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cardboard boats and a city in the hills

I recently started listening to a podcast called “Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People”, or “Beautiful/Anonymous” for short (x). It’s a simple premise: the host, Chris Gethard, accepts a phone call, and he and this anonymous caller just talk for an hour.  656 more words


The East Coast: Trinco to Arugam

From Anuradhapura we drove east, stopping at the Minhitale monastery complex, which as usual, had a sufferfest of steep steps as a precondition of entry. 335 more words

Sri Lankan Life

Sri Lanka's Potential

An unmatched history, spanning over thousands of years, a vast land of greenery spreading between Point Pedro and Dondra, Sri Lanka is surrounded with long stretches of sandy beaches. 984 more words


Endless lessons have been learned in the last week of witnessing and being involved in activity to help support families affected by floods in their time of need. 1,839 more words

Sri Lanka

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Excellent blog post by a volunteer about the good and the bad of the relief efforts in the recent floods & landslides to hit Sri Lanka. As Indi brilliantly put it "Sri Lankans are actually amazing in a crisis, but if we were organized we could actually be effective."

Vesak 2016, One Like No Other

Today is Vesak Poya (full moon) Day. It is probably the most important festival of the year in the Theravada Buddhist calendar. Buddhists commemorate the three most important events that took place in the life of Lord Buddha on this Vesak Poya Day (always the first full moon in the month of May). 645 more words

Sri Lankan Life

A-Z Introduction to Sri Lankan Food & Drink

Fresh, local produce is plentiful and widely available in a variety of mouth-watering dishes across Sri Lanka. There are also likely to be many foods you haven’t tried or perhaps even heard of before which alone is one of the many highlights of visiting this beautiful country; making your joyful way through the diversity of indigenous foods & local cuisine. 2,049 more words

Sri Lanka

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This is a great A - Z guide to Sri Lankan food. Enjoy!

Power Cut Prawn Curry

Now unless you live in Sri Lanka, I am 99% sure that you will have absolutely no idea of what I am talking about except for the prawn curry bit. 496 more words

Sri Lankan Life