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Transferring large media files within seconds !!!

Did you ever think about how much it would cost for a piece of SSD portable drive few years back as it would cost a bomb if you ever own one. 177 more words

Element14's Pi Desktop and RISC OS

The Pi Desktop is a new “desktop case” for the Raspberry Pi from element14, which was initially purchased with the intent of replacing the very dwindling stocks of the PiSSD! 992 more words


What is 'copy on write', and how is it good?

Some of the most important new features coming in High Sierra are the direct result of APFS, and several of those depend on one of its key features: … 631 more words


Why SSDs need Power Failure/Loss Protection?

SSD Problems caused by power failure:

Generally power failure would cause 3 main problems to SSD when PC runs.

  1. Mapping table might get lost because there is no enough time to update and store it.
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ssd almamazlık etmeyin

bilgisayarı asıl hızlandıracak şey ssd dir. hdd yi 2.plana alın

How the Input Voltage Affects the Nand Flash of Solid State Drives (SSDs)

In ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), PIS (Passenger Information System) and other embedded in-vehicle application, such as video surveillance, data recorder…usually or sometimes the voltage changes unstably, SSD as embedded memory and storage device when doing data video recording is aggressively affected by the unstable input voltage. 232 more words


SSD is a device like HDD. But SSD is much smaller than HDD.But it works pretty good.You can store all kind of things in a SSD like a HDD.Besides,SDD is used for making your computer work fast.Generally a SSD allows you to finish the startup of your computer within 5 seconds where normal computers take upto 30 seconds.SSD will let you click and open your apps in maximum 10 seconds from the beginning.After all it helps the gamers a lot