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HPAN Helps Extend Cesar’s Life

Southern ROOTS Rescue (SRR) reached out to us for assistance on Cesar, whose owners both died within two weeks of each other. He has severe arthritis and had gone a whole month without his medication living in the back yard with the neighbors feeding him. 99 more words

Helping Paws Animal Network

Clash of clan

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উত্‍স: Clash of clan


ONG- urile mici sunt mici. Si au "complici" peste tot. Dar, cine le vede?!

Imi amintesc 2005, momentul sosirii Mariei Toghina ca presedinta a Societatii Romane de Radiodifuziune. Momentul in care doamna Mona Musca “a pus-o”. Asa scria presa, citandu-l pe Andrei Plesu, cel de atunci. 1,117 more words

Super Russian Roulette!

Just when you thought it was time to pack up the old NES!

Super Russian Roulette has smashed its funding goal and should be released soon! 73 more words


Despre 2005. Cum au aparut "dizidentii" si "liderii" de mucava. Azi, Gabriel Basarabescu.


In 2004, am pornit pe un drum, fara intoarcere. Chiar daca au fost multe ocaziile in care-am vrut sa sterg momentul initial, de declaratii publice, chiar daca in jurul meu aparusera deja “infiltratii”,”liderii de opinie de mucava”. 1,097 more words

Daily Commentary - Bank Negara lowers SRR

Malaysia Economy
Bank Negara lowers SRR

Bank Negara reduced the statutory reserve requirement (SRR) by half a percentage point to 3.5% effective Feb 1. This would be the first time the central bank has adjusted the SRR since July 2011. 351 more words

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