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Srinatha’s ‘ChaaTu’ poems – (3) – part:2

The second part of the story relating the ‘chaaTu’ poem ‘sarvajna naamadheayamu’ told by the great poet Srinatha is as under: 317 more words


Srinatha’s ‘ChaaTu’ poems – (2)

This chaaTu poem is a short, abridged love letter in the form of a poem! A simple two or three lines love letter spontaneously told in the form of a poem arranging words in a way that show the style of… 279 more words


Srinatha Mahakavi's poetic wit (1)

Srinatha Mahakavi‘s poetic wit (1)

avanisura! chiMtakaayala kaajna gaaka
yarasi chuuDaMga grukkiLLa kaajna galade?
yaMTaraakunna neami yaMtaMta nilichi
chitta malaraMga ninni viikshiMparaade?

అవనిసుర! చింతకాయల కాజ్ఞ గాక 632 more words


Gems of Telugu Poetry – ‘chaaTuvu’ (2)

The smallest metered poem in Telugu language is ‘kanda’ poem.  It is built with letters (alphabets) which can be arranged with in the space of a maximum of 64… 186 more words


Srinadha's only poem from his 'Saptashati'....

As he recorded in the introductory verses of his work Kaasikhandam, Srinadha translated Gaadha Saptashaticompiled by Hala Satavahana. This he did when he was around 16 or 17 years old. 310 more words


Srinadha's 'ChaaTu' poems...(1)

(Kandamu).sirigala vaaniki chellunu
(It suits that man of riches)
taruNula padiyaaruvela taga pendlaadan
(to marry sixteen thousand women with due pride)
tiripemuna kiddaraanDra?
(You yourself live by alms, do you need two wives?) 380 more words


Andhrula bhojana priyatvam...

Andhrulu bhojana priyulu’Andhras are lovers of good food, means the popular saying. The word ‘bhojanam’ does not denote an ordinary meal.  It means some thing special, a sumptuous meal with at least a dozen varieties of eatables, inclusive of the side dishes like… 154 more words