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Cómo abrir un proyecto de Business Intelligence en Visual Studio 2015?

Instale las últimas Herramientas de Datos de SQL Server, puede ser descargado aquí.

La Vista Previa de Diciembre 2015 provee una colección única de plantillas para el desarrollo de bases de datos relacionales, modelos de SSAS, reportes SSRS y paquetes SSIS. 39 more words


How to open a Business Inteligence project in Visual Studio 2015?

Install the SQL Server Data Tools Preview, can be downloaded here.

The December 2015 Preview provides the unified template collection for relational database development, SSAS data models, SSRS reports, and SSIS packages. 40 more words


Project & Package Deployment Methods - SSIS Basics

As a newbie to SSMS and SSIS, one of the hardest things to wrap my head around was the difference in the way in which  376 more words


SSIS Script Task Won't Debug

You’ve gone into the editor and added your breakpoints to your C# but when you run your package the script task won’t debug, what’s going on? 76 more words

SSIS Data Import Script Task

Aim: To use an SSIS Script Task to import csv files where the metadata is different for each file.

Recently I had a task to do a one-off import of data from a large number of csv files where the metadata was different for each file. 1,119 more words


Aggregation Design is Back!

If you use SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Data Tools – BI (SSDT-BI) for your SQL Server 2012 development, then you have no doubt been frustrated, like me, by the fact that if you have both of these installed you no longer have the ability to create new Partitions and AggregationDesigns when working with the SSAS MOLAP model.   115 more words

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One Tool to Rule Them All – Almost

There we so many cool announcements at the PASS Summit this year, but one of my favorites was the “One Tool to Rule Them All”. The SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) teams and the Visual Studio (VS) team have finally teamed up together to give us one tool to do all our development work for Databases, SSIS, SSAS & SSRS. 557 more words

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