A golden temple has been built near vellore,Tamil nadu district which is said to be a big competition for the Golden temple at Amritsar.A golden tribute to the goddess Lakhmi narayani.This temple was built using 1.5 tonnes of gold and lots of money have been spent on it ,in order to make it world popular.ThisĀ  temple is built with the vision of a 30 years old spiritual person named Sri Sakthi Amma.There is a foundation being run by him and under this there are schools, colleges and hospitals in that region.People in south used to go Tirupati and get suprised because of its scenic nature.now this place became the new devotional spot for them.You can find peace over here.People around India started to know about this temple and visiting this.Now Vellore in India is getting popular only because of this temple located over here.Sripuram golden temple is a nice place to visit.