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The boy with the white lotus

Gazing into the lotus

dreams floating by

a boy

reflecting on the beauty of the flower


soon to be faded

meaning –

a breeze that brushes… 28 more words


Living in Paradise does have Drawbacks, Honestly

If I had a euro (or even a rupee) for every time somebody told me that I was so lucky to live in paradise, how happy I must be and how that person wished they were me, I would be, one, quite bloody rich and two, probably quite a bit happier. 1,865 more words

Sri Lankan Life

Why I Love the Season in Hikkaduwa

Not so long ago I posted reasons why I love the off-season in my adopted home, Hikkaduwa. They are all perfectly valid reasons and I am looking forward to that experience in a few months again. 474 more words

Sri Lankan Life

Fruits of Sri Lanka

The Exotic Delights of this Fruitful Island

From the humble banana to the notorious durian Sri Lanka boasts numerous exotic fruits and the local markets are awash with colour. 885 more words

Sri Lankan Life

The Sri Lankan Kade

The Legend of These Roadside Boutiques AKA The Local Tea Shop         

Kades, the traditional Sri Lankan shops or booths, sell an overwhelming variety of goods. Mostly gone from urban areas they are still common in rural areas. 862 more words

Sri Lankan Life

Video: Patrik Carrera | Muui at Funky de Bar - Hikkaduwa

This video was released yesterday (11th of September, 2014 – actual party was August 2013) by my friends at HikkaduwaNET.com . I’m giving this a really big like and have decided to share this…. 114 more words

Sri Lankan Life

Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuks are as ubiquitous in Sri Lanka as trams are in Melbourne. All colours of the rainbow these three wheel tin-pots are the transportation powerhouse of the country. 612 more words


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