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Power Cut Prawn Curry

Now unless you live in Sri Lanka, I am 99% sure that you will have absolutely no idea of what I am talking about except for the prawn curry bit. 496 more words

Sri Lankan Life

When it rains in Galle...

A quick video of the heaviest rain we’ve had so far

Sri Lankan Life


Here’s a selection of vignettes from daily life in and around our home in Thalapitiya, Galle.


Our home is a restored Dutch villa which has been extended but renovated in a traditional way. 465 more words

Sri Lankan Life

The Beaches

The South of Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful beaches and great surfing.

In the last few weeks, we have taken our visitors on trips down the coast to explore them. 220 more words

Sri Lankan Life

COMMUNITY, CULTURE and surfboard racks

Living in Sri Lanka has been a constant surprise -it’s vibrant, demanding, stressful and relaxing in an oxymoronic paradise.The constant that has defined our time here has been the people, specifically, the kindness, acceptance and generosity of the people. 828 more words

Sri Lankan Life

Special Moments

There have been several moments when Nick and I look at each other (often over the heads of our exuberant and joyful boys) and we’re both thinking ‘wow’. 391 more words

Sri Lankan Life

Weird and Wonderful Vegetables of Sri Lanka

Going to the vegetable market is always fun in Sri Lanka. It’s pretty much pointless to make a shopping list for me because I never stick to it. 860 more words

Sri Lankan Life