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Weird and Wonderful Vegetables of Sri Lanka

Going to the vegetable market is always fun in Sri Lanka. It’s pretty much pointless to make a shopping list for me because I never stick to it. 860 more words

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Peter Kuruvita's Egg Rolls & Why Eggs are So Good

You know all those stories about eggs in excess being bad for you because they lead to high cholesterol? It’s all rubbish. The nutrition and especially the diet industry have in the last few years done a big u-turn and we are now told that fats do not make us fat after all, and eggs are in fact a… 809 more words

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Fruits of Sri Lanka

The Exotic Delights of this Fruitful Island

From the humble banana to the notorious durian Sri Lanka boasts numerous exotic fruits and the local markets are awash with colour. 885 more words

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Pan Asian: Fish Ambul Thiyal (Sour Fish Curry) -- Sri Lanka

While trying to figure out what recipe to make for the next episode of Pan Asian, a look at my blog statistics told me that many people were checking out an older post for the above dish, Fish Ambul Thiyal. 437 more words

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Why re-invent the wheel? This is by far the most comprehensive recipe I have seen online for Fish Ambul Thiyal (Sour Fish Curry). Great for breakfast with pol roti or string hoppers. This is usually cooked with tuna but you can use any fish - preferably a non-flaky robust meaty fish.

Sri Lankan Egglicious Curry - for Dad

Now I have met a lot of people who don’t like some foods – “yeww fish – it stinks”, “urgh beef last time I had it, it was still bleeding” – my favourite way to have steak actually but that’s the kind of things I’ve heard people say. 741 more words

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Belated Mothers Day Recipe - Sri Lankan Beef Meat Balls (not 'too' spicy)

Well there is a little history behind this dish, dating back to when I was in my young 20’s (so yup 20 years ago – oh it pains me to say that ha ha). 808 more words

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Toddy - What is it and Why is it So Damn Tasty?

Palm wine: also called kallu (Telugu: కల్లు,Tamil: கள்ளு, Malayalam: കള്ള്), palm toddy, or simply toddy (Hindi: ताड़ी), is an  266 more words

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