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We Love You Kim Hyun Joong!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This post is written in collaboration with my fellow Henecian whom I love dearly – Nixie.

For many years now, people have considered Hyun Joong to be only this pretty faced singer who played the lovable “Sunbae” in Boys over flowers whom girls fell in love with & were ready to be the ones to heal him with their love. 1,263 more words

Kim Hyun Joong

Slander Kim Hyun Joong; Get more Traffic!

The weekends are supposed to be fun times for everyone! But for me & my henecian sisters, triple S supporters of Kim Hyun Joong, weekends are a nightmare. 969 more words

Kim Hyun Joong

What Do We Do For The Next Two Years?

Alright, here’s the deal! We don’t know when exactly but Hyun Joong is going to enlist in the military. He’s doing his duty as every Korean namja does. 1,099 more words

Kim Hyun Joong


Saw this on Twitter and I am happy. It’s a rarity for me to see at least a couple of them together or post on twitter. 167 more words


The Truth About Kim Hyun Joong's Fans!

Kim Hyun Joong’s fandom is HUGE! And thriving! He had once said once in his interview that he has more “noona” fans than younger fans and that’s why the fans are all very calm. 1,303 more words

Kim Hyun Joong

Tabloids Rehash Kim Hyun Joong's Situation To Drive Traffic To Their Websites!

Hardly few days after the attack on KHJ & his fans for supporting him comes another article by another unknown tabloid. Now, the first thing came to my mind was “Are the writers of the two articles friends?” 1,317 more words

Kim Hyun Joong

Another Foolish Attempt to Damage Kim Hyun Joong!

Well, it’s old story now about how this certain “elder” person wrote a trashy article about Our Kim Hyun Joong! Let me just say, the first few lines of her article has me clutching myself & laughing! 1,823 more words

Kim Hyun Joong