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Oh, sweet relief!

I may just drop dead from the shock, Dell emailed me at work today to say I’d finally be taking delivery of my new laptop. I had almost given up it was coming, and had in recent weeks been creating the ethics booklets (only 46 to create!) within InDesign on my personal MacBook Pro. 167 more words


Stormforce Geo

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OK, now on to the good stuff. Undoing the six thumbscrews holding that glass side panel on reveals AMD’s 1800X Ryzen 7 CPU, sitting pride of place in an Asus X370 motherboard – which (of course) has it’s own LED lighting. 418 more words


Diving deeper into drive health: SMART utilities compared

There is continuing speculation over the real-world life of solid-state drives (SSDs), now fitted to all Apple’s laptops and (as of yesterday) the only type of drive supported by Apple’s new file system APFS. 896 more words