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The Putty Tunnel

Using putty and firefox to tunnel across to web pages.

Download foxy proxy and add it to your browser (also available for chrome)

In putty on your cm connection go to SSH / Tunnels and enter a source port i.e 9080 and then click on Dynamic and save it your CM session. 192 more words



$ ssh user_remote@server_remote "cat file_remote" | diff - file_local

SSH commands - Check date and time of all the rac servers

$ Node 1> date

$ Node 1> ssh grid@node2 ‘date’

This prevents checking the date and time manually on all the servers. Making a script and working on the values will help us identifying and alerting to ourselves if there are any time differences between the servers apart from the oracle alerts we are receiving.


many embedded devices with exploitable SSH keys

VU#566724: Embedded devices use non-unique X.509 certificates and SSH host keys: Embedded devices use non-uniq… https://t.co/kMeokZcLOe

— US-CERT (@USCERT_gov) November 25, 2015

Excerpt of Vulnerability Note VU#566724:

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Ideas to secure your BSD, GNU/Linux server.

Just a list of ideas for securing the servers.

I try to make sure that the first line of defense is not breached, if the attacker can breach that, then he is determined and can overcome any other defense you may have. 334 more words

SSH Administration over a DirectAccess Connection

From a client perspective, DirectAccess is an IPv6 only solution. All communication between the DirectAccess client and server takes place exclusively over IPv6. This can make things… 454 more words

Remote Access

Password less SSH and SCP

Most of the time while working with networked systems we need SSH and SCP to remotely access data in remote systems. While automating them it may be necessary to have a password free SCP as it is required every time you push a file from remote to local machine or vice versa. 21 more words