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Commons VFS, SSHJ and JSch in Comparison

Some weeks ago I evaluated some SSH libraries for Java. The main requirements to them are file transferring and file operations on a remote machine. Therefore, it exists a network protocol based on SSH, SSH File Transfer Protocol (or SFTP). 1,305 more words


Problems connecting to old Cisco routers with SSH?

It seems like something has changed in SSH, so that if you’re using a newer version (for example, you’ve just upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04) you may find you can no longer connect to your Cisco device – it just keeps saying “Connection closed”. 117 more words


Fail2ban a great utility to avoid those annoing bruteforce bots

Install in the server that you want to make more secure

sudo apt-get install fail2ban

Copy the default configuration file

sudo cp /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf /etc/fail2ban/jail.local

Edit the new file in order to make your preference. 29 more words


Useful Shell/SSH/Bash commands for IBMi

What is my current path to binaries and libs:

echo $PATH

add a directory to my path so I don’t have to fully qualify the path to run. 51 more words


Windows 7 direct connect (SSH) Raspberry Pi with Ethernet cable [using static IP's and gateways]

I’m no networking expert but I’ve figured this out after a few hours of on the Googles. I’m using an old VGA monitor and an RCA to VGA converter to get terminal access to the Raspberry Pi in order to change it’s network settings (yeah it’s pretty stupid). 566 more words

OpenSSH jump-host and file-transfer

This article was inspired by a previous post on my personal blog: https://www.freeture.ch/?p=815


OpenSSH is a great tool, everybody knows that (even Microsoft… 998 more words


How to use secure VNC with SSH

Securing a VNC connection with OpenSSH I write this sitting at Maude’s Cafe in downtown Gainesville via GRU 2,747 more words
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