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30k LSD - 12Feb2017

You need to run slow in order to get faster. This is the fundamental basic of Long Slow Distance (LSD). I didn’t quite understand it though I’d joined SRR since April last year. 616 more words


Tolontan iar "investigheaza"nimic. Let's try in English, this time!

“Scenarita lui Moise, pompierul”a lovit toate grupurile de presiune  din interiorul si din exteriorul Radio Romania ” Marele Tolontan loveste din nou, “alimentat”ca “sursa”de sindicalistul fara sindicat. 639 more words

Domnule Tolontan, hai sa discutăm deschis! Poti?

Jurnalistul Catalin Tolontan “dezvaluie” o  non-stire . Ha! Scrie pe blogul sau ca jurnalistii din afara Radio Romania care vor sa intre in sediul institutiei, au nevoie de aprobare. 384 more words

Thoughts on Chapter 2

Chapter 2 in the Bedford Book of Genres discuss the sub-field of genres known as narrative genres. Narratives are basically stories told from our personal perspectives but can also be stories told by people. 268 more words


Thoughts on Chapter 1

Genres are what author’s and the rest of the world use to sort and categorize pieces of work. Pieces of work can be art to music to books. 191 more words


P.C.'s crack Toronto

The Progressive Conservatives have broken into Toronto.  Their candidate in Scarborough Rouge-River Raymond Cho took the riding’s by-election last night despite the misstep by leader Patrick Brown’s camp in releasing a letter promising to repeal, and change the sex-ed curriculum. 308 more words

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HPAN Helps Extend Cesar’s Life

Southern ROOTS Rescue (SRR) reached out to us for assistance on Cesar, whose owners both died within two weeks of each other. He has severe arthritis and had gone a whole month without his medication living in the back yard with the neighbors feeding him. 99 more words

Helping Paws Animal Network