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Linux ssh-keygen and openssl commands

  • ssh-keygen
    This command will create a pair of private and public keys.
    It will ask for the location of the key and whether to use passphrase.
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Multi-hop SSH Connection

The case is as follows:

You have a server, let’s name it “server2” that you need to SSH to, but unfortunately this server is not directly accessible, as you can SSH to it only through another server, let’s call it “server1”. 104 more words

Configuring Go CD for passwordless ssh clone from GitHub

I recently installed Go CD to do some CI/CD proof of concept work. (https://www.go.cd/) Go CD is a continuous delivery server based on pipelines of work to be accomplished. 278 more words


Creating a Shared Private Repo on GitLab

GitLab (gitlab.com) is a company that hosts git repositories in the cloud, like GitHub. Unlike GitHub, GitLab offers free repositories that can have multiple contributors. 245 more words