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Cause and Effect

What hope brilliance brings

unwavering in the field of  ignorance

excavating the association between universes

a necessary sacrifice,

to suckle the wisdom of philosophers

or study with the likes of Ramanujan… 8 more words

O' Poetry

“Sir, an equation has no meaning for me unless it expresses a thought of GOD.”
—Srinivasa Ramanujan.

Thought For Today

National Mathematics Day

One might wonder what is that thing that makes great people great, is it their perseverance and attitude or their passion and madness to go the extra mile? 369 more words


Human consciousness is still a mystery as it is not fully understood. However it appears that there is something in the field of mathematics which speaks deeply to the human consciousness. 73 more words


Srinivasa Ramanujan@movie by Matt Brown@biography by Robert Kanigel

The movie is based on the book which is based on the life of the genius. This write up is neither about the book nor the movie. 268 more words

The Summer 2017 Mathematics A To Z: Well-Ordering Principle

It’s the last full week of the Summer 2017 A To Z! Four more essays and I’ll have completed this project and curl up into a word coma. 1,498 more words