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A pleasant run at the regular SRR LSD - 15Oct2017

The running season is at its peak at the moment. There are so many running events being held weekly – The Newton Challenge and the Green World charity run. 1,059 more words


U.S. Department of Energy issues statement on Savannah River Remediation workers

By Michael Smith

With yesterday’s announcement that Savannah River EcoManagement would be taking over liquid waste management services at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, it’s raised uncertainty about what would become of workers for the existing contract holder, Savannah River Remediation. 179 more words


A fresh perspective to the similar SRR LSD route - 8Oct2017

The annual BMW Wheelcorp Premium Charity Run 2017 held today had created quite an anxiety among SRR members days before our regular LSD run.  We had to replan a new course using the same route.  1,048 more words


2017 SRR Novato-Cazadero 200k

Leaving the Park and Ride

El Toro Train

reverse drop

Month of Cazadero continues! Although last week we were just in the greater metropolitan Cazadero area, and did not actually go downtown, it still seems like it should count. 1,893 more words


The hilly steep slope route of the dragon back SRR LSD training - 17Sep2017

It was a perfect day today for a good hill training.  This is just my third run on this fascinating route; a distance that starts with a flat 5 km with not much elevation, followed by the 11km of crazy elevation of the dragon back, and rejoins back to the flat 5km distance.   1,251 more words


An intimidating feeling to what seems like a regular SRR LSD - 10Sep2017

There were orangy-coloured clouds seen early in the morning with a series of thunder lights occurring in the horizon. This is part of the sign that thunderstorm is coming. 941 more words


Marty McFly's Light-Up 'Back To The Future Part II' Nikes Up For Auction

Fans of “Back To The Future” can have a piece of movie history as the light-up Nikes worn by Michael J. Fox in “Back To The Future Part II” will go up for auction. 177 more words