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Installing SSDT on Visual Studio 2015

You’d imagine this would be pretty straight forward right? Something like, VS2015 and then install SSDT right? WRONG!

First you need to install VS 2015 and then install the LATEST version of SSDT available… 44 more words

Deploying Dacpacs with DacFx and PowerShell

When it comes to managing Dacpacs with automation (eg either by deploying or extracting Dacpacs from a database, amongst others), you have a couple of options available to you. 540 more words


Speaking at SQL Saturday #526 Rochester

This year, I decided to cut down on the number of SQL Saturdays I would attend, SQL Saturday #526 Rochester is one of the few I submitted to and I was so delighted to get selected. 295 more words


Intel patch to Linux kernel for ACPI overlays

Octavian Purdila of Intel has posted a 10-part patch to the Linux-(ACPI,EFI,I2C,SPI,Kernel) lists, adding “ACPI Overlays” to the Linux kernel:

This patch set enables custom ACPI board configuration by adding mechanisms in the Linux kernel for loading user defined SSDTs. 433 more words

Como instalar SSMS o SSDT en SQL Server 2016

En esta nueva versión de SQL Server 2016 (RC0 en este caso) ya no se instalan las SSMS o la SSDT desde el instalador principal, sino que ahora tendremos que ir a la instalación una vez acabada esta para instalar la que queramos. 114 more words

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Installing SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2012


Installing SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2012

As if renaming the accurately titled Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) to the rather ambiguous SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) wasn’t bad enough, in December, Microsoft’s latest SSDT release only brought half the expected capabilities to Visual Studio 2012.   559 more words

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Cómo abrir un proyecto de Business Intelligence en Visual Studio 2015?

Instale las últimas Herramientas de Datos de SQL Server, puede ser descargado aquí.

La Vista Previa de Diciembre 2015 provee una colección única de plantillas para el desarrollo de bases de datos relacionales, modelos de SSAS, reportes SSRS y paquetes SSIS. 39 more words