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What's in a Name?

Recipe for frustration:

  1. Have child apply to college
  2. Complete FAFSA application
  3. Find out your 18 year old’s name is wrong

Wait, what?  I named my child, filled out the paperwork at the hospital for “Certificate of Live Birth” and received that birth certificate back in the mail.  1,604 more words


SSA Corelogic Agreement

Attached is an agreement from one of the main culprits that stands in the way of us and the ‘private side of Oz’ that lay beyond the SSA public benefits bullshit…These people are like vampires sucking away at our spendthrift and you know what, you and I agreed to it…we didn’t of course but thanks to MERS/NB we agree to everything. 34 more words

Social Security Admin

SSA Forms

an absolutely fascinating find with even more fascinating forms …
it starts here

but gets more interesting as it moves to here

which moseys on to getting here… 22 more words


SSDI: Medical Eligibility for Benefits

The journey to applying for disability can be long and confusing for someone with a chronic illness. Even harder if that chronic illness is something that is not shared by very many people. 812 more words

True Story

Moments from Malawi: Reflections from student volunteers

Featuring Thomas Mastro, MPA-SSA ’18

Malawi Children’s Mission (MCM) Partnership

May-June 2017

 “He handed me a canvas that said “I love you Thom. Feel Freee.” This moment was filled with emotions and will be something that I remember for the rest of my life… 1,141 more words