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The Sri Lankan Phobia of the Confident Woman

For a country that won’t shut up harping on the fact that it elected the first female Prime Minister, Sri Lanka sure can’t stand to see a strong woman hold her own without giving into some innate need to tear her down. 1,151 more words

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Excellent perspective on sexist issues in Sri Lanka today.

at the top of my lungs

In February I posted a blog titled “why you’ll hear a lot more from me from now on” (x) and since then you have heard from me exactly zero times. 510 more words


Shout Outs

Hi all

Having been back home for a while ( but with a  return trip recently), I wanted to give some recommendations for those travelling or living in Sri Lanka  This list will expand as my memory drags back more good stuff.   287 more words

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single-serving friendships

One of the most unique and wonderful things about the expat life is this idea that was first planted in my head by a movie – you know, that one we don’t talk about. 846 more words


heading north

“You’re going where?” was the reaction I got from most people when I told them about my plans for the long weekend.

Nobody expected us to go to Jaffna. 719 more words


om shanti shanti shanti

I’ve only been able to touch my toes a few times in my life: when I was young, briefly, and then this past summer when I attended yoga classes several times a week with my best friend. 1,232 more words


how the light gets in

Despite my best efforts, I find myself often comparing my Sri Lankan life with my Canadian life. Comparisons can be dangerous; they take you away from your current context and inevitably lead to disappointment as you discover that things are usually different and sometimes weird and never what you’re used to. 657 more words