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Climb Every Mountain

First, if you get that movie reference, I love you.

Second, I just had an amazing overnight trip to the Great Wall.  Now, I know what probably comes to mind when you think Great Wall trip (a stock picture from the internet): 277 more words


Weekly Whoops #1

Hello There!!

So in case you haven’t figured it out by now, my every day in China is not filled with fantastic adventures.  In fact, it is mostly studying and eating and sleeping, with the fun stuff happening on the weekends.   560 more words


The Sounds and Smells of Beijing

Today marks day…13 (I think) of my semester in China.  Honestly, when I first thought of writing this update, it was going to be rant about something that bothers me about Beijing. 250 more words


Donna Burnett: Melee! Melee! at the SSA

BARBADOS (Naked Departure) — DONNA BURNETT — Melee! Melee! At the SSA!  Naked, after Republic Bank’s management found out that Donna Burnett (aka theft, demon, etc.) was stealing money from customers’ mortgage account and when management tried disciplining her, she resigned.   803 more words


2 Minute to Launch OSIRUS REx

Just now – 2 minute countdown drawing: the launch of NASA’s OSISRIS REx rocket sample probe on its way to asteroid Bennu #NASA #SSA#OSIRUS… 7 more words

Daily Drawing

When Government Decides You Are Wrong.

Mind you, I generally don’t give a fuck what most people think including the Feds but sometimes agencies have a way of stickin’ it to ya.  2,075 more words

Questionable Gov Tactics

A Day Full of Labor

Today was my official first day of classes!!!  I was talking to my USNA roommate over Gmail chat, and she reminded me that today is also Labor Day.   491 more words