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Oh S***! It's rainbow!

Apologise for missing in action! I was on full thesis writing mode in February! Here’s a funky map of Bali for you! Fun fact: it took 90% of CPU and 9GB of RAM to render this map! 43 more words


Gunung Gede Pangrango

Fun fact – some people thought that Gunung (“Mount” in Indonesian) Gede Pangrango is a volcano; actually, it’s a twin volcanoes! There are two summits: Mount Gede (2,958 meters above sea level) and Mount Pangrango (3,019 meters above sea level). 59 more words


Display maps with the GEE python library

Access the Google Earth Engine database and tools using your own code editor and visualise the maps.

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Google Earth Engine

Reservoir in- & outflow modeling

In & outflow  of a reservoir from a height Рvolume curve.

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Google Earth Engine

Dem processing with TauDEM Qgis plugin

Calculate the upstream area using the GEE, Qgis and Taudem.

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Building a dam inundation model

Calculate the height – volume curve of a newly constructed dam

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Google Earth Engine