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Albury Road Trip

Last night we had a fantastic time at Shoppingtown Hotel, partying it up with the incredible…

Ramble Tamble – The Australian Creedance Show – look forward to doing it again! 154 more words


Agency spends more than it makes to collect wrongful payments

The SSA spends more money than it collects when trying to recover payments to individuals who received benefits for which they were not eligible. The OIG says the SSA issued $128.3 million in “low-dollar” overpayments between 2008 and 2013, and then spent $323 million to collect them. 140 more words

Current Events

Caught in the Middle

My favorite online comment this week has been the observation that everyone’s news feed looks like a Skittles factory went to war with the Confederates. As the decision was made by the Supreme Court, all of a sudden the issue of same sex marriage has erupted all over the place and as a “side B” Christian, I feel caught in the cross fire. 448 more words

By Sojourner

Article #90: Before We Can Share Our Faith, We Have To Understand Mainstream LGBT Culture (2 videos)

With the articles and videos featured in today’s post, I call upon conservative and religious communities to be prayerful, gracious, and far-sighted (with a holistic, Christian perspective) when engaging the LGBT/progressive community. 31 more words

Same-sex Attraction

Stop the SSA Denying 100% Disabled Vets SSDI

Here’s how things stand: even after the VA—a federal agency—has determined a vet to be 100% disabled, the Social Security Administration—another federal agency—forces disabled vets to go through another determination process in order to receive SSDI (Disability Insurance). 442 more words



This was publically tweeted by President Obama shortly after stating Friday to be a national victory in light of the 5-4 ruling of Obergefell vs.

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