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Who benefits from Social Security and how?

With the increase in recent discussions regarding the depletion of Social Security funds, it is now more important than ever to learn about what Social Security is and who it benefits you. 284 more words


My Husband is Gay! (Part 1)

Hey there! I’m Bri.

I knowingly married a gay man. Wellllll, more or less, you’ll see. It’s a little thing that, in the church anyway, we like to call Same-Sex Attraction (SSA). 312 more words

... I Love You

Yes! I do!

I don’t know your name;

or where you were born,

or your favorite color… but I love you.

I want you to be happy; happier than you have ever been. 676 more words


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GARBAGE a Rising Threat to HEALTH

Submitted by nineofnine

If the sewerage crisis seem not to be enough injury to our well being, what seems to be a mountain threat is the piling up of garbage in many constituencies across this island AGAIN which in some cases has not been collected in five (5) weeks with increasing noxious scents, unsightly environs and creating a haven for unwanted vermin. 202 more words


My First Met With SSA

There are so many stories I could tell when I was in my hometown, some story made me feel great, made me feel worst and made me feel shocked, this is one of them. 599 more words

Forbidden Friendship (feat. Skagen)

Memories get embedded in songs. For me, Michael Buble’s Everything reminds me of existential MSN conversations that my secondary school friends and I had while waiting for DOTA to begin. 875 more words