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The Ramparts of Galle

It’s been over 400 years yet the fort in Galle still manages to enchant its visitors. The Portuguese started it (16th century) and the Dutch fortified it (17th century). 518 more words


Analog Journey - Sightings of a Fresher at the University of Peradeniya

While everyone is busy uploading photographs of T.Rosea at the university, I received my first film roll shot at the university developed This film roll can be identified as a collection of my sightings made at the university as a fresher. 88 more words

Sri Lanka

In My Hands Today...

The Far Spent Day – Nihal de Silva

When Ravi returned after graduating overseas he wanted to help his father run their small family business. His well-meaning effort to stop a brawl escalates into a firestorm of violence as one party turns out to be the son of a Government Minister. 108 more words


“By Train Across Sri Lanka”

‘DW documentary’ takes us on a journey through the main tracks of Sri Lanka. Commencing in the countries capital Columbo, we follow the journey all the way through to Ella, located in the highlands. 126 more words

Nidahas Trophy: 4 Takeaways for the Indian team

Nidahas trophy turned out to be an exciting affair with some extraordinary performances and a sound team effort in most of the situations. Though India sent a grade B team for the tour, the way the team performed and the way they dominated over the other two at most of the instances is something worth praising. 506 more words