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Why the new Pocket Cinema Camera 2.0 isn't actually a successor of the original Pocket, and why it doesn't mater.

Okay, I probably gonna get some flak for this, since this is more an opinion piece, than the usual tec-talk, so keep this in mind, when you break out your flame throwers in the comment section below.  1,463 more words


Is Your All-Flash Array Leaking?

An all-flash array is supposed to be the pinnacle of storage performance but these systems have a secret; they are leaking performance. Proof of this is simple, take the raw IOPS of the drives inside the typical all-flash array and multiply it by the number of drives, then compare that to the rated performance of the system. 538 more words


Surgery on my Mac

I performed a little surgery on my late 2012 Mac Mini.  It was getting pretty slow when launching applications (Lightroom, I’m looking at you), so I decided to do a little upgrade.   512 more words


New Technologies in Win 7

Blu-Ray: Windows can write Blu-ray disk without any additional software. However, it can only write data discs. The operating system does not support Blu-ray writing for films. 20 more words


Rahsia Disebalik Kenapa SSD Sekarang Murah

Adakah korang letih menunggu loading Windows? Pernahkah PC/Laptop klessorang hang, disk usage naik 💯% tiap masa? 616 more words

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Last Week on My Mac: Apple's calendar

For such a huge organisation spread across the globe, Apple maintains a remarkably consistent and cohesive image, and singular corporate direction. It’s relatively unusual to find major disparities in different parts of its organisation, but last week emphasised one which is causing many Mac users problems: the continuing incompleteness of High Sierra. 871 more words


The Ars guide to building a Linux router from scratch

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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Numbers don’t lie—it’s time to build your own routerAfter finally reaching the tipping point with off-the-shelf solutions that can’t match increasing speeds available, we recently took the plunge. 1,420 more words