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Samsung Electronics Sets New Performance Standards for NVMe SSDs with 970 PRO and EVO

Samsung Electronics America, Inc., introduced the Samsung 970 PRO and EVO, the third generation of its industry-leading consumer solid state drive (SSD) lineup. Having led the market with the first consumer-focused NVMe SSD in 2015, Samsung continues to push the performance barriers with this latest generation of SSDs that are built for tech enthusiasts and professionals so that they can enjoy higher bandwidth for intensive workloads on PCs and workstations. 492 more words


De Boowww Drift & Dress Up

Another day at Bihoku, this day was just a little bit different from the rest. In the past, I’ve been drifting at Bihoku on free days, it’s cheaper but not as fun. 1,071 more words


(a minor) Open Letter to NVidia, from one Developer to another..

Hey, just a quick easy request from a simple Developer: Please make your video card driver installers’ default to use the Temp environment path variables I have configured on my computers. 32 more words


Best SSD for Mac 2018 

An SSD can be used to expand storage, but also add some serious speed. Here are some of the best SSDs to upgrade your Mac… 7 more words


Hardware Defined All-Flash Arrays for a Software Defined World – Storbyte Briefing Note

While software-defined storage (SDS) captures the attention of the market, enterprise IT professionals know that the hardware still matters. The problem is that while a multitude of SDS solutions have come to market the hardware selection pool is essentially limited to three or four hardware providers. 729 more words


Interfacing a multiplexed SSD to AT89C52

In this example I multiplex a two digit SSD to AT89C52. P2 of AT89C52 is use to drive each segment while P3 is use to drive each digit. 138 more words

Proteus 8

Post election cuti

One day, we’ll pay Waze to drive us around.