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Radically upgrade your PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Wii U hard drive for $100 or less

The prices of high-capacity hard drives have dropped so much recently that it makes sense to upgrade everything from desktop computers to laptops and game consoles. 1,145 more words


Why SSDs are obsolete

”SSDs were built because there are billions of SATA and SAS disk ports available,” Robin Harris writes for ZDNet. “Filling some of those ports with SSDs promised to be quite profitable – a promise fulfilled in the last 5 years.” 130 more words



  • HDD & SSD Described
  1. Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

The hard drive (HDD) is an essential nonvolatile storage on a computer. It can store information when power is off. 835 more words


Why Switching Out My Hard Drive for a Solid State Drive Was the Best Decision I Ever Made!

I am a college student so naturally I use my computer everyday. I originally had a 17 inch HP Pavilion G7, but it became too cumbersome to carry to school so I decided to buy a new laptop. 525 more words


Laptop Computer 2.5" Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) Options

There are many 2.5″ solid state hard drives available. Crucial offers an excellent selection of solid state drives that offer speed, value, and reliability. [ 30 more words


How Can I Choose Between An Internal And External Hard Drive?

Picking computer components can be confusing for many people, especially those not familiar with the terms used. One such common confusion is on the type of hard drive to buy. 552 more words

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