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As I Move Through The Day

When the I is divested of the I, only the I remains.’ ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

We say, ‘As I move through the day’, or ‘As I travel through life.’ But this isn’t our actual experience. 257 more words

Beyond Spirituality

Sleepwalking Down Rua Da Graça

If one were to stand in the middle of the side of the sidewalk, while listening to music seeping through the walls of a high school, that would make no sense to observers. 433 more words


Take my breath away

Winters are usually a big bother for me in terms of health — I’m sneezing, sniffing and wheezing most of the time. No doubt Delhi’s pollution + cold = bad time for asthmatics, but even without the asthma, I am generally down in the dumps all through. 491 more words

Seeking God

“Drop the belief that you need more time and experience to get this, for that is merely another idea arising in the time-less Being. You know that you are.

47 more words

Let It Be

“Let come what comes, let go what goes. See what remains.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi

“Whatever comes, let it come, what stays let stay, what goes let go.” ― Papaji… 257 more words


Story of Ramana Maharshi's Aksharamanamalai

Story of Ramana Maharshi’s Aksharamanamalai
Ramana Maharishi has composed (revealed) a set of 108 Tamil couplets called Akshara Manamalai.
Means-Scented Garland of alphabets arranged in a sequence. 526 more words

Akshara Manamalai

Ramana Maharshi’s Aksharamanamalai song  and its explanation in Tamil is already given  in  the web site of Sri Ramanasramam. For the sake of easy reference to the our reader’s I am giving below the copy of the same in this site, before giving my own  simple version of English Transliteration with  Explanation. 42 more words