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PuttyGen: Putty Key vs OpenSSH Key

At work, I use windows machines. Recently I generated a key-pair using PuttyGen in Windows, it worked fine when I connected to my remote server using Putty (Of course with my public key stored on the remote server first). 225 more words


Secure VPS Login Create SSH Key Pair & Manual Installation

Secure your VPS with a SSH Key Pair

Secure Shell is a encrypted method of sending commands and receiving responses from a remote server. 431 more words

Ubuntu VPS

Long running tasks over SSH

Recently I found myself having to execute some long running tasks (running find with -exec on a directory with millions of files) on a linux server over SSH. 551 more words

Zimbra Admin console error on SSH keys

You will see below error in Zimbra Admin console:

Message: system failure: server mail.yourdomain.com zimbraRemoteManagementPrivateKeyPath (/opt/zimbra/.ssh/zimbra_identity) does not exist
Error code: service.FAILURE Details:soap:Receiver

To resolve this issue, you must generate the SSH keys again. 33 more words


Start ssh-agent on login

Melakukan koneksi ke server menggunakan SSH, kita harus menuliskan password ssh dari lokal PC . 144 more words


List SSH connections

I was “lazy” to reconnect and get the custom remote SSH port so got if from