from town to town to the point where it only takes a couple of hours of driving to find yourself in what could easily be an entirely different country. 1,057 more words



What I asked yesterday belongs to the most amazing animal.


Island of Bones

The fisherman thought it was a miracle, our guide and translator explained, seeing all the fish flopping about the dry ocean bed. The earthquake had pulled the water back far from the shore. 2,245 more words


MECC: A Home for Maldivians in Colombo

Mauman Rasheed is a young Maldivian in his 20s, doing his higher studies in Sri Lanka. For the past five years, Mauman, who migrated to Sri Lanka with his family, didn’t enjoy much of his youth life. 1,234 more words