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How to toughen up your Pi’s SSH access

I access all of my Raspberry Pis remotely using SSH. While reading about a server operator’s experience of being hacked, I decided to explore ways to make my Pis more secure. 998 more words

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Transfer Files through SSH

Wonder how to send or receive files in SSH command when using Raspberry Pi, Linux, Mac OS? This is how!

To copy a file from… 48 more words

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Automated Rails deployment over ssh

The scope of this script:

Create a Python script that can do the following:
1. SSH into a remote environment
2. Create the directory to store the application code… 111 more words


add SSH key on remote host - one liner

cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh user@host ‘cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys’


Capistrano : SSHKit : Introduction

SSHKit is an amazing tool to run any commands on your VPS or docker images as any user. Capistrano uses it to all the server related stuffs. 389 more words

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Raspberry Pi Commands

Here are some basic but necessary Raspberry Pi commands:

  • Login username: “pi
  • Password: “raspberry
  • GUI login: “startx
  • Shutdown: “
  • 44 more words
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Check SSH-KEY Fingerprint

In theory the SSH-key fingerprint should be checked at the first communication with each machine. In practice it seems like many SSH-users didn’t even know how to to verify that they are connected with the correct machine ( 126 more words