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'The Man Who Knew Infinity'

A solid, interesting if uncreative telling of the extraordinary story of the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

A poor, Tamil Brahim growing up in Madras, Ramanujan was invited to Trinity College, Cambridge, arriving days before the outbreak of World War 1 in 1914. 76 more words


'The Man Who Knew Infinity' On His Own Terms

As a film critic preaching the gospel of critical thinking in a world locked into the mainstream belief that math, science and technology are the only fields of study that matter, writer-director Matt Brown’s new biopic, … 669 more words

Black Eye

The Man Who Knew Infinity

For many, mathematics is a field that is not only captivating and sometimes amusing but has the potential to unlocking the secrets of the universe. It is a field that some individuals are experts in and in the new historical drama The Man Who Knew Infinity, we are presented with a heartfelt story of not only men who are geniuses in math but we see their friendship and bond develop in a very touching way. 476 more words

THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY - Mathematics Is A Painting, Its Colors Seen Only By A Few

Srinivasa Ramanujan, a Hindu-Brahmin from British-India Madras, was an autodidact.

He was self-taught, with no formal education, much like Leonardo da Vinci & Charles Darwin… 736 more words


Creativity and “The man who knew infinity.”

Where does your creativity come from and similar questions?

Thoughts about creative authority mingled in my mind this week along with seeing the film about an Indian mathematician: The man who knew infinity. 212 more words


Hollywood Film Review: The man who knew infinity

By Reeta D Gupta

This is summer vacation time for kids in India. Production houses tend to populate screens with animated films and what are labelled as“children-friendly’ films- though the definition of whats child friendly is left for the parent to decide. 437 more words

Is The Movie Worth Your Buck?


USA Film Festival 2016

 Greetings again from the darkness. When one imagines the most exciting topics for movies, mathematics tends to fall pretty far down the list. 411 more words