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Why SSDs don't perform

”SSDs are a new and evolving (and the SATA versions are already obsolete) technology,” Robin Harris reports for ZDNet. “It’s not surprising that we’re still learning how and where to use them.” 131 more words


SanDisk has lightning-fast SSD drives that are as cheap as regular hard drives

Solid-state drive (SSD) can significantly increase the performance of a computers compared to regular hard-disk drives (HDD), but flash memory has never been the most affordable option for buyers. 1,204 more words


SanDisk to Kill Hard Drives with Affordable SSDs

SanDisk are to offer an even more affordable solution when it comes to upgrading the nations hard drive performance. With their new Z400s series Solid state drives coming in a range of capacities from 32GB to 256GB. 304 more words


Samsung 840 EVO

Whether you’re a regular user or even an enthusiast, the Samsung 840 EVO  ( 500GB )  has the best price/performance ratio of any internal solid-state drive (SSD) that you can buy today. 19 more words

Evo Pro

Plextor to Showcase Extreme Performance and Aesthetics Developed SSD Drives at ComputexE

Plextor, the leading brand in global high-performance storage devices, announced that they will be showing their latest M7e hardware and PlexTurbo 3 software technology during Computex Taipei 2015.  735 more words


Field notes: delprof2 shutdown script

A new twist on a familiar tale is the best way to describe this post! Recently we’d noticed quite a few of our first-gen SSD machines (60GB drives) were running low on disk space, particularly in open-access areas where lots of different users were logging on. 1,009 more words


Read my lips

I was about 6 years old when I cheated on a test.

It wasn’t a school test, it was one of those regular hearing ‘check ups’ (basically to check I was still as deaf as 6 month previous) which I hated. 475 more words

Single-sided Deafness