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Control Raspberry Pi Via Headless Mode [LAN] [Ubuntu]

Raspberry Pi ကို စပြီး လေ့လာသူတွေ အဖြစ်များတဲ့ ပြဿနာက RPI နဲ့ ချိတ်ပြီး သံုးဖို့ Display မရှိတာပါ။ အိမ်က TV  နဲ့ သံုးဖို့ကျလဲ အချိန်တိုင်း အဆင်မပြေနိုင်ဘူးလေ.. အိမ်သားတွေ ကိုရီးယားကား ကြည့်နေတဲ့အချိန် TV သွားလုလို့မှမရတာ… အော်ထုတ်ခံရမှာပေါ့ .. 125 more words


Connect to Ubuntu Server from Mac without password

I recently wiped my home server after running OpenMediaVault for about 6 months. OMV is a turn key Debian based linux distro that functions like a NAS but has easy to install plugins for tons of open-source software. 501 more words


Slow logon time to OUEL 7 Boxes

Just started messing around with OUEL7 installations before going on site to help install a new RAC cluster. One issue that I noticed almost straight after the installation completed was it took AGES to login to the terminal using ssh. 33 more words

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WinSCP can be embedded and scripted as can PSFTP but not FileZilla

In a quest to perform SFTP in Delphi next to FTP, I first researched what I was up against. A tiny voice in the back of my head said “SFTP is totally unlike FTP” and it was right: SFTP means… 838 more words